Lizards are a playable race in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


"Lizards of the Ancient Empire are cultured aristocrats - Source adepts who follow rules of law. Outsiders see their society as elitist. Lizards see outsiders as servants."



talentsRefined Sophisticated:  Gain +10% Fire Resistance and +10% Poison Resistance

talentsSpellsong Spellsong: Gain +1 Persuasion



Special Ability

dragons blaze icon Dragon's Blaze: Breath flames in a cone, dealing Fire damage and leaving flames behind

summoning circle of protection icon Dome of Protection: Create a magic field that increases elemental resistance & restores Magic/Physical Armor




Other Abilities

  • Lizards can dig without a Shovel

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    • Anonymous

      I dismissed him to recruit the elf and now he is gone. I returned back to the rock and he is still nowhere to be found. Where can I find him?

      • Anonymous

        lizards, for using their potential to the best, are a melee/pyro fighter. their flame breath skill is based on their level but can benefit from pyrokinetic skill. it is a cone skill so the lizard must be near the target and no ranged fighter want to be near an enemy. the skill also leaves a cone of fire surface so the elemental affinity users will benefit from that too. a single point of scoundrel ( if the lizard wants to be a warfare/pyro fighter) let the lizard to take the pawn talent which will negate the 1 ap requirement to get in the fire so the fighter have 3 ap to cast fire spells instead of 2 but the lizard can take the executer talent so can continue after killing the enemy.(however the triggering is not guarantied with executer so use it at your own risk.) the red prince's demonic stare can drain a foe's m armor to fix up his armor and soften the enemy (especially low m armored melee fighters). neither the warrior or scoundrel has high m armor so the lizard may think about sacrifice some p att power and take a shield to get more m armor or mix his armor with robes to balance it. Another good strategy is being a ranger. the ranger may use the flame breath on ground or any nearby enemy and use elemental arrowheads to enhance the damage with fire damage that benefits from pyro. it also enhances the power of the special arrows.

        • Anonymous

          Why is DOE good u ask? cause u can be a lizard wizard called fazeDildo running around murdering bugs, humans, possessed*****, etc.... I'm playing this game wrong aint I.....

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