Thola, The Thorny One



Thola, The Thorny One is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Thola, The Thorny One information

  • Found at The Arena of Fort Joy
  • Thola, The Thorny One is the combat coordinator for The Arena of The One in Fort Joy. She forsee's and handles all the combat matchs in The Arena of The One in Fort Joy. When spoken too she will ask the player if they wish to fight or not.
  • At first glance Thola appears to be a tall elf warrior wielding an elvish 2 handed axe while doning some kind of magical "Thorny" elvish armor with a blind fold over her eyes. It is believed she is actually blind but obviously can still see clearly through telepathic means like Saheila. She appears a bit arrogant, aggressive and standoffish. Especially if the player refuses to fight or asks questions about The One.

Notes and Tips

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