Artifacts of the Tyrant

Automatically bestowed by item
Location Fort Joy (Hollow Marshes)
Suggested Level 6+
Next Quest None
Previous Quest None

Artifacts of the Tyrant is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. In this quest, players will set forth to find the lost pieces of Tyrant's armor: arms, legs, lower body, upper body and helm.


Important NPCs


Artefacts of the Tyrant Objectives

  1. Find all the Artefacts of Braccus Rex


Artefacts of the Tyrant Walkthrough

  1. Tyrant's Stride can be found in Ancient Passage, which is made accessible during the quest Withermoore's Soul Jar. On the left side the passage there is a statue, climb the ladder to reach it. Interact with the statue to get the Tyrant's Stride (You will need 15 Wits to find the item when interacting with the statue), but don't equip it just now, it's cursed.

  2. Tyrant's Helm can be found at Decrepit Ruins.
    For reference, look to the courtyard down the steps from the Hollow Marshes - Ruined Castle waypoint, the area in which you first help Gareth survive a Magister attack.
    After a brief dialogue with the remaining Magister, one can use Bless to cleanse the Cursed lever near the corpses. There is a Source tap nearby in the room if you're in need.
    NOTE - Using the Tyrant's Helm to cast Purge one too many times will summon a demon, leading to combat.


  3. Tracks of the Tyrant can be found on top of the tower to the NE of Fort Joy, and SW of the large ship, along the coast just passed where you encounter Windego. You will need to be upon the adjacent cliff to teleport someone inside the tower to collect the loot within, the cliff is located at X:436, Y:280. There are lightning clouds in the tower, so it's hard not to see.

  4. Heart of Tyrant is in Dark Cavern, atop a brazier. You will find this when doing The Vault of Braccus Rex quest.

  5. Hands of the Tyrant, is inside a coffin at Braccus Rex's Tower. You need 18 Strength to open it. Or use a trap disarm kit on the tomb lid and it will trigger a poison trap. The gloves will also fall out of the tomb. The tower is located at the back of The Gargoyle's Maze. Coordinates: x:589 y:678


Tips & Tricks

  • Tyrant's Stride can only be found in the statue with 15 or more in the Wits attribute, if you don't have this, consider using:
    • Peace of Mind scroll to increase wits by 4.
    • Puffball + empty potion bottle to create a minor potion of wits, increasing wits by 1.
  • All items have some sort of negative status effect, but they get removed when you wear complete set on one character.
  • All items require 11 Strength to wear.
  • The Helm can be used to destroy The Shriekers.
  • Band of Braccus is not part of this set and has its own quest: The Cursed Ring.

    • Anonymous

      27 Jun 2020 14:24  

      Instead of teleporting into the stone tower to get the strides, just teleport the items in the tower out. And you can do it from the base of the tower as well as the cliff.

      • Anonymous

        15 Mar 2020 19:20  

        The quest doesn't seem to complete unless you have all the pieces either in your inventory or equipped. I didn't have a STR character in my party in my latest playthrough so I just sold the pieces as I found them. Not a huge deal though until you're a completionist.

        • Anonymous

          07 Mar 2020 19:09  

          You can get the Ice dragon to kill the shriekers or use the Helm of Braccus Rex. If you use the Helm three times the Demon will spawn and attack you, but if you quickly teleport the Demon into an open space in front of an unattacked shrieker the shrieker will kill it for you and you can finish them off one at a time.

          • Anonymous

            04 Mar 2020 16:36  

            So, the Demon from the helm spawned during an already hard fight for me, and I died... Now the helmet is gone. Can I get it back? If yes, how?

            • Anonymous

              11 Feb 2020 23:47  

              About the Tyrant's Helm. When you wear it, after it releases a demon and not longer cursed, it gives constant Warm effect (Fire Resistance: -10% Water Resistance: +15%). Also, it has interesting description, implying that somebody might not like that you wear it. Any information about this? Interesting.

              • Anonymous

                12 Jan 2019 11:03  

                Unfortunately the negative effects are only gone if you have the whole set equipped. If you unequip even one item, the negative effects of the other parts come back. So if you're using this set, keep a backup set of items in your pack, so if you want to stop using this, you can swap out the entire set at once.

                • Anonymous

                  18 Sep 2018 06:56  

                  Tracks of the Tyrant - I stood next to the tower on the beach and just teleported the bodies and items down to me

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Jun 2018 06:29  

                    Quite honestly the whole set is not worth it, by the time i finished the quest I already got the gear ready, although, you should probably take the helm, There is a special interraction when you talk to gareth in his camp that alows you to go through the shreekers (dunno how it's spelled)

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Jun 2018 07:31  

                      The set is okay, the helm is great. After purge is used a few times the skill changes to shackles of pain.

                      • Anonymous

                        11 Mar 2018 00:21  

                        I interacted with the statue with 16 wit (15 plus an item boost) and I didn't get any item. There was a chest next to the statue but all it had was a bow. I was not currently on the withermore quest I came back later.

                        • Anonymous

                          03 Mar 2018 22:41  

                          If you're running 3 or less characters you can always recruit a 4th and give them the Pet Pal talent, go talk to the pig then dismiss them afterwards. I was running just two characters for Lone Wolf and thought I couldn't complete this.

                          • Anonymous

                            29 Nov 2017 20:37  

                            interesting fact, if you wear the set and go to respec mirror in act 2, the unlocked talents become permanent even after removing the set, and you can redistribute the points. and you can repeat this with every character.

                            • Anonymous

                              09 Oct 2017 10:29  

                              why bother? The items are worthless, at the point when you complete the set you have far more superior gear anyway.

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