Treated Like Cattle

Location Meadows
(340, 240)
Suggested Level 10-16
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Treated Like Cattle is a Quests in Divinity: Original Sin II. A pair of cows need your help to restore their human form. Will you help them?



Important NPCs

  • Geraldine
  • Mabel



Treated Like Cattle Objectives

  1. Talk to the cows, Geraldine and Mabel.
  2. Find the Witch's potion.
  3. Bring back the potion to the cows.



Treated Like Cattle Walkthrough

At a farm north of Driftwood, you will come across a pair of cows that are actually two people who were polymorphed and enslaved by a witch. You will need the Pet Pal talent to talk to them. They want to be turned back into their human form and beg you for help. (The quest can also be started simply by picking up the Witch's House key, which is located on the left side of the house, resting on a large rock.)

The Witch's house is right next to the cows. Enter it and pick up the Witch's Eye, and then unlock the hatch to the cellar (Thievery 4 required). If you don't have the required Thievery skill, you can fight the witch in Cloisterwood for the cellar key, but it is an extremely tough fight and not worth the effort. For details regarding the Witch fight, seeCorpse of Alice Alisceon.

In the cellar, you will find dozens of rats that will explode in close proximity. Attack the holes in the walls to stop them from constantly spawning. You can also find a lever on the ground that will open the door to the next room.

Pick up the Witch's Potion in this next room. You will also need to kill the giant frog in the cell to find the Witch's recipe book on it, which contains the recipe for making another Witch's Potion. You need two to complete the quest. Having both the Scholar and Mystic tags will allow you to decipher the recipe book for crafting the Witch's Potion.

If you cannot decipher the book, you will have only one potion to bring to the cows, in which case you will be asked to choose which cow to use it on. The recipe for crafting the potion is Augmentor + Boletus + Witch's Eye (the eye is consumed in the process). You do not need to read the book to be able to craft it.

Craft the second Witch's Potion and bring both potions back to the cows to cure them. If you explicitly ask for a reward, you will only receive 8,075 XP per cow, but if you don't ask for anything in exchange, you will receive 13,450 XP per cow instead. The quest will be closed.

Both of them can now be found at Driftwood Square next to the Town Crier after they're cured and the quest is closed. Mabel can be convinced to give you recipe books for free (or they can be bought), and Geraldine can be convinced to tell you the location of his private stash.

Mercenary Alternative: If you have a character drink the Witch's Potion, your character will permanently transform into a cow, and the quest will instantly "close". You can do this on a hired mercenary to not affect any of your party members.

Backpack Alternative:  During the dialogue, before feeding either cows the potion, an ally can take the potion out of your backpack. Despite this, you can still feed it to either cow without using it. Afterwards, Your ally (or you) can feed the other cow the potion.

Possible Bug: This quest seems to be on some kind of timer. If you take too long to complete it, the cows will disappear and the quest will close saying that the cows ran off.

Serious Bug: There have been many reports that the cows may be permanently missing from their designated area at any given time, or even before meeting them, preventing you from completing this quest. If this occurs, you should follow the Mercenary Alternative above to close the quest on your own.



Key Location

  • The key to opening the Witch's house is on the ground outside just south of the house.
  • The key to opening the cellar is located on the Witch herself, who is located in northern Cloisterwood. 



  • 43,325XP for killing the witch Alice Alisceon (optional).
  • You recieve a variable amount of XP per cow cured depending on your actions:
    • Asking for a reward: 8,075XP per cow (16,150XP total), Mabel becomes a vendor in Driftwood Square, 10 free recipe books (assuming you succeed speech check) and location of Geraldine's secret stash.
    • Not asking for a reward: 13,450XP per cow (26,900XP total) and they do not move to Driftwood Square.


Tips & Tricks

  • The frog in the basement can be killed and looted even though it is on the other side of the impassible bars.
  • Boletus can be won as a reward for certain quests.
  • Boletus can also be found just southeast of the witch house, around X:388 Y:204 near the white tree, Show World Tooltip (Left Alt) for easier searching. Another is at X:555 Y:319.
  • If you or any of your companions accidentally drank the potion and turned into a cow, you can undo the effect by drinking the other potion, using Chicken Claw on them or by killing said character and resurrect them with a scroll.
  • After curing both, you can pickpocket them easily in the field to get a few nice crafting books.

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    • Anonymous

      27 Apr 2021 10:44  

      "If you don't have the required Thievery skill, you can fight the witch in Cloisterwood for the cellar key, but it is an extremely tough fight and not worth the effort."

      The witch fight is one of the most easily cheesable fights, provided you pre-position your group. And in regards to it not being worth the effort? She gives like 36,500XP. Is whoever wrote this suggestion autistic?

      • Anonymous

        02 Jan 2021 16:34  

        If you have two potion and give them without asking payment, quest give you 13500 exp per person and you can't see them in driftwood. If you have two potion and you ask them for payment quest give you 8000 exp per person and you can see them in driftwood. If you have one potion and ask them for payment quest give 8000 exp per person, and İf you craft another potion and give potion to cow quest give another 8000 exp and you can see them in driftwood and gain totaly 16000 exp. İf you have one potion and give potion without payment you gain 13500 exp per person and craft another potion and give potion to cow you gain another 13500 XP per person totaly 27000 xp per person but you can't see them in driftwood again. Note: they stop field but İf you go center you can see them in center

        • Anonymous

          19 Aug 2020 20:50  

          witch eye (found in witches cabin on her bench) + augmentor + boletus = 2nd poition without needing a character to read the book. useful for me as a duo lonewolf and none of them were both scholar and mystic.

          • Anonymous

            23 May 2020 14:13  

            After turned them human, I pickpocketed 2500 gold from them. They accused me of stealing but took a 150 gold bribe to leave me alone xD

            • Anonymous

              11 May 2020 01:11  

              If you ask for milk, the guy will make fun of you once you give them the potion. You wanted some guy's milk!

              • Anonymous

                09 May 2020 17:56  

                Be sure to loot the skeletons in the electric frogs cage, I got a high tier blank skillbook from one. You can teleport or tactical retreat your way inside.

                • 26 Apr 2020 17:14  

                  (DE) So, they dissappear if you do not choose a reward? One of the cattles, when you rescue them back to human form, sell papers every restock. If you like to make scrolls, be sure to choose reward so they'd move to Driftwood Square.

                  • Anonymous

                    15 Apr 2020 15:16  

                    You don't get permanently transformed into a cow. Like most "permanent" statuses, if the affect character dies and gets resurrected, then your character returns back to normal.

                    • Anonymous

                      28 Apr 2019 00:46  

                      DE april 27th 2019 the quest completes succesfully but the npcs do not go back to town and disappear forever so you miss out on the cow loot chest and the recipe books.

                      • Anonymous

                        24 Apr 2019 00:56  

                        You can easily trick this quest (Definitive Edition). Start the dialogue on one character, snatch it out of the bag and drop it on the ground with a second character. Switch back to your first character. It will still let you go through with the dialogue and offer the potion. Then simply pick it up the ground and offer it to the second cow.

                        • Anonymous

                          21 Oct 2018 19:18  

                          if u have 2 potions in inventory, put 1 away, so u only turn 1 potion only. because turn 1 by 1 yield the exp twice. turn 2 at 1 time only get 1 time same exp.

                          • Anonymous

                            19 Sep 2018 22:48  

                            Fly Agaric and Witch's eye can be found inside the witch's house. Augmentor in Driftwood(town) below west gate at x:263 y:10 (thanks anon)

                            • Anonymous

                              16 Aug 2018 13:59  

                              I did as told, gave the potions seperatly to the cows, got 2 times exp and the quest closed....yet they dont show up in driftwood...

                              • Anonymous

                                19 Jul 2018 23:31  

                                I can't believe this quest is still bugged for real (after years). If you give them the potions at the same time, they won't return to the town and the quest will stay unfinished until act 3. This is some really amateur level scripting right there. Shouldn't expect much from kickstarter games though.

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