Ifan Ben-Mezd


Ifan Soldier Human
Male Outlaw  

Ifan Ben-Mezd is an Origin or Companion in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Ifan's default class is Wayfarer.

Origin Story

"Once, I was a crusader for the Divine Order. I pledged my life to Lucian the Divine. But the war changed everything. He sent me to save the elves I grew up amongst. I arrived too late. Lucian ordered the use of Deathfog against the Black Ring, annihilating everyone I once knew in the process. Now, I'm a mercenary killer, one of the infamous Lone Wolves. And my next target is none other than Lucian's own son..."


Ifan Ben-Mezd Information

  • No body escapes the Lone Wolves unscathed, and your freedom was won at a terrible cost. You swore you were done, but there is one last wrong you need to right.








Special Ability



Summon Ifan's Soul Wolf




  1. Because Ifan possesses the Talent: Ingenious, it is advised to either build him for physical damage or pick up the Savage Sortilege talent.
  2. Possesses the Pet Pal Talent by default if obtained as a companion in Fort Joy.
  3. Because Ifan possesses the Special Skill: Summon Ifan's Soul Wolf, it is advised to play him as a Summoner since Ifan's Soul Wolf's stats are dependent upon Ifan's summoning level.


Ifan Quests

  1. Read the Mysterious Note in Ifan's inventory after your recruit him and then speaking with him. Speak with Magister Borris in front of the gate to Fort Joy or go directly to Zaleskar, he is at the broken bridge between Fort Joy and Hollow Marshes. If you go see Magister Borris or have killed him, you can find a note on his body which directs you to Zaleskar.
  2. Next Ifan must speak with Zaleskar just outside of Fort Joy in the Hollow Marshes. Zaleskar will give him an extremely powerful Crossbow.
  3. Next have Ifan speak with Gareth in Sanctuary of Amadia (after rescuing him from the quest Most Dangerous When Cornered) and tell him about the Lone Wolves. Then speak with Ifan. 
  4. On the Lady Vengeance allow Ifan to speak with Bishop Alexander. You can gain quite a lot of attitude if you tell him he can't get information from a dead man.
  5. After you reached Reaper's Coast, a boy approaches you, and says a Lone Wolf contact named Baran is waiting in Driftwood Tavern.
  6. Travel to the second floor of Driftwood Tavern, Barren will tell you Roost is expecting you in a nearby sawmill.
  7. When in Wrecker's Cave, let Ifan speak with Zanisima the Scientist. Then speak with him, and he will tell you he wants to speak with Hannag.
  8. Speak with Hannag in Cloisterwood and let Ifan speak with her.
  9. When you find Roost, he will tell you that Alexandar is still alive and hiding on an island. Then he will ask you to turn over your fellow Godwoken, whatever you say, a fight is inevitable.
  10. From Roost's body, you will find a contract, given by the Divine Order.


Ifan Tags

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    • Anonymous

      29 Jan 2018 23:26  

      wouldn't being a backstabber defeat the point of the extra 5% crit chance from ingenious? Backstabs are guaranteed cries

      • Anonymous

        10 Dec 2017 04:15  

        So what happens if you do actually kill Alexander when you have the chance? Or does he somehow cheat death twice?

        • Anonymous

          02 Dec 2017 00:02  

          "Fixed Ifan having Pet Pal talent regardless of which class you want him to be when recruiting him"

          • Anonymous

            13 Nov 2017 21:12  

            "Talent: Ingenious, it is advised to play him as a ranged damage dealer or backstabber."
            That doesn't make any sense. Ingenious is pointless for a backstabber.

            • Anonymous

              26 Oct 2017 20:14  

              Playing Ifan is summoner is viable, but not necesarry, When you reach the point where you can use his source skill, the Incarnate (especially when infused) outclasses the wolf.

              • Anonymous

                26 Oct 2017 16:52  

                i left thefort joy without having him in my party. when i returned i could only kill magister boris but i had no note on his corpse even though my quest log said i have to take to borris

                • Anonymous

                  30 Sep 2017 19:49  

                  Contrary to the tip saying the ingenious talent makes him a better Rogue or Shadowblade, I would say that backstabbing is automatic critting, making that talent more superfluous.

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Sep 2017 07:31  

                    It seems that if you kill Roost and have both Sebille and Ifan in your team Sebille's personal quest takes priority. I didn't get a trigger for Ifan where Roost tells him about Alexander. I did however learn Sebille's master is there. Anyone else have this happen to them?

                    • Anonymous

                      25 Sep 2017 05:37  

                      What about the Nameless Island part? I come here to see what happens and what options do I have but it doesn't even mention it. This wiki shouldn't be calles a wiki

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