The Advocate

The Advocate
The Advocate
Location Bloodmoon Island
Suggested Level 15
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The Advocate is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. On Bloodmoon Island, a powerful demonic lizard will teach you the source...for a price. Will you accept?



Important NPCs



The Advocate Objectives

  1. Meet the Advocate on Bloodmoon Island.
  2. Ask for the name of the Voidwoken God (optional).
  3. Get rid of the Black Ring forces who have surrounded the nearby Ancestor Tree.
  4. Learn the location of the Nameless Isle from The Advocate.



The Advocate Walkthrough

When you first talk to the Advocate, do not opt to immediately kill him! This quest has you clearing a necessary encounter for "The Secrets of Bloodmoon Isle"', and if the Advocate dies before this quest is finished, it will never close.

Travel to Bloodmoon island either through Cloisterwood harbor (you have to pay a small fee), or via using Spirit Vision at the bridge near the Driftwood Fields Waypoint. The Spirit Vision will reveal a spirit bridge that you can use to teleport yourself across to Bloodmoon Island. You can also use the "Spread Your Wings" ability to fly back and forth between the bridge supports to cross it.

When you reach Bloodmoon Island, speak with the Advocate. He is located to the west, near the beach. He will ask you to help him clear out the Black Ring forces who have surrounded the nearby Ancestor Tree. Pressing him for the name of the Voidwoken God King will cause some Voidwoken to spawn and attack your party, but thankfully The Advocate and his forces will join in the fight on your side. (Note, While the Voidwoken appear you can use the chaos to kill the Advocate. This will end the quest without rewards.)

Agree to help him and he will immediately teach you to master the source. This will add 1 point to your source point maximum. If you already have 3 source point maximum, he will give you a random source skillbook instead.

Go to the Ancestor Tree a little to the north and prepare for a fight. There will be 4 Black Ring Magisters, 2 of which will summon a golem (for a total of 2) to aid them in the fight. These Bone Smasher golems grant 14450XP each. There will also be a powerful high-hp "Undead Black Ring Destroyer" spawned at the start of the fight, but killing him grants no XP.

After all of them are dead, The Advocate will appear immediately and engage you in conversation, ultimately revealing the location of the Nameless Isle as promised. The quest is effectively complete at this point, although you can still choose to attack him.



  • 1 Source Mastery OR 1 random Source Skillbook (if you already have 3 source point maximum)
  • 14450XP per Bone Smasher golem kill, for a total of 28900XP for both golems.
  • 28900XP per magister kill, for a total of 115,600XP for all 4 magisters.
  • 194,550XP upon killing all the Black Ring forces and learning the location of the Nameless Isle, completing the quest.
  • 1 choice of random Rare-quality loot upon completion of the quest.

    • Anonymous

      22 Jan 2020 14:21  

      So when I got to the island, he told me his bosses name, and he died in the ensuing fight, but I got sourced up AND I got the job to kill the Black Ring bad dudes, so am I good to go?

      • Anonymous

        27 Dec 2019 18:59  

        I am at the tree, beat the black ring guys, then I decide to deal with the Advocate. This genius just used mass corpse explosion as the very first move in the fight, slightly hurt me and killed himself. Mission accomplished.

        • Anonymous

          24 Dec 2019 20:27  

          After defeating the Black Ring forces, The Advocate teleported in and his forces immediately aggroed. Maybe I had left some fire on the ground? I had to die/run and gift him some loot to be able to finish the quest.

          • Anonymous

            18 Sep 2019 04:58  

            I didn’t meet The Advocate until after I’d killed all the Black Ring members almost immediately after my arrival, now I’m doing the island’s quests and the NPCs that aren’t ghosts all say ‘leave’, be careful.

            • Anonymous

              01 Sep 2019 07:51  

              I realize that they aren't paying much attention to the Black Ring Destroyer that was being summoned. I snuck near it and teleported it away. I then drained its source, so the corpse became inert and could no longer be resurrected. That takes it out of the fight and makes it much easier. It's win win because you don't get xp for killing him and he's a bullet sponge. Not only that, but he has permanent evasion aura which makes the fight feel unfair if you don't remove him.

              • Anonymous

                18 Mar 2019 17:19  

                In my game, the Advocate died fighting the voidwokens spawning after I successfully persuaded him to tell me his boss' name. This closed all his related quests including this quest, without giving me the XP. I got to the island at lvl 9 by jumping on the invisible bridge (it's on the minimap and usable without Spirit Vision).

                • Anonymous

                  27 Jan 2019 15:59  

                  Like most of this game and it's battles, Summons are your saving grace. I teleported the Bone Golems far away to the east behind the trees, then blocked the routes with Bone Widow Spiders, too many things in this game are undead that love poison, so Angry Flower summon is frequently a big mistake. Sure is a flaw in the game, as is trying to have Fane on your team, he gets attacked with healing spells that can wreck him, and only a couple of team-"healing" spells actually won't hurt him (the spreading Heal spell actually bypasses him, like all group healings should do so that you don't injure or kill Fane). Other than that, the tree battle was fairly easy, just attack from the back side and that helps too.

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Jan 2019 14:49  

                    I managed to cheese him with deathfog (not with the deathfog barrel trick from game start). There is a small cloud of deathfog at one side of the broken bridge, you can transpose it to the other side of the bridge (quicksave each time you manage to transpose it to one "tower" as it's heavily glitched and sometimes the cloud just disappear). Once you managed to transpose it, bring the advocate by teleporting him (he won't attack you right away) : Teleport him once with a character, talk to him with another, teleport the advocate on the deathfog, ends the conversation. You win.

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Nov 2018 22:26  

                      Coming up behind the brute and teleporting him as far away from the encounter as possible will make him leave combat and be able to be killed whenever you want. Making the fight fairly easier.

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Nov 2018 20:17  

                        If you initiate the fight at the right time you can catch the four black ring...whatevers while they are linked to one another so you only have to hurt two of them to kill the other two it makes the fight a lot easier. Also starting the fight from the opposite end of the pain weaver that speaks to you buys you some time before the brute can make their way over and when they do if you can teleport them away while you finish off who ever is left standing.

                        • Anonymous

                          15 Sep 2018 10:35  

                          If you tell Jahan you won't kill the advocate he attacks you. It is impossible to win this fight as he is level 20

                          • Anonymous

                            16 Aug 2018 18:55  

                            Don't stand too close to the tree when killing the last foe, it will trigger the advocate and his allies to attack you.

                            • Anonymous

                              04 Aug 2018 13:45  

                              Regarding him being evil or not, well I just judged him based on his followers. He himself is wellspoken enough but his followers seem to be a bunch of insane demon cannibals who looked upon us more as morsels to be ripped apart rather than anything else. Needless to say, I took pleasure in quickly massacring all I was able to find of them on the Island. And in DOS1 Jahan, although often difficult in his approaches, was a party member. I also just like the guy and demon hunters in general tend to be badasses. So yeah, a favor for old friends.

                              • Anonymous

                                08 Jul 2018 15:06  

                                Jahan's part of the quest is bugged for me in this playthrough (my third playthrough)...he doesn't ask what the demon's name is. Doesn't even give me a skill book! I guess I'll find him a prisoner in the Doctors basement when I reach Arx?

                                • Anonymous

                                  07 Jun 2018 12:48  

                                  After you kill the Advocate, make sure to clear the island of his remaining minions. There are 3 by the gate at the broken bridge who might've greeted you when you arrived on the isle. Then there's the Mabldq the Stalker (a possessed dog) or whatever on the beach.

                                  • 27 May 2018 17:44  

                                    A word to the wise: If the Advocate dies by any means, you will be ambushed by a particularly strong group of Nemesis demons in Act 4 (Arx - near the Black House) as part of the Doctor's Orders quest.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      19 Mar 2018 23:11  

                                      if you pass persuasion test about his master Void will attack (guess the master is not happy about your curiosity)

                                      • Anonymous

                                        28 Feb 2018 23:58  

                                        I teleported the Undead Black Ring Destroyer to advocate to be taken caren of - not a good idea: the black ring summoner did raise him and after the fight at the tree I returned to where the advocate was, down at the table, and the Undead Black Ring Destroyer was standing around with his*****in his pants whilst everyone was ignoring him. As soon as I approached, the Destroyer aggro'd me, every single demon ran to the next wall, trembling, I'm like what the actual *****, Archdemon and the Agony Mistress or what the ***** she's called just ran off like kids or townsfolk, was a bit comical, anyway the point it became ridiculous is when I used the water - shock combo to keep him stunned, meanwhile a possessed dog just wandered around the place and eventually - AI fail - walked right into my electrified blood, and guess what happened? Suddenly every *****ing demon is in the fight against me. :/ Have to redo the last 2 hours
                                        tl;dr: do NOT teleport the Undead Black Ring Destroyer toward the Advocate and co. !

                                        • Anonymous

                                          30 Jan 2018 16:44  

                                          If you killed the Advocate, some strong enemies will appear for revenge in Arx (act 4).
                                          They are strong but good for more XP.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            14 Jan 2018 22:42  

                                            If two of your party have the teleport skill, you can teleport them between the bridge poles without paying and without using spirit vision

                                            • Anonymous

                                              10 Dec 2017 12:50  

                                              Is the Advocate a bad person? He says the tree is truly sacred & he's trying to heal it. On the other hand, Jahan says his master's an arch demon.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                13 Nov 2017 02:09  

                                                Just took my sweet time teleporting the Undead Destroyer all the way back to the Advocate before the fight. That didn`t trigger the battle with the Black Ring and I`m hoping it makes it considerably easier.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  07 Nov 2017 22:42  

                                                  The Advocate attacked me right away after the Black Ring combat, but I believe it was because I've used Battle Stomp to finish off the last enemy. Reloaded and killed the last one quietly - the Advocate engaged me in dialogue.

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