On the Ropes

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Location Cloisterwood
Suggested Level 13+
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On the Ropes is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Hannag asks you to find her apprentice in return for helping you master source. Will you be able to find her apprentice?



Important NPCs

  • Gwydian
  • Hannag



On the Ropes Objectives

  1. Talk to Hannag.
  2. Travel to the Blackpits.
  3. Free Gwydian.
  4. Report back to Hannag.

    (Note: steps 1 and 4 are optional, the quest can be started and completed without ever talking to Hannag).



On the Ropes Walkthrough

Hannag, a lizard Source Master, will give you this quest after you save her from the Magisters near the Cloisterwood waypoint and agree to help her apprentice Gwydian, located in the Blackpits to the south-east. If you've completed the quest The Law of the Order in Driftwood, the Magisters at the Blackpits will not be aggressive towards you.

At the Blackpits, there will be a house with a group of Magisters holding the Crossley family hostage and preparing to execute them. As you approach them, you will engage in a conversation where you're prompted to either fight them, convince them not to execute them, or to let them execute the family.

  1. If you manage to convince them not to kill them (Persuasion 5 required), you will earn some experience before again being prompted to let them walk or to fight them.
  2. If you choose not to convince them but to fight them right then and there, you will earn the same amount of experience and engage in combat immediately.
  3. If you let them execute the family, the quest will be left open-ended after the family dies and the Magisters will simply walk away.

In any case, the Magisters later on in the Blackpits will end up fighting you anyway, so there's no real point to letting them kill the Crossleys and leave. Just fight them for the extra experience.

Warning: It's recommended to teleport the Crossleys away to a safe area before engaging in the conversation/fight, as they can easily die from the crossfire.

After you choose to confront these Magisters, you will immediately receive some experience and the fight will begin. After they are dead, free the captives and then speak to Idonia Crossley about Gwydian. On that note, one of the Magister's will have a Writ of Passage on their body, granting you free passage for the rest of the area (if you didn't have one already).

Warning: Going too far south (or teleporting an enemy in that direction) during this fight will cause more Magisters to come to their aid.

 From here, you can either go straight to the gates (and offer a Writ of Passage or pass a speech check to gain passage), or go to the burning house first (recommended).

Secret Path: Although not really necessary, you can also go into the locked house near the bench saw (the key to the house is on the ground near the saw) and travel underground through the hidden hatch within to get past the gates, or you can head back to the starting gates, climb the watchtower next to it, and then teleport to the cliff, which also leads past the gates.

If you decide to go to the burning house first, you will initiate the No Way Out quest. Be sure to convince these Magisters to let you intervene for bonus experience. Completing this quest by siding with Owin will likely cause the guards at the gate to become hostile to you as well, if any of them move too close to the gatekeepers.

(Fighting the Magisters is recommended as it will maximize the experience gain for this quest, and because you'll have to fight all the Magisters later on anyway.)

After you head past the gates, you will see Gwydian hanging and being interrogated by the Magisters. If you did not end up engaging in combat with the gatekeepers, the Magisters here will not attack you right now, giving you some time to set up. Otherwise, they will attack you on sight. In any case, you must set him free to progress, and doing so will initiate a fight with the Magisters anyway.

When the fight begins, a wave of oil will sputter around the lower area, and spawn oil voidlings. Around the next turn, primordial oil voidlings will also show up, making things more complicated. The next turn after, primordial fire voidlings (and smaller fire voidlings) will also show up. These primordial voidlings, although stronger than the smaller ones, cannot oil leap (teleport), so if the ground is covered in Necrofire, they will probably die before they can even reach you, making them useless if you're perched atop the highest tower. The Fire voidlings, though, actually heal from the Fire surfaces (but are terribly weak to water spells like Winter Blast), but ultimately, if you are atop the highest tower, they will still take forever to reach you, giving you plenty of time to prepare or kill them from afar. They can cast ranged spells, though, but aren't that significant of a threat. If you have an archer, you can also gain a huge bonus from the Huntsman ability by attacking atop the highest tower, making things easier. Also, if you have a problem with Gwydian running around in Necrofire to kill blobs, it is easier if your entire party is at the top, forcing the blobs to leap to your location, thus all you have to do is heal him and cast Armor of Frost on him, but it shouldn't take that much effort to keep him alive. Hence, for best results, it is best to fly or teleport your party to the top of the wooden structure (where Gwydian is hanging) as fast as possible, and prepare Hydrosophist healing and rain spells (Bless can also be useful to turn the terrain to your advantage), and then bunker down and kill all resistance. If the smaller voidlings try to leap to your location, ensure that they are finished off fast (and maybe leave 1 or 2 alive so Gwydian can focus on them) so they don't spread the oil/fire around where you are.

An additional strategy is to use rain on the voidlings to allow them to create Cursed Steam (once they have no physical armor) and the healing of the fire will be negated entirely.

As for the Magisters, they will probably run around in necrofire, trying to kill the voidlings but fail in the process, so they aren't that much of a threat. The only person who could pose a problem would be White Magister Jonathan, perched atop the tower along with Gwydian, so knocking him down constantly and finishing him off should be considered a priority. In any case, crush them all and you will gain 14,975XP per magister killed, along with 20,775XP for White Magister Jonathan. The voidlings, sadly, do not give any XP, but the Primordial voidlings do drop good loot, as well as give 7500XP each.

Secret: You can completely skip the fight with the Voidlings by teleporting Gwydian away from where he is hanging. However, doing this will forfeit the loot and XP dropped from the Voidlings.

You can also teleport Gwydian into one of the tents across from where Quartermaster Anna sits. Position a box or chest in front of the tent entrance before the fight starts then teleport him into it once he's loose. You will likely have to fight Anna before this fight as this might aggro her and bring her into the already crowded battle.

After you have freed Gwydian, go back to his family home and you should see a tearful reunion. Gwydian will talk to you and give you a source skillbook, "Mortal Blow", as thanks. You will also receive 18,700XP (7500XP if on XP rescaled patch) and a choice of loot reward.

At this point, simply use the waypoint to teleport back to Cloisterwood and report to Hannag. Hannag will either teach you mastery of the source, increasing your source maximum by 1 (Accepting the source point from Hannag will cause the permanent loss of Pet Pal), or she will simply "reach into a portal" and give you a source skillbook if you source maximum is already 3. Either way, you will receive 37,400XP (no XP on XP rescaled patch) and the quest is complete. The other quest, "Window of Opportunity", is also tied with this quest so it will be completed as well.




  • 11225XP for attacking the Magisters trying to kill Gwydian's family OR passing the Persuasion check to convince them not to.
  • 14975XP per magister kill, for a total of 74,875XP for killing all 5 enemies near Gwydian's house.
  • 7500XP for passing a speech check to convince the magisters throwing fire to a burning house that you are taking over their operation.
  • 11,225XP if you sided with the magisters OR 18,700XP if you sided with Owin upon completion of the "No Way Out" quest.
  • 14975XP per magister kill, for 6 enemies, plus 7500xp for the magister assassin, for a grand total of 97,350XP for attacking the magisters guarding the gate (includes the 3 magisters throwing fire and the patrolling ranger).
  • 14,975XP per magister killed for the 3 magisters, plus 20,775XP for White Magister Jonathan in the voidling fight, for a total of 65,700XP.
  • 7500XP per primordial voidling (XP rescaled patch only).
  • 18,700XP (7500XP if on latest XP rescaled patch), and a choice of loot reward for meeting the freed Gwydian at his family home (his family has to be rescued first).
  • 37,400XP and either +1 Source Maximum OR a "Mortal Blow" source skillbook (if your source maximum is already at 3) upon completion of the quest (you will not receive the XP on the XP rescaled patch).

    • Anonymous

      17 Mar 2019 16:25  

      Keeping your group at the highest platform also allows you to use skills like mass cleanse to get rid of necrofires when needed. Learned this the hard way

      • Anonymous

        17 Mar 2019 16:24  

        The voidlings jump to two locations in respective to the highest tower. They jump to the corner behind the hang, and they jump to the platform below the highest platform and walk up. Simply use pots that you can find in any kitchen and close up those areas. The voidlings cannot move around after jumping, and limits their spread of oil and fire while your guys stay at the top and shoot their ass. Not sure if Gwydian has movement skills, never saw him use one. This also limits his movements so he doesn't just run everywhere. I killed Jonathan fast using a very heavy crate because I was mad that he is just killing innocents.

        • Anonymous

          14 Mar 2019 14:54  

          I went to the black pits before I met Hannag. Should I turn back to find Hannag first or can this quest still be done?

          • Anonymous

            18 Feb 2019 17:37  

            So after saving Gwydian, there seems like no way to kill him or his family. If you attack him during the dialogue, no damage is taken, even with piercing dmg. When you attack him and his family after receiving the reward, they just disappears.

            • Anonymous

              03 Feb 2019 15:43  

              even quicker hack = Teleport his ass outta there, over by the secret hatch, and Gwydian books it!! Even used his Tactical Retreat spell to jump the fence. #HONOURMODE!!

              • Anonymous

                31 Jan 2019 02:58  

                Just ftr, at least in DE experience seems to scale with level. Either that or they nerfed XP across the board. At level 13, I get 7,500 per magister killed, a far cry from 14,975 as cited above. And that's a wiki-wide problem I won't bother to point out on other articles, lots of quest articles cite XP per kill that is higher than what I receive. So yeah, either Definitive scaled it back or it scales according to level.

                • Anonymous

                  05 Jan 2019 18:33  

                  To prevent the voidwoken from spawning, you can also silence or enrage gwydian and kill the 3 magisters while he is unable to cast spells.

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Dec 2018 03:04  

                    So I saved Gwydian, talked to Hannag and accepted her offer... Yet, curiously, my character with Pet Pal (who wasn't the one who talked to Hannag for this) did not lose his talent. I was shocked to see the talent intact, so I talked to Sir Lora to be sure, and yeah. Amazingly, It still worked. So... What gives? Was this a pleasant bug, or an exploit of some sort?

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Dec 2018 02:16  

                      I found out that if you position 3 of your party members at the beach away from the tower and then use the last member to stand on the first ramp leading up the tower and teleport Gwydian right next to your party on the beach while hes hanging there, it automatically engages the dialogue connected to freeing gwydian and he runs back home to safety, and the magisters and Johnathan just walk up to the camp. Therefore you wont have to deal with the pesky voidlings if you find yourself having trouble on them. might take a few tries as sometimes if your character isn't positioned right the magisters will attack the party member who cast teleport so be careful

                      • Anonymous

                        11 Nov 2018 00:10  

                        Okay so i started the dialogue, stalled her for time so he can escape but right before i exited the dialogue, i teleported Gwydian away towards his family. He just ran to them & combat started. Oddly enough, my character was still talking to the magister. I ended the talk & killed em, but the oil blobs didn't spawn!! At all. I killed all the magisters in the area & am playing definitive edition, can anyone else back this up? If this can be done again then it makes the fight significantly easier since you can rest, etc.

                        • Anonymous

                          26 Sep 2018 19:51  

                          Best way to go: - speak to the white magister and let him kill Gwyndian - take it in - take Gwyndian's loot - follow the white magister to the tent - kill all those *****ing magisters There you go buddies!

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Sep 2018 19:28  

                            Completed Window of Opportunity to initially speak with Hannag. Then went and saved Gwydian, talked to he and his family afterwards and returned to Hannag to close out the quest and she just thanked me and gave me neither source improvement (which I didn't need but they should still perform their ritual) nor did she give me any type of reward item/xp...anyone else have this happen?

                            • Anonymous

                              16 Sep 2018 14:43  

                              You can avoid the voids puting crates on the anna's tent and teleporting Gwyndan to the tent making him unable to act. I died that and the voidling doen'st appear

                              • Anonymous

                                02 Sep 2018 16:08  

                                stand north east of the fight (approach from the house underground entrance) and Teleport him away once one of your party members starts chatting with him. No wierd source monster will spawn and you will just have to kill the magisters. Once you teleport him he will automatically run home and you can finish the quest.

                                • Anonymous

                                  30 Jul 2018 19:57  

                                  I won the fight with Gwydian still having magic armor and full health. Then when Gwyidian went to leave after the conversation, he just kept running in circles through the necrofire until he died. His AI really needs an update.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    30 Apr 2018 06:26  

                                    I managed to avoid the voidwoken by teleporting Gwyndan off the scaffold BEFORE speaking with Magister Jonathan.

                                    Here's what I did:

                                    1. Passed the guards by the wooden gate WITHOUT KILLING THEM.

                                    2. Went straight to floor beneath where Gwyndan was hanging, near the stairs.

                                    3. Got close enough to use the teleportation spell (you can use a scroll or the gloves). *When you teleport him he'll open a dialog with you and magister Jonathan, just keep talking until he can set himself free.

                                    4. Teleported Gwyndan to the closest I could get him to the beach (right side of the screen).

                                    5. Slayed the magisters and kept teleporting Gwyndan out of the wooden platform and away of danger.

                                    When I finally killed all the magisters the voidwoken didn't spawn and I could finish the quest would having to face those arssholes.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      07 Apr 2018 18:57  

                                      I completed the fight ezpz no problem. But the entire party died to the necrofire while Gwyndan is talking to my main character. And my main character died shortly after, now I have to fight this annoying fight again.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        01 Apr 2018 17:57  

                                        Gwyndan "On the ropes" battle are super easy.

                                        1. Just split your party two group: rangers, warfares, and mages stand at X:732 Y: 148 ledge. (Ideal position blocking the lian). Drop one pyramid here and the whole group enter the sneak mode. For one character have to be teleport skill/glove and rain skill. Use often before starting the batlle ~ around the reachable area.

                                        2. Left one character must have a teleport skill or teleport glove and a teleport pyramid. He/She started the conversation with Jonathan - dont walk run on the stairs for reach the better position. When battle started, teleport Gwyndan far away, near to the first group. If you don't have more action points - or haste skill etc - just ended this turn.

                                        3. When Gwyndan landed, teleport again next to first group. If your position is good Gwyndan can't use - or rarely - the ledge.

                                        4. In the second turn use teleport pyramid -> and the whole group on the ledge. Just enjoy the show, how the blobs how kill jonathan and his minions. When Fire Void arrives use electricity(Gwyndan) often the water, and make some bless/rain combinations.


                                        • Anonymous

                                          10 Feb 2018 15:58  

                                          God i hate that *****ing Gwyndan retard, i almost finished the fight and then he thought that running in a *****ing cursed water would be a goddamn good idea.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            09 Feb 2018 05:13  

                                            There is an alternative solution to win this fight without risking Gwydian's life, however it can only be done in a full party of four, for reasons outlined below:

                                            You need two characters with Teleportation (scrolls work fine, fyi you can craft them with Air Essence+Feather+Sheet of Paper), one of whom also needs another mobility skill (e.g. Tactical Retreat, Wings, Cloak and Dagger), and one with a mobility skill of your choice (this character should have high Initiative if possible so he can go first in the fight).

                                            To the north-northeast of the oil rig, behind the hatch leading to the cellar, there is a slope. At the top of that slope, there is a cliff that is only accessible by vines - this is where you make your stand. Position two of your characters, one of whom can teleport, at the edge of the cliff, right above the vines. With the other two, climb to the top of the rig where the gallows are. Be careful to trigger the conversation with Jonathan with the character who can't teleport (if only one of them can).

                                            With the other character, teleport Gwydian as close to the cellar hatch as you can. Now, with the character positioned on the cliff, teleport him up behind you onto the cliff, as far from the vines as possible. Reason: as soon as the fight starts, he will attempt to climb back down and return to the rig. It takes four characters to completely block access to the vines so he cannot get down, so you'll have to delay him until your party is reunited.

                                            Return your original teleporting character back to the clifftop and take position at the vines. Then finish the conversation. As soon as it's his turn, jump your character that initiated the fight as close to the cliff as you can and use the rest of his AP to close the distance. Priority #1 is to get all four party members to the head of the vines and block access so Gwyn can't climb down.

                                            Once you're in position, enjoy the spectacle of the Magisters fighting a losing battle against the blobs. Once they're dead, the blobs will come your way. Use ranged attacks of your choice to take them out in a big turkeyshoot, focussing down the large blobs first, and then focussing the small ones that threaten to come close enough to jump up the cliff. This way, you can take them all out without taking any damage at all.

                                            The first time I did this, Gwydian glitched through my party as soon as the fight ended, climbed down the vines and died in the sea of necrofire raging below - this didn't happen on any subsequent playthroughs, though - so if you want to be safe, have one of your characters bless the fire as soon as the last blob dies.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              22 Jan 2018 12:36  

                                              Make sure you have maximum Source. Get all your people to the top. Once the whole place is necrofired, use Dome of Protection up top ina central location to ensure Gwyn runs through it a bunch of times. Once it wore off, I just cast it again. It provides a huge magic armor boost and will make the Necrofire a non issue.

                                              Remember that the Dome is stationary so make sure you place it somewhere that Gwyn will likely stop. For me, he kept running to the edge and nuking, or staying in melee with the jumping blobs, so picking a spot was easy.

                                              I only lost Fane, who was pyro/geo so almost useless once the fire started. I got him up after the fight and looted a crazy amount of gear from the blobs

                                              • Anonymous

                                                17 Jan 2018 06:14  

                                                I was looking for Quartermaster Anna for a while..I found her in a new playthrough..She disappears completely when you save Gwydian.(no fight or indication of why), and i wanted to keep her as a trader for some time.I saved before the fight also just to check.Maybe she runs away when she sees the voidlings.She doesnt add or anything because i had never seen her before.I found out that she exists from wiki.Till then i was saving Gwydian before i move up the hill.

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