The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island

Location Bloodmoon Island
Suggested Level 15
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The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Entering Bloodmoon Island, there is blood everywhere and carnage. What secrets do this island hold?



Important NPCs



The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island Objectives

  1. Learn how the Black Ring attempted to get past the Death Fog that surrounds Bloodmoon Island.
  2. Speak to the Advocate.
  3. Find the entrance to the Archive.
  4. Discover and awaken the Ancestor Tree's spirit, Eleanessa.
  5. Tell Jahan the name of the Arch-demon, Adramahlikh.



The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island Walkthrough

This quest can be acquired after learning about the Black Ring's attempt to get past the death fog surrounding Bloodmoon Island. Information can be found on Black Ring corpses on the island. After entering Bloodmoon Island, go to the place listed in the picture below; it is the entrance to the Archives. You will need at least 22 wits to spot the dirt mound. If you don't have enough wits, Peace of Mind  can assist you.


Once inside the Archives, you will immediately gain 50,575XP. You can also cast Spirit Vision and speak to the spirit of the Archivist here. No matter what dialogue option you pick, you will gain 14,450XP. Search around the Archives for the Archivist's Journal and read it to find out the name of the Ancestor Tree is Eleanessa.

Walk forward and you will find that the wall ahead is actually a hidden door (you will need some wits to spot it). Pick up the Unusual Blade here for 50,000XP. If you interact with it as a Lizard, you will be able to understand the blade's words. There is also a locked Tenebrium chest here that will sap 1 Source Point from your character with every interaction. If you lockpick it, you will find a Green Teleporter Pyramid inside the chest. Note that merely left-clicking the chest to interact with it will only drain a Source point and produce a remark from your character.

Secret: There is actually a chest hidden in the map which you can teleport out to loot. If you refer to the screenshot below, you will see exactly what orientation the camera needs to be in order to successfully select the chest. Apportation can also help with this, as it can be quite difficult to pinpoint the exact spot needed to teleport the chest.

ss (2018-03-31 at 00.02.26 012711)

The Ancestor Tree can be located at the center of Bloodmoon Island, but it is surrounded by Black Ring magisters who will attack you on sight if you do not pass the speech check. Going too close to the tree will cause them to attack. It is recommended to start The Advocate quest and kill them all for massive amounts of XP.

If you haven't killed The Advocate yet, he will not let you speak to the tree, so you will probably have to kill him too. Killing him is also part of the quest, "A Hunter of Wicked Things", so doing this in conjunction with this quest is, obviously, recommended.

Kill The Advocate, and cast Spirit Vision in order to speak with the Ancestor Tree. Invoke its name (Eleanessa) and it will begin speaking with you in earnest, thanking you for easing its pain. You will gain 66200XP for invoking the name of the tree. The tree then asks you to kill Doctor Daeva, who is possessed by a powerful Arch-demon called Adramahlikh (this quest starts another: Doctor's Orders).

After you speak with the Tree, return to the Spirit of an Elven Pilgrim (x194,y413) and tell him you know the name of the tree. You will receive XP for closing this quest ("The Druid").

This quest will close upon going to the square in Arx after defeating the doctor.



  • 14,450XP for speaking with the spirit of Brother Kaylan.
  • 50,575XP for entering the Archives.
  • 14,450XP for speaking with the spirit of the Archivist.
  • Pick up the Unusual Blade for 50,000XP. [note: some report that in recent (5/2020) builds, the XP granted is significantly lower]
  • A Green Teleporter Pyramid is located in the Tenebrium chest next to the Unusual Blade.
  • 66,200XP for invoking the name of the Ancestor Tree.


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    • Anonymous

      27 Sep 2021 21:36  

      Wiki wont let me post links to the image but

      heres a screenshot of where you need youre mouse and position - please upload into the wiki if you can admins

      • Anonymous

        27 Sep 2021 21:36   heres a screenshot on where u need exactly to have ur mouse and camera position hope it helps :)

        • Anonymous

          10 Aug 2021 08:59  

          DE on PC. Speaking to Brother Kaylan gives NO exp and will NOT start this quest. This quest only starts when entering archive room.

          • Anonymous

            03 Aug 2021 01:23  

            I don't think the chest is there in Definitive Edition anymore, I'm there and used Apparition a few times, no chest in that area lol

            • Anonymous

              08 Mar 2021 08:01  

              Killing The Advocate is not required to speak with the Ancestor Tree. Simply use a teleport spell on The Advocate and teleport him away from the tree. If you wait too long to talk to the Ancestor Tree, then he'll return, begin his whining again, and prevent you from talking to it. However, that said, as stated in the guide above, it's probably best to kill The Advocate; he's a jerk, and, more importantly, killing him is required for completing "A Hunter of Wicked Things" quest.

              • Anonymous

                06 Jan 2021 20:56  

                Um. So I'm in Arx, just killed Daeva, and I still have the secrets of bloodmoon island quest. And It wants me to find Eleanessa. In Arx. Help.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Oct 2020 11:52  

                  Despite using Clear-Minded to bring my Wits all the way up to 28, the hatch for the Archives still won't appear. Am I missing something? Advocate is dead, hymnal decoded, I have done pretty much everything here I can but still can't get into the Archive.

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Sep 2020 11:28  

                    So if you speak to the advocate and teleport him away with someone else (out of the trees sight) you can talk to the tree :)

                    • Anonymous

                      30 Aug 2020 07:29  

                      Я нашел остатки кристального клинка в покоях архивариуса, там на постаменте, че мне дальше делать? Ну типа куда идти дальше то?

                      • Anonymous

                        02 May 2020 10:33  

                        I'm at the ''wake the ancestor tree'' yet, I can't interact with the tree and the archivist's spirit isn't there. I got his book, but I can't do anything else. The advocate is dead, everyone on the island is dead.

                        • Anonymous

                          24 Mar 2020 10:54  

                          I think you can get the archive location by using the map that's with the possesed guys that welcome you to the island.

                          • Anonymous

                            08 Feb 2020 23:49  

                            I see that most of those successfully teleporting that Hidden archives chest are on PC. Im on console currently and the teleportation cursor works differently as it also moves the camera unlike a mouse cursor. Is there a way for folks on a console to get it lined up to work?

                            • Anonymous

                              28 Dec 2019 10:27  

                              How do you actually start this quest? I've talked to every ghost I can find on the island and got nothing. The only thing I can think of is that I Source-Vamped a Black Ring corpse in the Advocate's camp before checking with Spirit Vision and I'm concerned that I may have eaten the one ghost that can actually start this quest.

                              • Anonymous

                                25 Dec 2019 13:24  

                                How are you supposed to unlock the tenebrium chest? theres no key and all it does is drain source, which isn't even a big deal because of the source fountain.

                                • Anonymous

                                  23 Aug 2019 09:30  

                                  Playing DOS2 DE Found the map of the island which showed 3 statues - sung the Hymnals found in the archives to blast the statues reveal hatches.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    20 Jul 2019 09:38  

                                    Is there a way to convince the Advocate to let you speak to the tree or is killing him mandatory for this? I really want to have a run at some point where I do not kill him but if he's in the way of this it seems like he's unsalvageable unless you don't mind missing out on a monumental chunk of XP.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      14 Jun 2019 22:05  

                                      For anyone trying to get the secret chest: 1) Use the Apportation spell, it’ll save you a lifetime of effort 2) The chest only contains a gold cup, Peace of Mind scroll, and a large wits potion (I have a loot skill of 0, so I think this is the base of what you’ll usually get, I can’t say for certain though)

                                      • Anonymous

                                        10 Jun 2019 12:02  

                                        You are able to find it with high enough wits even if the advocate doesn't tell you about it. It may have been patched since previous comments, but I was able to find it from the screenshot even after the advocate was dead.

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