Tarquin is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Tarquin information

  • Sells decent equipment
  • Gives the quest All In The Family in ACT 2 northeast entry outside the graveyard.



Tarquin location

  • Tarquin first appears in Dallis' Statesroom aboard the Lady Vengeance
  • After getting second artifact for All In The Family quest, you can find him near the Lady Vengeance waypoint (ship)



Notes and Tips

  • Will be with you for most of the game, consider raising his opinion of you to 100 by gifting him money early on for better sell prices

    • Anonymous

      22 Jan 2019 02:54  

      Most useful trader in whole game. The first time you encounter it, gift some money to him thus raise his attitude to 100, you won't regret it.

      • Anonymous

        27 Jan 2018 22:09  

        Killed Tarquin after he said Dallis made him raise the cat as undead. The skeletal cat, when spoken to with the pet pal talent, says "I am quite changed, but don't be frightened" - directed at her master Dallis. So, Dallis never saw the cat in her undead form. When was Dallis last aboard the Lady Vengeance? The whole thing seemed fishy, it seemed way more likely that Tarquin experimented on the cat or something. That bastard!

        • Anonymous

          18 Jan 2018 17:54  

          He had 7 resurection scrolls in my game. But I am gona reload and do his quest. Just in case anyone is short on resurects

          • Anonymous

            09 Jan 2018 02:58  

            It's 2018 and he still is completely bugged and broken. If you don't run towards the cemetary as soon as you reach Act 2 he won't be there to grant you his quest. And even if you do get it, he may get bugged and remain in the cemetery even after the quest is finished. The only solution to the former glitch? "Reload a save just after arriving to Reaper's Coast and go to the cemetary first" THANK YOU SO MUCH, just let me happily erase 20+ hours of playthrough just because of a really old glitch. You know what? Just ignore his questline if it's bugged for you. Larian won't fix it anytime soon.

            • Anonymous

              10 Oct 2017 01:42  

              He attacked me after i showed him my undead face ... i was kinda surprised, even more when i took a look at his loot :P

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