Tracks of the Tyrant




 3 Magic Armour

 18 Physical Armour


+10% Air Resistance

+1 Sneaking

+0.25 Movement





Tracks of the Tyrant is an Armor in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


These boots are fortified with steel toes, somewhat rusted now from Braccus Rex' burial at sea under the hands of Source Hunters.


Tracks of the Tyrant Information


Tracks of the Tyrant Requirements

    • Level 6
    • 11 Strength



Tracks of the Tyrant Notes/Tips

  • It is found in the tower with the lightning clouds past Windego, on a corpse.


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    • Anonymous

      here's a tip, if you don't have a teleportation scrolls or skills, you could summon ifan's wolf on the tower and use backslash on the wolf.

      • Anonymous

        So I'm pretty sure it's either random which part of the Tyrant set you get where, or you always get the boots first. Because none of my characters had enough int to interact with the statue, and I got these from the tower on the hollow marches beach, the one with the static cloud.

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