The Drowned Temple

Location The Nameless Isle
Suggested Level 15
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The Drowned Temple is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs



The Drowned Temple Objectives

  1. Explore the drowned temple and learn the information about Vrogir



The Drowned Temple Walkthrough


On the northwest corner of Nameless Island is the Drowned Temple, to enter it, you need to kill the Black Ring Portalmaster in a nearby camp. If you sided with the Black Rings (either pretend to be lone wolves or thrall of Almira), you can persuade her to stop casting by talking to the Black Ring Captain.

Inside the temple, the path is blocked by numerous traps, you can let one of your companions pass them first, then use teleport pyramid to regroup.

Interact with the alter will curse your character, but also learn some information about Vrogir. (if the altar cursed you, use bless to remove it)

The lever to open the Armory gate requires high STR to operate. Alternatively, you can also use the key (no STR needed), which can be found on a dead body (behind the waterfall straight north of the entrance, x311/y432). Use teleport to get there.



Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      02 Jun 2019 00:51  

      In DE since it triggered the fight as soon as I walked up to those to magisters on the steps, I sneaked and entered until my journal was updated with the quest and then I went back. After that I tried to persuade the black ring captain and was able to get the 50k + 10k for entering the camp.

      • Anonymous

        13 May 2019 13:51  

        In Definitive Edition, even without persuading the captain, without killing the 2 black rings stationed at the temple, after killing the portalmaster there will be a trigger for the temple quest and you will get the 50k xp. Killing the black rings after persuasion nets the same xp as killing all of them right at the get go.

        • Anonymous

          12 May 2019 21:37  

          Note about the 50k xp: if you persuade the captain before you walk up to the flooded waters where the 2 blackring are hanging out, then YOU WILL NOT GET THE 50K. If you walk up to the flooded steps, get the jounal update, then go persuade, you will get the 50k.

          • Anonymous

            28 Mar 2019 22:24  

            To maximize the exp throw a poison flask on the pat where the captain and others go, then persuade d captain after that when they walk to it and initiate combat.. Kill them..

            • Anonymous

              22 Jan 2019 23:20  

              They removed the 50k exp for persuading the Captain on Definitive Edition. Better off just killing them all and be done with it.

              • Anonymous

                16 Nov 2018 17:23  

                To maximize the gains; pickpocket the captain for whatever, engage conversation with another character, persuade him to stop the water magic nonsense for a neat 50k experience, and then when he's leaving you do a sweet aoe on as many of his entourage as possible including himself and those will aggro you in a fight.

                • 02 Nov 2018 04:33  

                  Persuading the Captain to stop flooding gives you 50K experience, after persuading I killed him for another 20K. Seems like his men ignore you and continue walking away and disappear. So just kill him it's an easy fight.

                  • Anonymous

                    22 Aug 2018 23:42  

                    Darn i just cant pray to the altar here. I know people say that you shouldnt kill alexander or the shallow man because they give you the compleet solution of the riddle and so making these altars become silent yet afther i killed them both i still could pray to all the other altars yet this 1 stays silent. Very weird... Kinda sucks cause that makes my achie for praying to the 7 altars stuck on 6/7 :-(

                    • Anonymous

                      26 Jul 2018 19:49  

                      If you managed to save Nikor of the Black Ring in Dark Dealings in the blackpits, Nikor will vouch for you and let you in

                      • Anonymous

                        27 May 2018 19:31  

                        I'm pretty sure you need the key ánd a high strength to use the lever. Didn't work on my mage, worked on my warrior.

                        • Anonymous

                          18 Jan 2018 19:30  

                          Visit the altars before killing Alexander or The Sallow Man. or both. You lose experience otherwise and the altars "remain silent".This happens because they give you the solution to enter the academy so the altars dont do anything anymore and no experience.

                          • Anonymous

                            17 Nov 2017 03:08  

                            What do I need to do to pray at the altar? All I get is "The altar sits before you, defiantly silent.", then nothing.

                            • Anonymous

                              31 Oct 2017 21:38  

                              If you sided with the Black Rings, you have to persuade the black ring captain to stop, not the portalmaster.

                              • Anonymous

                                25 Oct 2017 09:05  

                                I get nothing but silence from the altar. What quest am I missing?
                                "The altar sits before you, defiantly silent.", then nothing.
                                I've seen videos where people get the "..makes this feel more like a crypt than an altar" (or something similar), but I don't get that, nor do I get cursed or any XP.
                                I've done the whole rest of the temple (opened the armory, talked to spirits, etc). What am I missing?

                                • Anonymous

                                  16 Oct 2017 16:50  

                                  50.000exp for persuading the Black Ring soldiers into leaving the temple... I would probably get 20-40k per kill + some loot if I just choose the violent way :/ feels kinda bad that I'm missing out on alot of XP for avoiding blood shed around the island. Makes me wanna go berserk and kill all the mofos I tricked into being on their side.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    08 Oct 2017 19:16  

                                    To open the Armory gate you can also use the key (no STR needed), which can be found on a dead body (behind the waterfall straight north of the entrance, x311/y432). Use teleport to get there.

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