A Trial for All Seasons

The Tongue of Flame
Quest Giver
Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level 14
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A Trial for All Seasons is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Coming across a brazier, you are allowed engage in a trial for elves. Will you succeed?



Important NPCs

  • The Tongue of Flame



A Trial for All Seasons Objectives

  1. Talk to The Tongue of Flame and ask to try the trial.
  2. Complete the trial.
  3. Defeat the Challengers.



A Trial for All Seasons Walkthrough

An elven structure of sorts can be found east to the Driftwood-field Waypoint, across the river. There will be four statues surrounding a brazier in the location. (co-ordinates X; 445, Y:340)

To pass the trial, you will need to generate specific surfaces or clouds near the four statues.

  • Hero of Winter - Create an Ice Surface.
    • Generate an Ice Surface directly using abilities (Hail Strike, Freezing Arrow).
    • Generate an Ice Surface by combining a Water Surface (Rain, Water Balloon, Water Arrow) and an ability that freezes Water Surfaces into Ice Surfaces (Global Cooling or Winter Blast).
  • Hero of Autumn - Create an Electrified Steam Cloud.
    • Generate an Electrified Steam Cloud directly using abilities (Closed Circuit, Static Cloud Arrow).
    • Generate an Electrified Steam Cloud by first combining a Water Surface (Rain, Water Balloon, Water Arrow) and Fire Surface (Fire Arrow, Searing Daggers, Phoenix Dive) to generate a Steam Cloud. Then shock the Steam Cloud with an ability that sets Shocked status (Shocking Touch, Electric Discharge, Shocking Arrow).
  • Hero of Summer - Create a Fire Cloud.
    • Generate a Fire Cloud directly using abilities (Laser Ray, Fire Slug).
    • Generate a Fire Cloud by converting a Fire Surface (Fire Arrow, Searing Daggers, Phoenix Dive) into a Cloud using the Aerotheurge spell Vaporize.
    • Generate a Fire Cloud by converting a Steam Cloud into a Poison Cloud with Contamination and igniting the Cloud
  • Hero of Spring - Create a Blood Surface.
    • Generate a Blood Surface directly by using abilities (Raining Blood, ).
    • Create a regular Blood Surface by dealing Vitality damage using physical damage to any non-Undead chracter (physical basic attack against target with no armor, piercing attack, Flesh Sacrifice, Teleport nearby Squirrel)

Be prepared; as soon as you light up the final totem, four challengers will appear and initiate combat with you. Each challenger (Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring) have an immunity to their corresponding element, and are rather strong if you are the same level as them. They are level 14. Defeat them all and the brazier will speak to you, congratulating you on your victory and spawning a chest, along with a phoenix heart for the taking. The quest is complete at this point.



  • 20775XP for each challenger killed, for a total of 83,100XP.
  • 51900XP on quest completion.
  • A Phoenix Heart (which grants the skill "Flaming Tongues" if eaten by an elf) and a Chest will also be spawned on quest completion.


Tips & Tricks

  • Spell, Summon Fire Slug (Sourcerer's Ring) can also be used to activate the statue of Summer since it has the spell Laser Ray.
  • Creating a pool of blood to activate the statue of Spring is also a possibility. You can do this by stabbing a companion near the statue.
  • You need 1 point in Polymorph and 1 point in Aerotheurge to use Vaporize.

    • Anonymous

      18 Oct 2018 01:32  

      you can create any surface with dimensional bolt, so winter and spring can be done like that, the others require clouds so dimensional bolt + vaporize should solve all of them with enough patience

      • Anonymous

        13 Oct 2018 16:20  

        dont mean to brag, but activating the 4 seasons was the hard part, the fight was like flicking dust off my shoulder, im doin honor mode i am also the man im the greatest of all timeee!, SHUT UP STOP YELLING AT ME! lol jokes

        • Anonymous

          18 Sep 2018 06:15  

          There's combat. Four L14 elves spawn, each immune to their respective elements, and with evade/fortify/favorable wind on them. They one-shot my L12 mage in pink gear, and nearly did the same with my ranger. So be ready.

          • Anonymous

            05 Sep 2018 20:47  

            Hero of Spring - Flesh Sacrifice Hero of Summer - Sorcerer's ring - Fire Slug Hero of Autumn - Rain Vaporize - Dazzling Bolt Hero of Winter - Rain - Global Cooling

            • Anonymous

              05 Aug 2018 19:37  

              This is how i did it, in case this helps someone: Hero of Winter - Create an Ice Surface Used "Hail Strike" Hero of Autumn - Create an Electrified Steam Cloud. Used "Rain" and then "Dragon's Blaze" Hero of Summer - Create a Fire Cloud Used "Summon Fire Slug" and his fire attack Hero of Spring - Create a Blood Surface Teleported the squirrel unitl it died.

              • Anonymous

                28 Jun 2018 15:36  

                Hello, i've complete the trial, got the exp and jornal got updated, but the champions didn't appear, is the quest bugged?

                • Anonymous

                  10 Apr 2018 14:42  

                  I used about 8 ways to set the totem of summer on fire but neither worked... wasted abot 20 fire arrows :D even tried several times across few days,the quest is bugged for me.

                  • Anonymous

                    27 Mar 2018 21:26  

                    i don't know why..
                    i made them speak but the efrfect stops after a short amount of time
                    only the blood one on spring steays longer

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Mar 2018 03:30  

                      "Generate a Fire Cloud by converting a Steam Cloud into a Poison Cloud with Contamination and igniting the Cloud"

                      Does not work. I created a steam cloud by using a water balloon and lighting the ground on fire, used contamination, and then ignition and absolutely zilch. I may simply not have the spells to do this right now.

                      • Anonymous

                        04 Mar 2018 07:50  

                        For Laser Ray, you get a Sourcerer Ring (in the jails at the magister's HQ in Driftwood) that gives you the Summon Fire Slug spell

                        Fire Slug has Laser Ray

                        • Anonymous

                          15 Nov 2017 20:15  

                          Hey guys here is a tip for activating them on time because I was also having the issue with them deactivating too fast. The blood one will stay up but the other three seem to have only about 10 seconds of actuvation. What I did was go into the nearby trap field and teleport the blue plant which generates the thunder cloud to the autumn one. This made it so I only had to activate the summer and the winter in that 10 second window.

                          Also humblebrag, I was able to beat the enemies first try at level 12 on tactician difficulty. Although the fight took an hour, involves lots of running around, and I used 4 revive scrolls.

                          • Anonymous

                            06 Nov 2017 06:55  

                            Not sure if it was patched, but the trees gain an "aura" of sprites and a seal below them whenever you fulfill their requirements, even if the pool/cloud, etc dissipates.
                            Also, probably the equipment my party had, but they were pretty easy compared to the advocate crew.

                            • Anonymous

                              31 Oct 2017 18:56  

                              Best offense is a great defense. I have The Red Prince and my character as warriors and the Lone Wolf perk. The Red Prince has a summoning level of 16 and both characters have basic attacks of around 300 damage. Everything I have encountered has been easy due to my main character and the Red Prince also knowing restoration abilities such as Rejuvination, Mind Mending, Armor of Frost and Fortify. Mages are cool and all, but warriors are best for solo play.

                              • Anonymous

                                30 Oct 2017 10:35  

                                This quest is extremely difficult even with a lvl 15 party. The rogue / huntsman / warfare characters will focus fire your mage characters and kill them in 1-2 turns and it's extremely difficult to stop them.

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