Combat in Divinity: Original Sin 2 is turn-based, much like classic RPGs. The game has a strong focus on systematic gameplay, encouraging players to make strategic decisions. With the aid of your party and friendly NPCs, you will engage in battle with evil enemies; with just the right amount of luck and planning, you will emerge victorious.


Commencing Combat

Combat begins as soon as you get close enough to enemies to be noticed or when you actively engage an enemy. When your party is split up and one character picks a fight, the game will only be in turn-based mode for that character. The other party members can still walk around freely, start their own fights, or even join that character while combat is in progress.


Environment & Status Effects

While in combat, DOS:2 players have to focus on their environment as it is dynamic. Players can light oil slicks on fire, electrocute enemies standing in water, cast fire on water surfaces to make steam and reduce enemy's visibility etc. These Environmental Effects can cause various Status Effects such as Burns, Poison, Frost etc. which can further limit or enhance the player's combat ability. 

modifying surfaces example DOS2


Height or Elevation

A new element to combat in Divinity Original Sin 2 is height or elevation. This new feature means that your elevation plays a big role in how you strategize your fighting. Players on higher ground have greater range & visibility. They also sometimes get added bonus damage to enemies on lower ground.  In combat, you will see a yellow circle around your character, showing his/her normal range for attacks. If standing on higher ground, there will be an additional green circle extending a few meters extra. This is your added range due to height advantage. If you hover over enemies with your mouse, you can even see the potential damage boost you get from being at a height.

height range example DOS2

DOS:2 Combat Summary 

  • The game is played in real-time, except during combat.
  • Turn-based combat is like a game of chess; players act one after another in turns, but what they do during those turns depends on their individual strategy and the circumstances on the board.
  • When combat is over, the game returns to real-time.
  • Players can control their player & their party members, or play with friends in Co-Op (Upto 4 players)
  • Combat is affected by Status Effects, Environmental Effects & Height (or Elevation) of the player.
  • Height is important, gives you a range/damage advantage or disadvantage depending on where you are.
  • For a unique take on combat with ex-party members, check out the Make War mechanic.

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    • Anonymous

      does anyone know the conditions for attacking enemies without commencing combat? I've played instances where my ranged attacks seemingly do not engage enemies even though I'm shooting them at a distance

      • Anonymous

        Well, combat mode is not exactly like chess. In fact, its just the same combat system than Heroes Might&Magic.

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