The Arena of Fort Joy

Location The Arena of Fort Joy
Suggested Level 3+
Next Quest The Driftwood Arena

The Arena of Fort Joy is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II
                       "We found the fighting arena of Fort Joy."


Important NPCs


The Arena of Fort Joy Objectives

  1. Speak to Thola, the Thorny One.
  2. Defeat all the contenders in the Arena of Fort Joy.


The Arena of Fort Joy Walkthrough

At the Fort Joy kitchen, Noosey will tell you that the Fort Joy Arena is the place for fighters to prove their worth. It can be accessed by going down the hatch that's right next to her.

In the arena, speaking to the female near the ledge will grant you a free buff for the fight. When you are ready, speak to Thola to start the quest. She will tell you to challenge the other fighters to become the champion of the arena. 

Multiplayer: If you are playing with more than player, there will be two phases instead of one. The first phase involves fighting four characters (a wizard, ranger, knight, and a dog). Once they are defeated, you will either be transported back to Thola or prompted to complete the challenge of the One, which will initiate a player-vs-player phase where the players will face off against each other.

The quest will finish regardless of the outcome. If you won, you will be given a reward by Thola.


Tips & Tricks

  • The chests can be looted during combat. If you are playing multiplayer, then you must loot them during the first phase. They won't be usable during the second. The chests contains loot you'd find from an ordinary Ornate Chest.
  • Any dead party members will be revived if you win. Therefore, only use Resurrection Scrolls when necessary. You will not lose the game if you are defeated, though.
  • After completing this quest, you can speak to the merchant Nebora to remove your main character's Source Collar as part of the The Collar quest.
  • Upon winning, you earn "Champion of Driftwood" tag, which you can use to impress Dorotya.

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    • Anonymous

      12 Feb 2019 04:10  

      OMG!!! I killed her, Nebora. What now? Some more, that stupid ring cursed me. Should I restart everything?

      • Anonymous

        05 Dec 2018 03:22  

        Fight with companions and won. Was told to see the smith to get the collar removed. Now I can talk to my companions but they will not follow me. They just stand there. What to do?

        • Anonymous

          01 Dec 2018 09:26  

          So we are playing PVP and got stuck twice in the arena, the way we got around it was if one player said they didn't want to fight and the other said yes to the fight on the second round.

          • Anonymous

            25 Oct 2018 18:19  

            In the 2nd phase where u fight ur mates, the winner can go talk to Nebora in town and get their collar removed. So guess thats the "prize" of winning.

            • Anonymous

              06 Oct 2018 19:36  

              I played this with my boyfriend. Completed the first part and then took a break and completed the second part. He won. Nothing happened. They kept talking about the one. Help?

              • Anonymous

                18 Sep 2018 21:30  

                Did this solo, started by climbing to high grown, shot the archer, then force-teleported the fighter into poison far away. Killed the archer and healed. Killed the mage then the fighter. Teleported the dog onto the platform so I could loot the chests then finished it off sence it couldn’t reach me.

                • Anonymous

                  05 Jan 2018 12:12  

                  If you speak to the NPC next to the gruff one before you fight, and give the right answers, (I was playing as Ifan) she will cast a long lasting (50 turn) magic armour on you. Triggering the match straight after this means the effect can help win the fight.

                  • Anonymous

                    03 Dec 2017 12:51  

                    Save before you try. Just like a FPS Solo story mode game. Failure is not an exception. Failed once being solo, loaded back up with 3 companions slightly geared, no issues.

                    Getting thrown in jail three times depleting my lockpicks is another story. :)

                    • Anonymous

                      06 Oct 2017 05:48  

                      have tried PVP after killing all NPCs, but then the survivor is stuck in the arena. Did anybody find a fix yet??

                      • Anonymous

                        04 Oct 2017 16:33  

                        I tried everything, couldn't progress with the quest or get to the chests, once I left the island the log says that the quest is closed as I left the island without completely exploring the arena of the one.

                        • Anonymous

                          23 Sep 2017 22:14  

                          For people still wondering why the quest won't complete after Noosey removed your collar, the quest continues in the next arena in act 2.

                          • Anonymous

                            21 Sep 2017 20:52  

                            Was playing co-op with a friend, after the first fight we got an option to fight each other. After our PvP was done and I was the only one alive, we were just stuck in the arena and had to load the previous save to get out.

                            • Anonymous

                              21 Sep 2017 19:03  

                              I tried this quest on Solo player. It didn't have any option to let me advance so I thought I would need to get the collars removed off every one of my characters so I did the quest line up to the point where I'm about to leave the island and I went back, nothing has changed. I've tried every combo I could to move onto the next battle. The quest is still broke. 9/21/17

                              • Anonymous

                                18 Sep 2017 04:29  

                                If you are playing the multi-player the second fight is a PVP match. otherwise, there isn't a second fight.

                                • Anonymous

                                  18 Sep 2017 00:08  

                                  I did the first fight... and now She is asking me who do I choose to fight but I have no option but '' taake my leave''

                                  • Anonymous

                                    17 Sep 2017 15:05  

                                    Seems this quest is bugged or unfinished. Completed the Arena and it tells me to talk to "Thoia, The Thorny One", when I do she asks who do I want to challenge next without giving me a choice. "Sepp the Burnished One" is mentioned by several NPCs to be an important character but seems to have no impact on this quest.

                                    Definitely seems unfinished. I assume you were supposed to be able to challenge each of the NPCs around her.

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