A Trial for All Seasons

The Tongue of Flame
Quest Giver
Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level 14
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A Trial for All Seasons is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Coming across a brazier, you are allowed engage in a trial for elves. Will you succeed?



Important NPCs

  • The Tongue of Flame



A Trial for All Seasons Objectives

  1. Talk to The Tongue of Flame and ask to try the trial.
  2. Complete the trial.
  3. Defeat the Challengers.



A Trial for All Seasons Walkthrough

An elven structure of sorts can be found east to the Driftwood-field Waypoint, across the river. There will be four statues surrounding a brazier in the location. (co-ordinates X; 445, Y:340)

To pass the trial, you will need to generate specific surfaces or clouds near the four statues.

  • Hero of Winter - Create an Ice Surface.
    • Generate an Ice Surface directly using abilities (Hail Strike, Freezing Arrow, Ice Fan).
    • Generate an Ice Surface by combining a Water Surface (Rain, Water Balloon, Water Arrow) and an ability that freezes Water Surfaces into Ice Surfaces (Global Cooling or Winter Blast).
  • Hero of Autumn - Create an Electrified Steam Cloud.
    • Generate an Electrified Steam Cloud directly using abilities (Closed Circuit, Static Cloud Arrow).
    • Generate an Electrified Steam Cloud by first combining a Water Surface (Rain, Water Balloon, Water Arrow) and Fire Surface (Fire Arrow, Searing Daggers, Phoenix Dive) to generate a Steam Cloud. Then shock the Steam Cloud with an ability that sets Shocked status (Shocking Touch, Electric Discharge, Shocking Arrow).
  • Hero of Summer - Create a Fire Cloud.
    • Generate a Fire Cloud directly using abilities (Laser Ray, Fire Slug).
    • Generate a Fire Cloud by converting a Fire Surface (Fire Arrow, Searing Daggers, Phoenix Dive) into a Cloud using the Aerotheurge spell Vaporize.
  • Hero of Spring - Create a Blood Surface.
    • Generate a Blood Surface directly by using abilities (Raining Blood, Flesh Sacrifice), or using a bloated corpse's ability in front of the totem.
    • Create a regular Blood Surface by dealing Vitality damage using physical damage to any non-Undead chracter (physical basic attack against target with no armor, piercing attack, Flesh Sacrifice, Teleport nearby Squirrel)

Be prepared; as soon as you light up the final totem, four challengers will appear and initiate combat with you. Each challenger (Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring) have an immunity to their corresponding element, and are rather strong if you are the same level as them. They are level 14. Defeat them all and the brazier will speak to you, congratulating you on your victory and spawning a chest, along with a phoenix heart for the taking. The quest is complete at this point.



  • 20775XP for each challenger killed, for a total of 83,100XP.
  • 51900XP on quest completion.
  • A Phoenix Heart (which grants the skill "Flaming Tongues" if eaten by an elf) and a Chest will also be spawned on quest completion.


Tips & Tricks

  • Spell, Summon Fire Slug (Sourcerer's Ring) can also be used to activate the statue of Summer since it has the spell Laser Ray.
  • Creating a pool of blood to activate the statue of Spring is also a possibility. You can do this by stabbing a companion near the statue.
  • You need 1 point in Polymorph and 1 point in Aerotheurge to use Vaporize.
  • A blood surface for Spring can be generated if you have an elf character eat body parts in close proximity to the statue, preventing the need to stab yourself or your friends.

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    • Anonymous

      24 Jun 2021 11:16  

      I just completed this quest in tactician it is possible but you have to activate them all in VERY QUICK SUCCESSION.

      • Anonymous

        27 Apr 2021 11:00  

        theory on why the totems don't stay activated once the hazard disappears. its very possible this a tactician mode only thing. saw somebody reply to a message here mentioning it and I wanted to spread the word that this might be why so many people are either frustrated/confused about it (like i was) or arguing with other people about it.
        if someone could run a test for me that would be wonderful. I know for a fact that in my current tactician run the totems do not stay active. in my previous playthrough on normal the totems stayed active after the hazards disappeared.

        • Anonymous

          29 Mar 2021 00:48  

          I came across this at level 16, and they still hit for 1,400+ damage (leaving me with 200ish hp). And knocked me down for 2 turns. I killed 2 before they got one turn and the other two before they got a second turn.

          • Anonymous

            11 Mar 2021 09:06  

            This quest sucks!! They do not stay activated. Anyone saying they do if you talk to them is wrong lmao. The only one that stays up is blood. The rest go away quickly even if you talk to them!

            • Anonymous

              08 Mar 2021 22:50  

              That is BY FAR the worst designed quest in the game (for obvious reasons), there is no way to complete it on your own. I'm doing a solo rogue run and this will have to be the only quest i have to leave unfinished.

              • Anonymous

                08 Mar 2021 13:53  

                There is a platform on the rigth that you can use to teleport one of the challenge into the elf camp where you can have 2 members of your team wating. The one that initiate the fight can become invisible and join later. I did on level 13 in tactical mode.
                Reward is pretty lame though.

                • Anonymous

                  27 Nov 2020 00:29  

                  Also, there are some noxious bulbs nearby, just teleport them to the location; one can generate an electrified steam cloud and the other creates a fire surface

                  • Anonymous

                    13 Oct 2020 17:18  

                    I struggled to actually start this quest because all of the required surfaces except blood eventually decay; ice thaws, fire clouds go to smoke, etc. But by the entrance to the sawmill, there's a permanent cloud of cursed electrified steam that won't decay. You can move the cursed electrified steam with Terrain Transmutation all the way to the Trial Area, and it works even though it's cursed. Now you only have to worry about Winter and Summer.

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Sep 2020 22:05  

                      One of the stupid "balanced" fights. Two partymembers (lvl 14) got oneshoted in first round. Ragequit and will try again with higher lvl to gain lvl 14 reward -.-

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Sep 2020 11:43  

                        Advice for doing this on a controller solo:

                        Drop a blood pool under the appropriate one, it stays forever. Also create your steam cloud as it seems to stay as well.

                        It takes too long to switch characters, the trees will deactivate before you use each ability.

                        Using one character, you can use scrolls or arrows: Frost, then static, then laser ray the final tree. May take a couple tries but if you aim quickly you can pull it off. I used Ice Fan, Electric Discharge, Laser Ray.

                        I recommend this order as the fire clouds seem to last the shortest time, with frost seeming to last the longest.. Don't attempt to switch characters because the ice will melt before you get the fire clouds up.

                        • Anonymous

                          27 Aug 2020 06:54  

                          Quest seems bugged in DE. Statues don't stay activated (I thought I must have to do it in order, which is why I came to look up the quest, since the order the flame brazier gives didn't work), but apparently not. I do winter first, it sort of activates (wisps flying around it), it talks to me, but then as soon as I target another statue the winter one goes dormant again. And none of the other ones light up at all.

                          • Anonymous

                            22 Aug 2020 03:12  

                            Wtf!? Spring& winter stay "charged" Summer& Fall don't! Summer is like out of range/can't see on every fire spell I have. Fire granades don't work either. Fall stays shocked for a few seconds. This is cr ap

                            • Anonymous

                              07 Aug 2020 15:53  

                              If you are playing with a controller (on PC at least) the test is (borderline?) impossible due to how long it takes to switch characters and 3 of the 4 trees surface effects remaining only 2 seconds.

                              I switched to keyboard and mouse and after setting up ifan with static cloud arrow, fans with freezing arrow, and red prince with laser ray was able to do it first try (after about 50 on controller).

                              Received only 10400*4 + 15575 = 57175 XP in DE. Oh, and 435 gold and a rare (not even epic) level 14 belt. Neat. Plus a skill I had five levels ago.

                              • Anonymous

                                20 Jul 2020 10:58  

                                Another lame, pointless reward. We've basically already seen all the spells long before this point. Pathetic.

                                • Anonymous

                                  14 Jul 2020 00:53  

                                  This quest is probably one of the worst in the entire game. The effects end in milliseconds making it almost impossible during solo play. 0/10

                                  • Anonymous

                                    30 Jun 2020 09:48  

                                    i beat it like this: first summer creates a fire surface on my mage which reduces fire spell cost by 1, so then im able to nuke spring's magic armor in 1 turn and throw him 2 grenades (1 terror to remove his rage, and 1 love to charm him) so he doesn't 1 shot my archer. then archer retreat on high ground, shoot autum's physical armor and knockdown arrow. winter was able to get a turn but didn't do anything too bad. easy from there

                                    • Anonymous

                                      01 May 2020 09:18  

                                      Wow, dumbest quest in the game! Takes so much preparation just to start it and the enemies are OP and will kill you a few times unless you cheese and move characters during the dialogue before the fight up the nearby scaffold. To top it all off the "reward" is worthless!

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