The Loremaster

Cranley Huwbert
Location The Arx
Suggested Level Any
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The Loremaster is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Cranley Huwbert, the famous author of the Huwbert series of books, is in Arx. Can you best him in a test of knowledge? Note: This quest is not listed in your journal, but is straightforward and gives good rewards.



Important NPCs

  • Cranley Huwbert



The Loremaster Objectives

  1. Challenge Cranley Huwbert to a test of knowledge.
  2. Answer all his questions correctly.


The Loremaster Walkthrough

In Arx, you can find Cranley Huwbert in the Loremaster's house, at around co-ordinates X:387, Y:320. Speak to him.

He will laugh at you and ask you a series of questions. If you pick the "Scholar" tagged option, you can skip the first question. Other tagged options, such as the "Jester" tagged option, will not work.

The first question he will ask is: "Let's see... three major houses govern the Ancient Empire. There's the House of Law, the House of War... now, what's the third?"

  • The answer to this question is "The House of Dreams".

The second question he will ask is: "In what year was our saviour, Lucian the Divine, taken from us?"

  • The answer to this question is "1233".

The third question he will ask is: "Name the first king of the dwarves".

  • The answer to this question is "Tenax".

The fourth and final question he will ask is: "The Sourcerer King from times of yore, Braccus Rex, had a twin. What was her name...?" Arguably, this question would be the easiest if you played the first Divinity: Original Sin game.

  • The answer to this question is "Cassandra".

Answering any of his questions wrongly will result in him not inviting you to his chambers. You can try again with another character if you failed, though. If you answered all four (or three, if you picked the "Scholar" tagged option earlier) questions correctly, he will reveal a secret hatch in his fireplace and invite you to join him in his private chambers. Agree. If you decline, the result will be the same as if you failed his challenge.

Alternatively, you can simply place a book on the pile of books on the table, and it will also reveal the fireplace hatch, as shown below. However, you will still need to pass his test before you can enter the hatch and claim your rewards.

Speak to him again and he will ask you what the most darkest, most delicious nugget of knowledge you have ever come across in your time is. Simply pick any of the three options and you will receive a choice of 1 source point skillbook reward. This "quest" is effectively complete at this point. Note that the other rewards you get besides the choice of skillbook is completely random.




  • Choice of 1 source point skillbook reward, upon completion.


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    • Anonymous

      Has ayone managed to get all of his books BEFORE speaking to him for the first time ? I would suggest some hidden dialogle or something there - i couldnt do it, i collected all and was still missing like 5 (randomly it was book nr 5, 10, 15. 20, 35 from him - i had all others but for those 5 but that was (ofc) not enough

      • Anonymous

        I chose arcane stitch as my reward and got arrow spray, fan of knives, meteor shower, skin graft, and grasp of the starved after looting his basement (some in bookshelves, chests and desk) Im not sure if it was just coincidence but those are almost all the books he offered as rewards excluding Chain Lightning

        • Anonymous

          If you have Scholar and talk to him you can challenge him to answer a question and he will then ask you questions, answers are:

          Lucian parted from us in 1233, Tenex was first king of the Dwarves, Cassandra was Bracus' twin. He will then invite you to join him in his private chambers. Talk to him again and he asks what's the most amazing thing you've discovered? I replied about the Gods but it could be any one of the 3 options.

          Rewards were Summon Fire Slug (as a wizard starter so I assume it's your primary class 1 source point book), 2960 gold, 1 giant venom rune, Wonderous Wraps and a choice of a single 1 source point ability skill book from all of them. Summon Fire slug was in there too which makes me think the guranteed one is based off of your primary class.

          Wonderous Wraps are Divine hand armour. At level 20 they gave 280 magic armour, 391 physical armour, +10% Earth resistance, +1 Telekenesis, +2 initiative, +282 hp and granted skill Restoration.

          This was also never marked as an actual quest and just found via diaolgue.

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