Fingal Boyd

Fingal Boyd's Limited bow

Fingal Boyd is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Fingal Boyd Information

Fingal Boyd is a rather nondescript NPC in the Meadows, however she can be quite important if you have Lohse in your party. If you have Laslor's Broken Lute and speak to her with Lohse, going through the dialogue options tagged with [LOHSE] discussing music you can attempt to have Fingal repair the Lute, however Lohse's internal demon will resist. If you can win a fairly tough STR, INT or MEM Persuasion and then have Fingal take the lute out with her own hands she will repair it and enchant it with either a Haste, Heal or Bless effect. Lohse can then equip it like a skill and play the instrument which will give a powerful buff to every ally that is nearby, but then the inner demon will have her smash it anyways so be careful when you use it.



Fingal Boyd Location

  • Location x458, y185



Notes and Tips

  • She can be persuade to craft bows and arrows (she adds them to her store inventory), incl a unique bow, "A Fingal Boyd's Limited Edition"




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    • Anonymous

      18 Sep 2019 16:50  

      The lute is useless, only 1 use as it were some *****ing food. They couldve just balance it by having a cooldown in battle.

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