On the Ropes

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Location Cloisterwood
Suggested Level 13+
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On the Ropes is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Hannag asks you to find her apprentice in return for helping you master source. Will you be able to find her apprentice?



Important NPCs

  • Gwydian
  • Hannag



On the Ropes Objectives

  1. Talk to Hannag.
  2. Travel to the Blackpits.
  3. Free Gwydian.
  4. Report back to Hannag.

    (Note: steps 1 and 4 are optional, the quest can be started and completed without ever talking to Hannag).



On the Ropes Walkthrough

Hannag, a lizard Source Master, will give you this quest after you save her from the Magisters near the Cloisterwood waypoint and agree to help her apprentice Gwydian, located in the Blackpits to the south-east. If you've completed the quest The Law of the Order in Driftwood, the Magisters at the Blackpits will not be aggressive towards you.

At the Blackpits, there will be a house with a group of Magisters holding the Crossley family hostage and preparing to execute them. As you approach them, you will engage in a conversation where you're prompted to either fight them, convince them not to execute them, or to let them execute the family.

  1. If you manage to convince them not to kill them (Persuasion 5 required), you will earn some experience before again being prompted to let them walk or to fight them.
  2. If you choose not to convince them but to fight them right then and there, you will earn the same amount of experience and engage in combat immediately.
  3. If you let them execute the family, the quest will be left open-ended after the family dies and the Magisters will simply walk away.

In any case, the Magisters later on in the Blackpits will end up fighting you anyway, so there's no real point to letting them kill the Crossleys and leave. Just fight them for the extra experience.

Warning: It's recommended to teleport the Crossleys away to a safe area before engaging in the conversation/fight, as they can easily die from the crossfire.

After you choose to confront these Magisters, you will immediately receive some experience and the fight will begin. After they are dead, free the captives and then speak to Idonia Crossley about Gwydian. On that note, one of the Magister's will have a Writ of Passage on their body, granting you free passage for the rest of the area (if you didn't have one already).

Warning: Going too far south (or teleporting an enemy in that direction) during this fight will cause more Magisters to come to their aid.

 From here, you can either go straight to the gates (and offer a Writ of Passage or pass a speech check to gain passage), or go to the burning house first (recommended).

Secret Path: Although not really necessary, you can also go into the locked house near the bench saw (the key to the house is on the ground near the saw) and travel underground through the hidden hatch within to get past the gates, or you can head back to the starting gates, climb the watchtower next to it, and then teleport to the cliff, which also leads past the gates.

If you decide to go to the burning house first, you will initiate the No Way Out quest. Be sure to convince these Magisters to let you intervene for bonus experience. Completing this quest by siding with Owin will likely cause the guards at the gate to become hostile to you as well, if any of them move too close to the gatekeepers.

(Fighting the Magisters is recommended as it will maximize the experience gain for this quest, and because you'll have to fight all the Magisters later on anyway.)

After you head past the gates, you will see Gwydian hanging and being interrogated by the Magisters. If you did not end up engaging in combat with the gatekeepers, the Magisters here will not attack you right now, giving you some time to set up. Otherwise, they will attack you on sight. In any case, you must set him free to progress, and doing so will initiate a fight with the Magisters anyway.

(When the fight begins, a wave of oil will sputter around the lower area, and spawn oil voidlings.)
The information provided above is outdated. In the Definitive Edition the blobs only spawn after Gwydian uses Chain Lightning. If you keep him crowd controlled you will notice the voidlings never spawn in the first place. You can use this knowledge to cheese the fight if you don't care about the extra EXP and loot you would otherwise get from killing the primordial voidlings.)

Around the next turn, primordial oil voidlings will also show up, making things more complicated. The next turn after, primordial fire voidlings (and smaller fire voidlings) will also show up. These primordial voidlings, although stronger than the smaller ones, cannot oil leap (teleport), so if the ground is covered in Necrofire, they will probably die before they can even reach you, making them useless if you're perched atop the highest tower. The Fire voidlings, though, actually heal from the Fire surfaces (but are terribly weak to water spells like Winter Blast), but ultimately, if you are atop the highest tower, they will still take forever to reach you, giving you plenty of time to prepare or kill them from afar. They can cast ranged spells, though, but aren't that significant of a threat. If you have an archer, you can also gain a huge bonus from the Huntsman ability by attacking atop the highest tower, making things easier. Also, if you have a problem with Gwydian running around in Necrofire to kill blobs, it is easier if your entire party is at the top, forcing the blobs to leap to your location, thus all you have to do is heal him and cast Armor of Frost on him, but it shouldn't take that much effort to keep him alive. Hence, for best results, it is best to fly or teleport your party to the top of the wooden structure (where Gwydian is hanging) as fast as possible, and prepare Hydrosophist healing and rain spells (Bless can also be useful to turn the terrain to your advantage), and then bunker down and kill all resistance. If the smaller voidlings try to leap to your location, ensure that they are finished off fast (and maybe leave 1 or 2 alive so Gwydian can focus on them) so they don't spread the oil/fire around where you are.

An additional strategy is to use rain on the voidlings to allow them to create Cursed Steam (once they have no physical armor) and the healing of the fire will be negated entirely.

As for the Magisters, they will probably run around in necrofire, trying to kill the voidlings but fail in the process, so they aren't that much of a threat. The only person who could pose a problem would be White Magister Jonathan, perched atop the tower along with Gwydian, so knocking him down constantly and finishing him off should be considered a priority. In any case, crush them all and you will gain 14,975XP per magister killed, along with 20,775XP for White Magister Jonathan. The voidlings, sadly, do not give any XP, but the Primordial voidlings do drop good loot, as well as give 7500XP each.

Secret: You can completely skip the fight with the Voidlings by teleporting Gwydian away from where he is hanging. However, doing this will forfeit the loot and XP dropped from the Voidlings.

You can also teleport Gwydian into one of the tents across from where Quartermaster Anna sits. Position a box or chest in front of the tent entrance before the fight starts then teleport him into it once he's loose. You will likely have to fight Anna before this fight as this might aggro her and bring her into the already crowded battle.

After you have freed Gwydian, go back to his family home and you should see a tearful reunion. Gwydian will talk to you and give you a source skillbook, "Mortal Blow", as thanks. You will also receive 18,700XP (7500XP if on XP rescaled patch) and a choice of loot reward.

At this point, simply use the waypoint to teleport back to Cloisterwood and report to Hannag. Hannag will either teach you mastery of the source, increasing your source maximum by 1 (Accepting the source point from Hannag will cause the permanent loss of Pet Pal), or she will simply "reach into a portal" and give you a source skillbook if you source maximum is already 3. Either way, you will receive 37,400XP (no XP on XP rescaled patch) and the quest is complete. The other quest, "Window of Opportunity", is also tied with this quest so it will be completed as well.




  • 11225XP for attacking the Magisters trying to kill Gwydian's family OR passing the Persuasion check to convince them not to.
  • 14975XP per magister kill, for a total of 74,875XP for killing all 5 enemies near Gwydian's house.
  • 7500XP for passing a speech check to convince the magisters throwing fire to a burning house that you are taking over their operation.
  • 11,225XP if you sided with the magisters OR 18,700XP if you sided with Owin upon completion of the "No Way Out" quest.
  • 14975XP per magister kill, for 6 enemies, plus 7500xp for the magister assassin, for a grand total of 97,350XP for attacking the magisters guarding the gate (includes the 3 magisters throwing fire and the patrolling ranger).
  • 14,975XP per magister killed for the 3 magisters, plus 20,775XP for White Magister Jonathan in the voidling fight, for a total of 65,700XP.
  • 7500XP per primordial voidling (XP rescaled patch only).
  • 18,700XP (7500XP if on latest XP rescaled patch), and a choice of loot reward for meeting the freed Gwydian at his family home (his family has to be rescued first).
  • 37,400XP and either +1 Source Maximum OR a "Mortal Blow" source skillbook (if your source maximum is already at 3) upon completion of the quest (you will not receive the XP on the XP rescaled patch).

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    • Anonymous

      26 May 2021 02:37  

      To save idiot Gwydian who runs into the sea of necrofire despite the repeated teleporting him to safe distance near the cave entrance: invest in Cryogenic Stasis (as last resort, I read someone had problem with it bugging the fight) + Terrain Transmutation, but most of all: Mass Cleanse Wounds. Apart from curing necrofire and healing all your group including that flaming idiot, it is also a formidable wide-range aoe dmg skill against the undead and decaying mobs. I one-shot the scarecrows in the Driftwood fields with MCW. Three out four chars in my group have amulets socketed with a source orb, which gives free MCW.

      • Anonymous

        24 May 2021 00:35  

        I soft-locked the game by casting Cryogenic Stasis on Gwydian Rince to save him, and now he won't do his turn meaning I can't flee the fight either

        • Anonymous

          21 Apr 2021 03:11  

          goddamn what a war, did it at 11, hitting level 12 during the fight, had to teleport gwydian south several times, voluntarily die so i could resurrect my healer close to him, but it ended up working out. My advice would be have a hydrophist healer and make use of water balloons during the 2nd wave of voidwoken, never expected that item to be my savior but combined with shock from gwydian plus freeze spells it works amazingly on the fire voidwoken.

          • Anonymous

            01 Apr 2021 06:44  

            Was challenging, but fun to do as solo scoundrel build. When the fire and blobs finally got to starting platform, I could only safely teleport him out to the entrance of the cave on southeastern hill, and jump there myself. After that, it took a couple domes of protection, several more teleports when he rushed out on low hp and no magic armor, and a lot of bow shots to deal with the incoming blobs. Luckily, they've got split and spent a lot of time hunting magisters, so I could deal with just 2-3 at a time and protect the guy at the same time.
            If only he could see his family at the end... Guess I should've taken out those magisters BEFORE they've executed them.

            • Anonymous

              28 Feb 2021 18:59  

              Initiate conversation with Jonathan, then switch to another party member and place cooking pots or indestructible chests in a circle under Gwydian. Switch back to the first character and complete the conversation with Jonathan to start the fight. When Gwydian frees himself from the rope, he falls into your pot/chest jail and can't go running off into necrofire during the fight.

              He doesn't appear to have any teleport skills of his own, so he just makes himself somewhat useful with ranged attacks.

              • Anonymous

                26 Feb 2021 21:12  

                Even on lowest difficulty this idiot gets himself killed in the fire. I can't put it out often enough and he runs straight into monsters although I have a perfect defense position.

                • Anonymous

                  19 Jan 2021 03:30  

                  I am not sure where my previous post went. I was coming back to confirm. You can save Gwydian by not fighting at all. If you have a huntsman with farout man you can teleport Gwydian as close as you can to the gate north-west of him. you can get him within a few meters. The quest is over and the fight never starts. I came back to the forum to confirm you need to teleport with farout man, as you can't get Gwydian close enough to the gate without it. Done it three times now. gl

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Nov 2020 22:48  

                    So having completed this quest a few times, once the hard way with voidling fight, other two times using the teleport to tent near where Quatermistress Anna is near. Currently doing my first Tactician run with a Lone Wolf Sebille and Ifan combo, with me attempting to do Path of Blood legit with Sebille, so only Ifan and Sebille's Incarnate (got her as support/summoner). Set both up just down stairs from where Jonathan and Gwydian are, got the floor they are on boxed off with unbreakable boxes/chests. Teleport Gwydian as I have on previous 2 playthroughs, only this time it didn't initiate fight, Gwydian glitched out of the tent as if battle was over and Jonathan and his 2 stooges walked up to where he had been teleported. Ran to the house where Gwydian goes to and sure enough he is there and quest completed... now to go do what I stopped Gareth from doing earlier and get Ifan to kill Jonathan as really need the xp due to avoiding some other quests (not going to see Hannag after though)

                    • Anonymous

                      29 Oct 2020 17:41  

                      The most effective way to prevent the voidlings from spawning is to Teleport Gwydian and move him far below the Tower while one of your character is on conversation with the magister. The remaining guards will turn aggro but there will be no Voidlings.

                      • Anonymous

                        01 Oct 2020 04:29  

                        As I was attempting to save the fire loving dumbass in a lone wolf run through I was trying to nether swap and then teleport him to a bunker I made just for him. After the netherswap initiative went to my rogue instead of my aerotheurge so when it was his turn again and i went to teleport the dumbass he was no longer there. I finished the fight and ran to his family and he was there waiting like the ass he is. I reloaded a previous save and tested it a few more times, he joined the fight once but all other times he just peaces out and legs it to his family (somehow resisting his desire to roll around in the burning building just south of his house) WITHOUT even triggering the oil voidlings spawning and leaving you to easily kill the magisters. It only seemed to work for a max distance netherswap and not teleport (probably because of the damage) I'm currently uploading the recording of this happening. I did already clear out the inquisitor and his mob lynching the family but I wonder how they would have reacted.

                        • Anonymous

                          23 Sep 2020 22:02  

                          A good strategy get the most exp (incl. killing primordial voidlings) and save Gwydian even when playing solo character:

                          _Kill Quartermaster Anna (sorry, but you get both exp and all her gold). You'd agro her with this strategy anyway.

                          _Dig up Vydia's buried valuables (a non-destructible chest, near fireplace behind the right-side tent), place it so that it blocks the opening of the left-sided tent in front of the Blackpits Cave entrance. This is to block Gwydian when you eventually teleport him there (but don't do it before Gwydian spawn the voidlings if you want all possible exp.)

                          _ Use only 1 character to talk with Magister Jonathan, the rest can be positioned near the tents.

                          _Wait until Gwydian attacks to spawn voidling, then when it's your turn, teleport him to the first blocked-off tent. He won't be able to go anywhere because of the chest we placed. Note: make sure the character you used to do the talking can see a possible teleport area in the first tent.

                          _ Move that 1 character if you need, but the important part is to move the non-destructible chest to block the second (right-sided) tent and teleport Gwydian to the second tent. This is so that the Primodial Oil Voidling can't throw an ability from the nearest platform (the one with several stacked woods.

                          _ Now all you have to do is defend from that position (in front of Blackpits Cave entrance), which will have less fire/necrofire to deal with. Ranged characters also have height advantage here.

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Aug 2020 02:47  

                            If you've already killed Magister Jonathon, he is replaced with Magister Kari in the fight.

                            if you don't want to risk CCing Gwydion, killing the three magisters nearby will also prevent the blobs from spawning. Marksman's fang is super OP here.

                            • Anonymous

                              06 Aug 2020 00:07  

                              I wanted to note that not all members of your party lose 'Pet Pal' when you increase your source with Hannag. I did the dialogue with my main but my companion was still able to utilize Pet Pal after.

                              • Anonymous

                                17 Jul 2020 16:38  

                                It's really worth to note on this quest page that Quartermaster Anna will dissappear after oil voidling fight. She is near entrance to Blackpits cave and can easily be missed. Sells legendary stuff and will fight you if you try get into the cave which will net some xp. So you'll probably want to meet her before starting fight with white magister.

                                • 24 May 2020 11:49  

                                  Took me 6 hours of retries to do it at lvl 12 but managed to using the following: 1. Engaged Magister Jonathan in conversation with my tank. 2. Teleported Gwydian to the tent near Anna - he will be stuck in conversation until you end it with Jonathan. 3. Killed the other magisters with the other 3 charaters. 4. After I was out of combat, healed up (conversation with Jonathan still going on). Moved one of the characters with the Pyramid near Jonathan. 5. Engaged the fight with Jonathan (managed to pass the persuade checks so that Gwydian "escaped" during the conversation). 6. As the fight went on Gwydian came and cast CL and summoned the voidlings. 7. Killed magister Jonathan with the 3 chars at the top while voidlings were closing in. At this time Gwydian and 1 of my other characters with the pyramid were fighting 2 voidlings near the tent. 8. Waited enough turns and pyramided in with the other 3 characters and held the rest of the battle at the tent. 9. This took some tries as the necrofyre takes a lot of time and Gwydian is an idiot rushing it. Had to teleport him further back and spam heals and magic armor on him a lot. Challenging and I guess the rewards are worth it :)

                                  • Anonymous

                                    21 May 2020 23:19  

                                    "Also, if you have a problem with Gwydian running around in Necrofire to kill blobs, it is easier if your entire party is at the top, forcing the blobs to leap to your location, thus all you have to do is heal him and cast Armor of Frost on him, but it shouldn't take that much effort to keep him alive." I'd say it is. Gwydian probably did 600 damage to himself running around in all the necrofire. Cast cure Mass Wounds, Rallying Cry, Armor of Frost, First Aid on him. Then he goes down the ladder (and out of sight) to STAND (doesn't even hit) a primordial fire blob. Dies the next round from 400+ fire damage after he ate his magic armor up in the fire. Thought he was a help at the start; turns out he's an idiot.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      08 May 2020 05:09  

                                      Gwydian only casts Chain Lightning if enemies are in its 8m range, so you can teleport away/focus down the magisters instead of wasting AP on Gwydian to prevent voidlings. I teleported Jonathan away once fight started, Gwydian just cast a longer range non-source spell, and I killed the magisters in the next turn (Tactician LW). No voidlings. Reloaded to get the extra exp, lol.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        05 Apr 2020 00:31  

                                        If you’re having trouble with the fight with Jonathan and the voidlings, and you couldn’t care less for the granted by the voidlings, then have someone from your party engage in conversation with Jonathan, and then switch out to someone else who knows teleportation. Assuming y’all are at the top platform, from the corner closest to the Blackpit cavern( the one with the magister tents) you can teleport him In a spot that’s difficult to get out of. This will engage combat with the other Magisters, but not Jonathan. And since one of your party members is in a conversation with him, he won’t be able to partake either and neither will Gwydian. After the combat, if you don’t want to deal with the voidlings, you can keep him out of the fight baby boxing him in with some barrels/crates. Then you can go back and finish Jonathan off.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          04 Apr 2020 19:47  

                                          I killed Anna and the 2 magisters and Jonathan noticed our fight but he was too late. When he came to the entrance of the mine he was "looking for the murder" I confessed and he attacked me. I was able to kill him without any damage to Gwydian and without the void monsters. But Gwydian was gone and I couldn't finish the quest On the Ropes although the log said there was a reunion with his family. But there was no dialog option with hannag so she gave me a source book without teaching me about source. I failed 2 quests at once lol

                                          • Anonymous

                                            14 Mar 2020 02:29  

                                            1 enemy left 1 *****ing enemy left and he is on knock down and he is on 25 hp which mean one *****ing smack from my ifan 2handed hammer and he is gone expect its this idiot turn before ifan and what does he do? run into the fire like an idiot and kill himself,after this i didnt even bother with him i reloaded the fight killed jonathan and teleported him near the oil voids and busted the ***** out

                                            • Anonymous

                                              10 Mar 2020 17:13  

                                              Easily won, idk why but the guy keep standing obediently on top of the tower and casting his baby-ass skill while my healer buff magic armour on him. My dps and the incarnate do most of the work, i dont even have to use my tank, just casually skip his turn.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                11 Feb 2020 23:34  

                                                One think I did is cryogenic stasis on him so that he could not do anything, and neither could he get hurt. And once it went away we used silencing stare and then cryogenic stasis AGAIN with a different character, Silencing stare with another different character, and then cryogenic stasis, AGAIN, and then before the permafrost stopped working we killed the magisters.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  04 Feb 2020 13:58  

                                                  That d*ck really wants to end his life everytime we're almost done. I'm literally fighting enemies while using all possible spells to keep that stoopid alive. There should be an achievement unlocked ie 'life saver' and a new quest line added when you would find out about his suicidal thoughts.

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