Stonegarden is a sub-area of Reaper's Coast in Divinity Original Sin: 2.  Please see Walkthrough and/or Locations for other areas.



Notes & Tips

  1. They Shall Not Pass
  2. Black dog Andras
  3. Speaking in Forked Tongues
  4. Angelic statues
  5. An Existential Crisis
  6. Ancestor Tree

There is a black dog named Andras guarding this place. He is a powerful necromancer and can summon undead trolls. If you have the Pet Pal talent, you can speak with him, initiating a fight, which yields some rewards.

If you cast Spirit Vision in the graveyard, you will see a lot of ghosts. Some of them can give you useful information and items, some will give you quests.

At the Ancestor Tree (x620,y112), casting Spirit Vision, or using Source Vampirism or Bless on one of the elven spirits will pull you to a small underground area. There's a tough fight and many loots await.

Near the waypoint, there is a tomb with two rotatable statues. One is broken, and you need to repair it by finding the missing angelic head to enter the tomb. The missing head is easy to miss, as it blends in with the grass. It is found west of the waypoint, on the ground at X:579 Y:159.  Repair the statue, then rotate both statues facing forwards to open it.

If you persuade the Featherfall, you can acquire skill Summon Condor. (or use Spirit Vision, speak to the spirit first then talk to Featherfall)

If you find and talk to the spirit Zimski he asks you to tell him what you value. Use the tagged option to get a chance to receive 0-3 Source Potions that give Source points when used.

You can find Devourer Shoes on the shady digger of Stonegarden (x592, y96).

KEYNOTE: If you fight and kill Ryker (which is virtually guaranteed if you find him the Tablet) every single Masked Servant in the entire graveyard will die... violently. You will NOT get experience for their deaths, so if you are about to start a fight with him you may want to consider fighting some of the servants first for extra XP.

Note that Masked Servants are easy source of both XP and Source points if you have the source vampirism and Spirit vision skills, however to get the XP you need to initiate and start a fight with them and after that kill them, its easy to kill using source vampirism on their soul if you have it, same XP is rewarded regardless of how you choose to kill them.



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    • Anonymous

      Just did this one, a note about the body having no loot -- you need to pickpocket him before completing the battle of wits to "initialize" his inventory (since you cannot trade). If you pickpocket to get items to show up in his inventory, when he dies there will be a randomly selected subset of items that he drops (e.g. skill books, scrolls, etc.). I'm not positive if you have to actually take anything per se, but his inventory needs to be initialized for him to drop anything.

      • Anonymous

        at 590,139 is a statue with four crypts in the gated off area , once you interact with all of the crypts it will prompt a fight with the heroes buried within.

        Very tough fight, starts off okay but you have to kill the heroes twice and on the second time they have access to source abilities. My recommendation: focus down on a single on and proc their second phase, burn that second phase down asap while stripping the defenses off of the others. If you can chain CCs then you can limit how much damage they put out. (BC they hit hard)

        • Anonymous

          theres a shadowed tomb door x556 y 99 you can pick with lvl 4 thief and solve a small puzzle find the two hidden switches and cast spirit vision to solve the lever puzzle for a 5800 xp and some good loot

          • regarding the spirit tree quest: for players using the "enhanced spirit vision" gift bag feature (the one that makes it so spirit vision is permanent), even though you can already see the elf spirits, the quest won't begin until you re-cast spirit vision again. when you do, the casting character will get sucked down into the tree, and you can proceed.

            • Anonymous

              As far as the Ancestor Tree area of the cemetery goes, you do not need to use source skills. Cast Spirit Vision near the flower and you will be drawn into the tree where you will fight a corrupted undead elf bent on killing Godwoken. His dialogue implies that he was corrupted by Braccus Rex. The fight is tough and after the character who cast Spirit Vision (spell I used to get pulled in) gets pulled into the tree, the rest of your party can use the flower outside to join you. The fight will not start until after the dialogue completes (or if you hit them), so you have time to get in position. There is a lot of acid and poison skills (which healed Fane for me!) and killing the main undead elf (Ghalann) will destroy all the root and flower "summons." They do not seem to grant experience and he will summon more if you take some down. There is also a nice piece of chest armor on the ground near him (Danna Dumora) that you can pick up while in conversation (and equip if you wish). I tried several different ways and keeping everyone on the platform BUT my tank and using a summons to fight Ghalann on the floor below my platform and my "druid" to continually repair physical and magical armor, I was able to get through without deaths. Ghalann is best taken down by physical attacks, it appears. I also turned him into a chicken twice and knocked him down once; crowd control, after several losses, seemed key to me. His acid spore attack is able to one shot some of my members (he has savage sortilege and can critical with it!).

              • Anonymous

                Talking to the Spirit of Zimski, found North-West of Surrey's Tomb, can one get a Source Potion. When talking to him and being asked about one's values does one need to pick one of the tagged answers such as [SEBILLE], [SCOLAR], [OUTLAW], etc. He will then find one worthy of Lady Luck's gift and retreive the potion. He then disappears.

                • Anonymous

                  If you feel like it you can keep the dog alive and farm his 1,950 exp archers. Personally I got bored after about 10.

                  • Anonymous

                    I found out that if you have spirit vision active already and go and talk to them then the event won't trigger. You have to cast the spirit vision spell at the tree for it to work how it should. Or you can drain them and you'll be able to enter the tree.

                    • Anonymous

                      "Interact with that rotten flower in front of the elf ancestor tree will teleport you to a small underground area. There's a tough fight and many loots await."

                      the dropped loot is "meh", but there is a unique fur mage armor there that is worth picking up. look for it sitting on one of the large stumps when you go underground.

                      • Anonymous

                        Andras will summon a "long buried archer" or some other skeletons along with the necrotic troll. Kill them first, as they award XP.

                        • Anonymous

                          I spoke to the spirit next to Featherfall, but how does that help? it seems you still need to pass a tough persuasion check.

                          • Anonymous

                            cast shackles of pain on Andres (the dog) and run past the golem (he has the opportunist perk). Golem one hits your necromancer but also kills his master = fight ends in 1 round

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