Delusions of Grandeur/Greatness

Quest Giver
Location Bloodmoon Island
Suggested Level 15
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Delusions of Grandeur/Greatness is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Rajjarima
  • Spirit of Brother Robert



Delusions of Grandeur Objectives

  1. Kill the chained Godwoken



Delusions of Grandeur Walkthrough


In one of the vaults on Bloodmoon Island, you find a note on a bookshelf. It's a detailed case of possession.


 (Entrance of the hatch)

To open the statue, you need to let one character with Scholar tag to decipher Ornate Hymnal, it turns to The Taming of Holy Fire. This book can be found at multiple locations, including the archive on the northeast of the island, and a Black Ring member near the tree.)

Go to the Ancient Forge on the north of the island, forge a silver lever shaft with silver bar.

Use the bar on the slot inside the vault, then cast Spirit Vision, ask the guardian to open the door. You must pass a speech persuasion check to get him to let you pass, otherwise you can consume his source to get through.

If you persuade the guardian to unseal the door, the Godwoken will be chained up and you can speak to her.  She will tempt you with source power.  Accepting her offer will result in all your source points being drained and her attacking, if you refuse you will have to pass a speech check or you will be drained regardless.  If you decide not to talk to her at all or pass the speech check you will now need to break the chains holding her and then kill her in a fight.  The quest will close, if you talk to the guardian he will state that his watch has ended and disappear.

If you consume the guardian's source she will be unchained already when you open the door.  Defeat her to close the quest.

Both options result in the same EXP gain (57,775 EXP, tested at level 16).


Tips & Tricks

  • The spirit gives the reward and close the quest if you dont suck him. (Tell him you wont speak to the demon to open door).  This seems to be fixed in DE, quest will close when the possessed Godwoken dies.
  • The Chained Godwoken wants to kill you and suck your power, resist her with Constitution Persuasion (Worked with 13conc and 4 Persuasion).
  • She will most likely one tap the closest character at the start of the fight :)  -- Over 2.5k dmg --  (spread out).

    • Anonymous

      21 Nov 2019 04:17  

      I killed her while she was still chained. No fight at all and i got over 30k and the loot and quest reward.

      • Anonymous

        08 Sep 2019 07:27  

        After update 1.09 there is a bug where after fixing the silver shaft into level would consume both silver shaft in your inventory. Drop one of your silver shaft before fixing the lever or you would lose both...

        • Anonymous

          23 Jul 2019 16:08  

          Just for the record. No need to fight her >>at all<<. Just press STRG / CTRL to go into attack mode and whack away at her while she is still bound (I shot at her from the highground with a crossbow). Fight won't happen and you get normal experience (about 57k, I was at lvl 14). Quest progresses normally as well. Tried this with multiple saves (where I just "executed her" as described and where I fought her normally. Same results in terms of quest and EXP). Should work flawlessly.

          • Anonymous

            15 Mar 2019 21:53  

            I picked up several bars of silver, none of them are in my inventory and I could load nothing at the forge.

            • Anonymous

              11 Feb 2019 19:07  

              I killed her after resisting her with the con persuasion check. I summoned a bone widow took control of it and hit till she died. Then teleported her corpse to loot it.

              • 30 Oct 2018 20:29  

                You still get the same amount of experience by just killing it without even triggering the conversation. Kill it from the high ground then go down and loot the body. The quest will close when you go and talk to the spirit.

                • Anonymous

                  03 Jun 2018 17:48  

                  I think people are getting confused because there are 3 of these statues with 3 different demons to face...

                  • Anonymous

                    24 Mar 2018 07:44  

                    So I've tried this both ways (like many things in my life) and all you have to do is keep firing on her from a distance with an archer before you engage in converstaion. Same xp, same loot, don't have to go hunting source , quest closes all nice and pretty. Heed the gatekeepers advice. Don't let er speak

                    • Anonymous

                      22 Jan 2018 05:47  

                      Not sure if the quest has been updated, but I had a completely different experience. I had translated the book, before I knew what it was, so going down wasn't a problem.

                      Here's my experience.

                      1. Cast Spirit Vision. Go up and talk to the spirit. He doesn't help you much.
                      2. Go up to the door, click on the locking mechanism. It takes a silver bar forged into a silver handle or something. The forge is found on the island.
                      3. Go back and talk to the spirit. He says that he is the key to unlocking the door, and nothing else. I believe you've gotta pass a persuasion check to get through. Luckily, I went up to him and talked to him with my tank, and Strength was one of the persuasion options.

                      • Anonymous

                        16 Nov 2017 13:41  

                        Passed the persuasion check with wits 25 and persuasion 5, then shot her to death while she was still chained. recieved 36100 + 21675 exp at level 16

                        • Anonymous

                          26 Oct 2017 07:30  

                          I was able to kill the demon with my Conjured Incarnate without ever entering combat. I did this while she was still chained, after successfully thwarting her talking challenge with 22 Constitution and 4 Persuasion.

                          • 22 Oct 2017 19:47  

                            Polymorphskill Chicken Claw made this fight fairly trivial, as the demon cant possess anyone for the duration of it. Chicken claw + rupture tendons made the fight somewhat comical.

                            1. Make sure you try to fix the lever with the character that has it in its bags, or you wont get in.
                            2. Destroy pillars and delete the dwarf, cast living on the edge to make sure he doesnt die, and make sure you heal the dwarf after the demon is out.
                            3. Get rid of the physical armor, cast chicken claw and rupture tendons.
                            4. Watch as the demon runs away and kills it self, while rejoicing from the pain (!).

                            • Anonymous

                              07 Oct 2017 23:34  

                              is the result same when I set her free? I just refuged her request and attacked her when chained. So.. it was too easy. there was no fight and I got 30,000XP + 20,000XP(maybe killing xp and quest xp, i guess)

                              • Anonymous

                                06 Oct 2017 00:32  

                                Ummmmm..... I Somehow..... Someway..... Teleported the Girl to the Lady Vengance and saved her...... Anyone? Help?

                                • Anonymous

                                  27 Sep 2017 04:32  

                                  just a hint for every answering choice (no matter the npc) can always use the damn mirror in the ship to reset your skills...most talking options won't work with high stats alone...i get most of them done with like 20-25 in each stat BUT 5 persuasion (or whatever my max is at the moment of need)...

                                  > just put one of these pyramids (2 of 4 are found on the ship) on the ground where it is needed
                                  >leave the other one in your inventory
                                  >tp back to ship with the char you want to use, reskill to persuasion
                                  > tp to a random waypoint and than use the pyramid again from inventory to get back to the place you where (it doesn't work from the ship)
                                  > pick up the pyramid on the floor and talk to the npc you want to persuade
                                  > reset the persuade again if you don't want to keep it / otherwise your done

                                  Greets Rising

                                  • Anonymous

                                    23 Sep 2017 16:43  

                                    tried the WITS option (wont speak with the demon) with 69 wits and it didnt work, basically i have 3 options and none of them works all 50+ stats

                                    • Anonymous

                                      21 Sep 2017 16:49  

                                      Tried to convince the priest to open the door with 51 intel, didnt work.. and I turned away the source vampirism skill -_- gg

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