Raining Blood

Raining Blood

Create blood surfaces. Set Bleeding on enemies. Douse fire surfaces.

 Set Bleeding for 2 turn(s).

 Requires Necromancer 1
 Requires Hydrosophist 1
 Costs 1 Memory
 Duration 1 turn(s)








necromancer-skills Necromancer

Raining Blood is a Necromancer Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Raining Blood location

  • Orivand's Chambers - Fort Joy. Found inside his desk. You need a key from Orivand in order to get into the room
  • Combine any Hydrosophist skillbook and any Necromancer skillbook. (Neither can be Source Skills)


Raining Blood effect

  • Scroll cannot be crafted
  • Range 8m
  • AoE radius 10m
  • Blood surface starts spreading from the middle of the AoE, but won't fill the whole AoE
  • When using on an already existing blood surface, will spread the surface further
  • Is affected by range bonuses (Far Out Man, Farsight)


Raining Blood trivia & strategies

  • As Fortified status is removed by Bleeding, use this with Torturer talent to remove a great chunk of armour from enemies who are Fortified
  • Use with Grasp of the Starved to target the characters you want to damage


Raining Blood builds


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Sanguine Bowman


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Blood Mage


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Death Knight




Necromancer Skills
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    • Anonymous

      A very important spell for getting blood incarnates and blood totems, usually I use this before the battle starts to set up a blood pool for blood for my summoners.

      Otherwise, the only reliable way to get blood is the elf's flesh sacrifice.

      • Anonymous

        You can get the book the moment you enter Fort Joy. Have 2 points in thievery, a lockpick, now go behind the archer on the left top of the main gate. You can pickpocket the keys to the gate from him. There are NO sightlines at the gate. You can walk up to the gate, go into sneak mode, open the door and snake up the ladder to Orviland's chambers. Pick the lock. You're in. Teleport to a Waystation immediately after to exit.

        • Anonymous

          When I used 1 necro+1hydro with the necro as source book i get a Bloodstorm book...If I use a regular book of each I get raining blood.

          • Anonymous

            Great move when paired with the Executioner talent. You can set up combos like: Blood Rain > Contaminate > (any fire) to get bleed, poison, and burn on enemies in one turn.

            • Anonymous

              duration on this spell changes for me sometimes and no cluse on how to extend it .i had duration be 1,2,5 turns at random time please help me keep lasting longer ,PLEASE ! i searched everywhere i cant find my answer

              • Anonymous

                I played through Fort Joy using this skill and it looks like it makes the targets bleed even with magic and physical armor even though it says on the description "Resisted by Physical Armor" I dont think this is a bug because i casted it like 10 times and 100% of the times it made my targets bleed even with their armor up.

                • Anonymous

                  It seems that after you cast this and something else bleeds is the area of the puddle, the whole puddle disappears. is it just me or can someone else confirm?

                  • Anonymous

                    I see requirements of 1 necro 1 hydro and requirements of 1 necro 2 hydro on this page. Can we get some clarification?

                    • Anonymous

                      Hmm... Sure the wiki doesn't tell the location of a random generated item ? I never found Raining Blood there.

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