Fane Undead Human
Male Mystic Scholar

Fane is a Companion or Origin in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Fane is an undead. Fane's default class is Wizard.


 Origin Story

 "Oh, don't stare. How would you look after aeons in some ghastly crypt? But your people are rather prone to death. Mine are not. And yet when I emerged from my completely unjustified imprisonment, I found them gone, our culture forgotten, any trace of the world I knew all but obliterated. I must even hide my true face beneath an ever-shifting mask for fear you savages will attack me! That is how I wander this strange world, trying to uncover the truth about a history you primitive people never even knew existed."


Fane Information

  • "You woke up and your world was gone. The last of your kind, you hide behind a charmed mask, searching for the truth about a history that no one knew existed."
  • If you are interested in the lore of the game and its history, it is highly recommended to include Fane in your party. The other Origins characters have had or may have noteworthy effects on their respective races, but Fane's actions in his ancient past (which he has initially forgotten) literally reshaped the entire world itself and every race now currently in it, and you will only discover how with him in your party and explore diligently. 




  • If not selected as an Origin, Fane is located in the Hidden Alcove just north of Fort Joy.
  • Can also be recruited on the Lady Vengeance, after fighting Alexander. Fane is in the middle zone of the ship in the sleeping quarters.
  • If Fane is not in your party before fighting Dallis on Lady Vengeance, he will die and can no longer be recruited.






Special Skills




  1. Regular healing spells hurt Fane for he is an undead. Poison heals him. You can pick up and carry a Barrel of Ooze with you. It can be used an unlimited number of times in Crafting when combined with an Empty Potion Bottle to create a Poison Potion, giving you an excellent constant source of healing.
  2. It is beneficial to keep a Poison Wand on Fane. Manually fire it into the ground and have Fane walk into the puddle, and you will have an unlimited source of healing for him, as well as the surface for Elemental Affinity talent if is being utilized on your Fane's build.
  3. Fane's bony fingers can be used as an unbreakable lockpick. With level one thievery all chests and doors in Fort Joy should be accessible. 



Fane Quest

First, Fane would like to retrieve his Mask of the Shapeshifter which got stolen by Windego on the ship. Allow Fane to talk to Nebora and ask if she can craft something similar to him. She will refuse in disgust and advise to see a certain Kniles for requests of that kind.

Inside Fort Joy, meet Kniles the Flenser and either give him Atusa's leg (if you have it in your inventory) in exchange for Face Ripper or simply kill him and loot the Face Ripper from his body. Dialog before the battle can give +10 attitude. 

Windego, the sourceress who created the chaos on the ship, can be found at the northern beach of the island. After you escape Fort Joy, kill her and loot Fane's Mask of the Shapeshifter.

When you reach Reaper's Coast, take Fane with you when you investigate Blackpits. (The Midnight OilA Generous Offer or Dark Dealings in the Blackpits)

At the Ancient Temple, Fane will learn from Eternal Aetera what really happened to their race.

On Nameless Isle, Fane will recognize the structures belongs to Eternals. Later, he must decide who whether to serve God King or not (if you sided with black rings, Thinning the Herd), and who will be the next divine. (when you reached the Academy)

At Arx, a former colleague of Fane's accosted him in hexapod Voidwoken form. She suggested he take the power of Divinity and use it to restore the Eternals. She said he could seal the God King on the other side of the Veil, saving the Eternals from the Void. 

In the Crypt of Lucian, persuade Fane to support your claim to divinity, or support him to be next divine. (or kill him if he refused to support you.)

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    • Anonymous

      So this might be a bug, but I never actually fought Dallis on the Lady Vengence, she didn't even show up. Also, once we reached Reaper's Coast, I could recruit Fane, but after I left the ship, he just disappeared.

      • Anonymous

        What EXACTLY does this mean? "Later, if Fane is not on your team when fighting Dallis on Lady Vengeance, he will die and can no longer be recruited."

        Does that simply mean that I have to talk to him at some point before boarding the boat, making him one of 6 possible party members?

        Or does it mean he must be an ACTIVE member in my party when I fight Dallis and end Act 1?

        I don't want to use Fane much, but I don't want him dead and unavailable for the rest of the game either.

        • Anonymous

          Super fun/broken combo for lone wolf pyromancer fane: need 5 poly, 5 geo, good pyro.
          1: tactical retreat in, then nether swap with a ranged (gives you haste and groups up enemies)
          2: apotheosis
          3: time warp, pass turn
          4: flaming crescendo on a weak enemy
          5: pyroclastic eruption
          6: epidemic of fire
          7 (if you have executioner, since something should’ve died in all that): fireball or spontaneous combustion to nuke whatever is left.

          • Anonymous

            So my brother has an issue where he added Fane to the party and he just up and attacks him when he enters the Lady Vengeance for the first time from Fort Joy. I can't seem to find anything about this on his character,google,companion quests, or even with companion reputation. Can someone please provide insight to this?

            • Anonymous

              So i accidentally walk Fane across the blessed fountain in Sanctuary of Amida and now i can'tt resurrect him at all.

              • Anonymous

                Did they ever fix the missing dialogue in Fane's romance branch? I haven't checked it in the definitive edition.

                • Anonymous

                  Fane makes a surprisingly good rogue due to the ingenious trait in definitive edition giving a nice boost to crit and infinite being a skeleton giving infinite lock picks. His time reset ability is a better adrenaline rush and being able to play dead can help get out of dangerous scenarios

                  • Anonymous

                    Anyone else having issues with Fane and food buffs not working? IE 2 STR from Poison Dinner/Mashed Taters

                    • Anonymous

                      I played the whole game twice now, with 100 attitude from Fane, did all of his quests... And yet he refuses to "go below decks" at the end of Act 2. Does anybody know what I may be doing wrong?

                      • Anonymous

                        because I can not talk to fane, I get the cloud of dialogue but nothing, or when I change to fane, can not talk to anyone, and in the battles goes free

                        • Anonymous

                          When I played 4man party Fane heals from poisoned food (+10% vitality) and gets the x turns buff too. He is also immune to the Drunk state.
                          When I took an Undead Elf on my LW playthrough poisoned food gives an initial 10% vitality but no x turns buff, and it is not immune to Drunk.

                          Anyone else seen that? I assume its the Elf part of its creation....

                          • Anonymous

                            Romance dialogue seems to be missing when you visit Arx. Did anyone else encounter this problem? If not, what choices did you pick? I’m seriously tempted to restart my playthrough to trigger it. :\

                            • Anonymous

                              I think I've broken Fane's quest, I heard his dialogue about the eternals when I got into that excavation site, but it didn't change anything on my journal.

                              • Anonymous

                                Just a note, You don't have to kill Kniles the Flenser to get the face ripper. If you pick up the severed leg of that lizard who is murdered in front of fort joy, then have Fane talk to the lady blacksmith by the statue in the fort square, she will tell him about Kniles. Bring that severed leg to Kniles and he will literally just give you the Face ripper.

                                • Anonymous

                                  for some reason, he won't join me again after fighting Alexander, i tried pretty much every option but when i ask him to join me he is like: lol nope. anyone any idea what that is about?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Anyone know where Fane goes if you take him out of your party? I needed to swap him for Red Prince for his quest, after removing Red Prince from party I went to where I found Fane but noone was there. Please help me find him.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Started with Inquisitor Fane and initially built up some Necro, added a splash a Hydro, and a spark of Aero. Turned out extremely powerful and was my main healer as well

                                      • Anonymous

                                        I played Fane as one-handed tank with Ploymorph skills, with Flaming Skin he can benefits from both Geo & Pryo skills / corresponding summoning creatures, it works nicely in Tactical mode.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I am running a female undead elf summoner + Fane as necromancer knight. I discovered upon preparing to leave on lady vengeance that there is a romance opportunity with Fane. I spoke to him to confirm his re-addition to my party and at some point in the conversation I placed my hand on his shoulder. He paused and began flipping through his journal and asked if the physical contact was a mating ritual. Of course I said yes. How could I not. One thing led to another and you could say.. We "boned". Or whatever it is that undead skeletons do. Totally worth the large attitude gain with him and the slight awkwardness in his conversation right after.

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