Lady Vengeance is a location in Divinity Original Sin II.


Lady Vengeance

Notes & Tips

  • The Red Prince is on upper deck.
  • Fane, Beast, and Ifan Ben-Mezd on middle deck.
  • Sebile and Lohse on lower deck.

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    • Anonymous

      After the going to the hall of echos my main character died on the ship and then the screen turned black and then he respawned and the narrator said *A shrill voice echos inside your mind. Over and over it screams 'You will not die here! I will not permit it!'*

      • Anonymous

        I'm fairly certain I can, with a high degree of confidence, posit that The Lady Vengeance, a livewood talking ship, originated from the developers' reading Robin Hobb's Liveship Traders novels. When I first came across the talking masthead on the Lady Vengeance my first thought was that "this is exactly like the Liveships in Robin Hobb's novels!" It was too much of a coincidence and I later learned, on the Kickstarter for Divinity 2, the developers, writers, and creators suggested some books to pass the time. Two of them recommended the novels from Robin Hobb. To people who did not come to this conclusion and have not read Robin Hobb's novels (yes, they are long and sometimes progress slowly, but still somehow fantastic and immersive the whole time), I recommended doing so.

        • Anonymous

          So, once you crash in arx, if you go back on board into the hall of echoes, how do you get back? I just have almira and mihaly standing around where the map says a waypoint should be, and the teleport pyramids don't work either

          • Anonymous

            I just got a fletcher to join my crew onboard the Lady Vengeance, are there other people you can recruit to join you?

            • Anonymous

              Upon returning to the ship for the first time (that's 2nd visit), if you want to talk or shop with the NPCs aboard the Lady Vengeance, with the exception of Sergeant Zrilla (New companion recruiter) and Han (Runner), leaving the zone the NPCs aboard are currently on will trigger them to depart the ship.

              Just in case anyone had the same idea as me, and went to reroll everyone to Thief 5 and create some new combinations of skill trees right then. :P

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