The Snoozing Adventurer

Location Driftwood Tavern
Suggested Level Any

The Snoozing Adventurer is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II.


Important NPCs

  • A Snoozing Adventurer
  • A Talking Chest.


The Snoozing Adventurer Objectives

  1. Talk to the Sleeping Adventurer
  2. Talk to the Chest
  3. Talk to the Adventurer and pretend to be his mother to get "The Word".


The Snoozing Adventurer Walkthrough

On the second floor of Black Bull Tavern (X:307 Y:134), there is a sleeping adventurer. If you try to open the chest that's in front of him, it will prompt you for a password. None of the options will work at this time.

If you talk to the sleeping adventurer after attempting to open the chest and pretend to be his mother, he will accidentally reveal the password, which is "The Word". Talk to the chest again and give it the password, and the quest will close with the rewards being whatever loot you find in the chest.

Alternatively, you can simply destroy the chest, which will yield the same loot and also close the quest this way.

Warning: If you decide to lockpick the chest instead, it will successfully unlock the chest, but the quest will glitch and fail to close. You will need to destroy the chest in order to close the quest if you do it this way.


Tips & Tricks

  • If you already have the Jester tag on a character, "The Word" will already be available for you to open the chest with.

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    • Anonymous

      20 May 2021 01:10  

      Wrong guys. Works fine in the definitive edition, you soft simps don't know how to carry a conversation. Speak to the snoozing guy. then chest (after attempting to OPEN the chest). Then pretend to be his mother. Then talk to the chest

      And voila!

      • Anonymous

        11 Jun 2019 09:35  

        Definitive edition, never got the option to pretend to be the mother, just lock-picked the chest instead and it closed the quest with experience reward.

        • Anonymous

          13 Jan 2019 07:45  

          Definitive edition, lock picking closes the quest successfully. I did not even notice the chest talks. I went straight to the sleeping dude and then straight into lock picking

          • Anonymous

            22 Aug 2018 12:22  

            1. speak with the man 2. speak with the chest kick - try to lever - rattle the lock - give up and all of your team will get 4.000 exp 3. speak with the chest again - swear at - wonder aloud - try all 4. speak with the man 5. speak the "word" the rewards is suck btw

            • Anonymous

              20 Mar 2018 01:27  

              If you speak to the chest with Lohse or any character who have the jester tag, you make a joke and open the chest without needing to know the password.

              • Anonymous

                30 Jan 2018 20:43  

                I absolutely love how the chest has its own personality. The more you guess, the more it insults you. Genius!

                • Anonymous

                  30 Sep 2017 02:42  

                  funny thing if you have a villain perk you can kill him with a pillow and talk to his spirit, but there is nothing new to the quest

                  • Anonymous

                    24 Sep 2017 02:22  

                    If you try to use password, it only gives you some low-value items. Attack it, and you will get those items plus some blue equipment.

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Sep 2017 19:34  

                      You have to speak once with the Strongbox "yes, speak with the strongbox", it will unlock a new conversation with the sleeping man; Pretend to be his mother and he will speak the magic word "the word"

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