Kerban is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Kerban information

  • Kerban is a vendor located at Sanctuary of Amadia
  • Sells equipment, Necromancer, and Summoning skill books.
  • Coordinates X:412 Y:22



Kerban location

  • Kerban first appears in the Sanctuary of Amadia
  • Kerban can join the others during Call to Arms, and can then be found at the Abandoned Camp.
  • Kerban dies in the fight for the Lady Vengeance and his body can be found on the deck.





Notes and Tips

  • Kerban can be recruited as a melee fighter during the Bishop Alexandar / Voidwoken Drill Worm fight.
  • ??

    • Anonymous

      06 Apr 2019 15:18  

      Kerban dies even if you take him with you to fight Alexandar and he survives. When you board Lady Vengeance he's suddenly dead on the deck, even though he was following you just moments ago. Oh, well, atleast I got to loot some of my gear that I sold to him.

      • Anonymous

        19 Aug 2018 21:22  

        This is really random. But I am the actor that voices the role of Kerban. Does anyone know where I can see any of the clips from this character in the game DOS2 ? I am looking to build up my voice-reel. Kind regards. D

        • 07 Feb 2018 17:27  

          It appears that if you sell unique items to him you can loot them off of his corpse once you board the Lady Vengence. I was able to loot back the entire Tyrant set after I sold it to him in act 1.

          • Anonymous

            11 Nov 2017 16:20  

            Kerban's corpse can be found on the Lady Vengeance's upper deck after act 1. Presumably dying from the raid to take the ship.

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