Combat in Divinity Original Sin 2





Envie steam and reduce enemy's visibility etc. These Environmental Effects can cause various Status Effects such as Burns, Poison, Frost etc. which can further lim




Height or Elevation

A new element to combat in Divinity Original Sin 2 is height or elevation, there will be an additional green circle extending a few meters extra. This is your added range due to height advantage. If you hover over enemies with your mouse, you can even see the potential damage boost you get from being at a height.



DOS:2 Combat Summary 

  • The game is played in real-time, except during combat.
  • Turn-based combat is like a game of chess; players act one after another in turns, but what they do during those turns depends on their individual strategy and the circumstances on the board.
  • When combat is over, the game returns to real-time.
  • Players can control their player & their party members, or play with friends in Co-Op (Upto 4 players)
  • Combat is affected by Status Effects, Environmental Effects & Height (or Elevation) of the player.
  • Height is important, gives you a range/damage advantage or disadvantage depending on where you are.
  • For a unique take on combat with ex-party members, check out the Make War mechanic.

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