Threads of a Curse

Quest Giver
Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level 4
Next Quest --
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Threads of a Curse is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Captain Sech Zapor



Threads of a Curse Objectives

  1. Discover where the skeletal arm is leading you
  2. Find out what skeletal arm wants



Threads of a Curse Walkthrough



At around X:362, Y:81 of Fort Joy, there's an odd skeleton arm. You can pull it up after successful persuasion (Strength or finesse), no matter how you throw it, it keeps pointing to one direction.


You can find a cursed crate at around X:535, Y: 23. Interact with the ring around the chest, then use Bless on the ring to deactivate the curse, you will then meet Captain Sech Zapor. You must have Persuasion 3 to avoid attacking him. Otherwise, he will spawn several level 6 Black Flag enemies. If you have his soul jar (loot from The Vault of Braccus Rex), you can trade it for his coat (Captain's Charismatic Coat). You can also find a note in that crate, which contains the password to the door of his secret cave.


Captain's Soul Jar can be found in quest The Vault of Braccus Rex (Dark Cavern).


Northeast of the dragon beach, there's a new cave. You will need a code to unlock the door inside it. The Captain's Jaunty Hat is inside the cabin.


The last piece of the Captain Armour set (Captain's Dexterous Heels) can be found in a buried chest near X608, Y239. If Captain Sech Zapor is still alive, he will also appear and attack you. Finish him and his crew to complete the armour set. (Use lockpick to open it)


Tips & Tricks

  • Set Bonus: The Captain's capricious mastery is restored with a complete set, boosting the armour's level to 8. An aura of fiery charm surrounds the wearer.
  • Captain Armour Set stats & descriptions: here
  • If you chose to trade his soul jar for his coat, it is possible to pickpocket it while he talks to one of your Characters after digging out the Chest.
  • If the Seekers are already at the camp you can teleport one of the enemies into it to get additional help.
  • ???

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    • Anonymous

      19 Jun 2021 14:15  

      If you also break his soul jar after he teleports away you will also find his full set on his corpse in the cabin.

      • Anonymous

        16 Jun 2021 08:40  

        DO NOT i repeat DO NOT give him the Jar of souls on the first encounter by the cursed chest.
        fight his minions there and then go to his hideout further up the coast.

        you can persuade him there and get all 3 of his clothing items for the soul jar all at once. so much easier

        • Anonymous

          12 Apr 2021 23:33  

          I've found the buried chest before i've found a skeleton arm and noone came to fight me. I think i'll reload to an older save to do it in the right order -_-

          • Anonymous

            05 Apr 2021 22:11  

            You can get ALL three Items of the Captain in that new Cave, if you persuade him to deal it for the Souljar. No chest nd fight needed after that.

            • Anonymous

              21 Mar 2021 03:47  

              Here's a tip: you can use Corbin Day (from ACT 2) to upgrade your unique armor sets. when moving from act 3 to act 4, sell him this whole set, and voila -- it will be level 18. one of the best buffs for a magic melee build.

              • Anonymous

                27 Feb 2021 07:12  

                Look at the picture of the area where you find the arm, it near where you fight the witch who caused the ship to sink at the beginning of the game.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Feb 2021 10:20  

                  I can't find the odd skeletal arm anywhere around those coordinations, nor any area on the map similar to where is supposed to be the chest... Am I missing something?? I am playing DE story mode on my PC...

                  • Anonymous

                    23 Dec 2020 01:15  

                    Been getting a bug where every time a character uses teleport to move an enemy within charm range, it tries to proc charm and then ends your turn even if you have AP left.

                    • Anonymous

                      13 Dec 2020 22:31  

                      I got the full set 2nd time I met him before I talked to him you interact with his soul jar and it makes him die with his full set.

                      • Anonymous

                        23 Nov 2020 14:11  

                        Need advice to beat the captain and crew. They are impossible for me on tactician. Finished the rest of the island but these guys are off the charts. Double the hp of all other mobs. Charm and maddening. Tried everything. Advice below about chars in other room does not work. Fighting in captains cave.

                        • Anonymous

                          16 Nov 2020 21:42  

                          I yanked the Odd Skeletal Arm, then picked it up. Oddly enough you can try and "Pick Lock" the arm. Does it have any reason to have that option lol? Tried it and it consumes lockpicks, but anything won't happen. It even prints the text "Character attempts to pick the lock of Odd Skeletal Arm" to the log. That's pretty odd.

                          • Anonymous

                            14 Oct 2020 16:50  

                            I beat the captain inside the ship and he went unconscious and threatened to get me another time sort of. I still carry his soul jar, is there any point in holding on to it now for future encounters?

                            • Anonymous

                              11 Sep 2020 20:01  

                              Destroying the soul jar after blessing the ring will kill Zapor in his ship. If you keep a character in the other room after starting the fight it will kill Zapor.

                              • Anonymous

                                04 Sep 2020 04:34  

                                I can't interact with the Odd Skeletal Arm or the Stone Ring around the chest. I've cast Bless on the Stone Ring multiple times. It's as if both of these items are bugged out and not able to be interacted with.

                                • Anonymous

                                  31 Aug 2020 18:12  

                                  You don't gain experience if you fight with the captain and his crew on his ship. If you end up having to fight him, make sure to do the Vault of Braccus Rex first and smash his soul jar. You can also negotiate with him if you have 1 Persuasion and his soul jar on you.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    24 Aug 2020 05:10  

                                    BLESS does not work for to deactivate the curse around the chest. Casting the spell has no effect. :-/ And I do have the arm and his soul jat. What do I need to make BLESS work?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      11 Aug 2020 07:13  

                                      You can Teleport one enemy behind the mirror and deal with them later if you wish (one will try to use evasion and keep failing with quotes "I'm comin' for ya", lol)

                                      I'm not sure if there's some kind of easter egg since the Captain is immune to being drunk or what, but eventually in the fight once I got his magic armor down and shocked and chilled him, he went to sleep for quite a few turns and so I checked it said he was permanently sleeping. He eventually burned to 0 health and I got all his armor after his speech.

                                      Someone tell me if this was part of the battle.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        29 Jul 2020 19:24  

                                        I had the first dialogue with him, when finding the chest, found his notebook, so I got the password, then I accidently destroyed the soul jar... He was able to obtain everything and when I got past the door into his cave his corpse was still there. I just took the armor set from his corpse and was on my way

                                        • Anonymous

                                          29 Jul 2020 05:41  

                                          When you equip his set your gloves will level up to lvl 8 too, I tested with teleportation gloves and second skin. I don't have any mods enabled.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            28 Jul 2020 20:41  

                                            is there any way to turn the green stuff down a notch. i don't mind the purple stuff, but the green swirls is putting me off.

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