Drowning her Sorrows

Captain Ablewether
Location Driftwood Tavern
Suggested Level Any
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Drowning her Sorrows is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Captain Ablewether



Drowning her Sorrows Objectives

  1. Talk to Captain Ablewether
  2. Stop ghost from haunting her
  3. Talk to her to complete the quest



Drowning her Sorrows Walkthrough


At the second floor of Driftwood Tavern, you meet Captain Ablewether, she asks you to stop the ringing bell that torments her. (1000 exp)

Cast Spirit Vision skill in her chamber, and you will see it's the first mate's ghost torturing her. Now to stop him and end Ablewether's torment, do either:

  • Persuade the ghost to leave. (6950 exp)
  • Use the unique option with Beast to convince him.
  • Use source vamp on him.
  • Use a Purging Wand on him

Ablewether will mark the location of her compass on your map. When you travel there, you need to teleport one of your companions to open the hatch. Inside the cargo, you will find the compass, but it's surrounded by deathfog, you need an undead character to retrieve it, or by using the Teleport spell.



Tips & Tricks

  • Cast Spirit Vision skill in her chamber.
  • Be careful if trying to keep Sir Lora  alive as he will follow an undead leader into the deathfog.
  • Inside her cupboard there is a unique hat which casts Healing Ritual

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