The Missing Prisoners

Location The Arx
Suggested Level 17
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The Missing Prisoners is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Somehow, there are many missing prisoners in Arx after the Paladin coup, hinting at something sinister afoot. Can you discover why?



Important NPCs

  • Isbeil
  • Paladin Warden



The Missing Prisoners Objectives

  1. Find clues of the missing prisoners.
  2. Read Isbeil's research notes.



The Missing Prisoners Walkthrough

Enter the prison and talk to the Paladin Warden there. You will learn that the Magisters have been investigating the disappearances of many prisoners from their cells beneath the Magister Barracks, prior to the Paladin uprising. This quest is relatively straightforward, but since it is tied with "The Secrets of the Dwarves" quest, you may wish to look there for a more detailed walkthrough on how to get to Isbeil.

In any case, after you defeat Isbeil, you will find the missing prisoners in her laboratory, who have all been drained of their source, as a kind of experiment. In order to get there, take the illusory door on the left side (map wise), not the right, since the right one leads to a deathfog trap. In any case, once you reach Isbeil's laboratory, find and read Isbeil's research notes, and you will complete the quest, earning 96,950XP.

Make sure to return back to the Magister prison and speak to the Paladin Warden, earning you a choice of Common-quality loot as a reward for reporting of the missing prisoners' fates.






  • 96,950XP upon completion of the quest.
  • A choice of Common-quality loot upon reporting back to the Paladin Warden.

    • Anonymous

      21 Dec 2019 11:05  

      what if i broke the machine and its covered in the death fog? is there an easier way to navigate over to the lab without spending hours moving deathfog with polymorph magic?

      • Anonymous

        30 Jul 2019 12:36  

        There is a second book near the bone altar where the prisoners were drained of source. There is also a secret safe in the wall to the left of the bone altar which had a legendary and divine item in them.

        • Anonymous

          The Missing Prisoners [Divinity OS 2 Wiki]17 Jun 2018 20:55  

          quest is not bugged. there are 2 books of isbael: isbael's journel and isbael's notes. you need to read both of these books to complete the quest. they are on the tables, standing near each other.

          • Anonymous

            24 Mar 2018 00:58  

            Found the Prisoner's and read the notes first then talked to the magister and have no option to turn the quest in. :(

            • Anonymous

              12 Dec 2017 09:50  

              To move the quest forwards you need to read the "Isabel's notes" located in the corridor near the drained sourcerers

              • Anonymous

                26 Sep 2017 01:53  

                Found the drained prisoners, but quest cannot be finished, it doesnt recognize the line of dialog i need.

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