Thinning the Herd

Location Nameless Isle
Suggested Level 18
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Thinning the Herd is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • The Sallow Man



Thinning the Herd Objectives

  1. Kill your companions and swear loyalty to Godking



Thinning the Herd Walkthrough


This quest is available if you sided with Black Ring and wish to enter the Academy with his help, which is only possible as an undead main character.

You need to kill all your companions, purge their corpses or make them swear loyalty to God king. Then the Sallow Man will tell you how to get into the Academy and provide you with a capacitor.



Tips & Tricks

  • This quest cannot be done if you have Lohse in your party, as the Sallow Man will engage in a conversation with Adramalihk, and will become hostile once it ended.
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    • Anonymous

      18 Mar 2021 11:54  

      Is this quest a must-do? I'm playing multiplayer with my partner, and killing them might cause an issue in real life...

      • Anonymous

        08 May 2020 04:38  

        The quest says you can convince your allies to become Sworn instead of killing them, but it seems you actually can't. Even if you're playing as a custom Undead with Fane in your party.

        • Anonymous

          25 Sep 2018 23:54  

          There is a bug where you can ask the Sallow man to help you kill your companion with a non-main character and it kicks him of the group and you can kill him... Then you are left without a main character and as a result you cant request various things from npcs (like origins to join or kick from ur grp). Probably not intended since the staff that u get from the Shallow man (that does the same thing), when used on the main character gives a game over. It could be useful if used on player made character that you no longer want (only if there are more than one player made chars in the save since it will cause problems if not, and without extra origins in the party because you wont be able to kick them if you weren't the one that invited them in the first place). Though i wouldn't risk it, is like asking for more bugs later on your game.

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