Totems of the Necromancer

Totems of the Necromancer

Spawn bone totems near every enemy in the area. Bone totems have ranged attacks that deal [X-Y] physical damage.

 A Bones Totem will be summoned at the location of your target(s).

 Requires Necromancer 5
 Costs 3 Memory









necromancer-skills Necromancer

Totems of the Necromancer is a Necromancer Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Totems of the Necromancer Spell Book Location

  • Dropped from The Shadow Prince
  • Sold by vendors upon reaching lvl 16.



Totems of the Necromancer Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • This spells does not scale with Intelligence at all, but with the casters Summoning level instead.
  • Necromancer Totems now creates a totem next to every enemy, living or dead as of Patch v3.0.168.526



Necromancer Skills
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    • Anonymous

      03 Feb 2020 10:24  

      Guys, don't even think about this trash. With 15 in Summoning, 5 in Necro, damage is total trash (if there any damage at all, read further), shoots blood, but from what I saw normal blood totem hits harder, and, if enemies are in, for example, cursed fire, these totems instantly crumble on their turn (without making a shot. I used it in situation where Doctor's demons attack you in Arx, there were 5-6 of them, so I used this skill when all of them were in the AOE - they (5/6) were in cursed fire, so only single totem shoot at all, and it was nothing, all other crumbled. I tried this spell multiple times, same story). Costs 3 slots AND 3 Source points. Disappointment. I thought this will be some ultimate Summoner-Necro spell, not this trash. Concept is cool, but implementation is not good at all.

      • Anonymous

        23 Mar 2019 23:16  

        Wow. This skill is just crazy. Living or dead enemy, it will spawn a totem next to them. They do insane dmg as well, have very high int naturally (not sure if caster's int influences the stat). 5 Necro with gear along with max summoner will see u lay waste. Turns out, u can summon the totems again with apotheosis/skin graft. So it is not just a one time thing. I have a party of 4, all of them summoners. Now i think i will do the ultimate troll and have the other 3 of them pick up this skill as well. Imagine. 8 totems per enemy in the first turn. Lmao.

        • Anonymous

          19 Feb 2019 10:34  

          This skill is great now, especially on Fane with time warp and skin graft. I had 20 totems out each doing 300 damage with maxed summoner and only went through 5 of them before combat was over.

          • Anonymous

            01 Jan 2018 07:18  

            You can do some fun set-ups with this by teleporting corpses around before fights begin. The totems also make pretty decent targets to stack magic damage buffs like Firebrand and Venomous Aura onto.

            • Anonymous

              Totems of the Necromancer [Divinity OS 2 Wiki]25 Oct 2017 22:56  

              I think they changed some skills.

              I am absolutely positive, that Bone Armor consumed corpses. The particular fight was at the tree on the Bloodmoon Island against the demons. In the fight some guy used Bone Armor, and I tried to summon the Totems - and ended up having 0. After the fight, I noticed that I couldn't target the corpses in question with Source Vampirism, even though they looked normal.

              In my current playthrough, though, I could use Source Vampirism on bodies who were desecrated by Bone Armor. So, I would guess that some skills do not 'consume' and/or need unconsumed corpses anymore (Bloating Corpse has never needed unconsumed corpses [which is ridiculous overpowered if used with certain cheesing / suicide methods], though it does consume them).

              Still, it does only change its Level from 'completely useless' to 'underwhelming'. I will stick to Blood Storm, which seems to be one of the best Source Skills there is, if you skill Warfare and Intelligence

              • Anonymous

                30 Sep 2017 23:02  

                It kind of ... feels underwhelming. First of all, you need to spec summoning skills, to make them stronger. Then, you need corpses to cast. If you have these corpses, most of the time, the fights already close to over. Then, it consumes the corpses, or rather, it needs unconsumed corpses. The meaning? An enemy just casted Bone Armor - no Bone Totems for you. Wanted to use Source Vampirism after the fight on the corpses? Well, what a shame.
                From what I have observed, brunt corpses are already 'consumed' (explaining why you can't use Corpse Explosion on them), making it even less attractive (since you need to stay clear off fire damage - and a lot of encounters will have the area flaming up)

                Has anyone else tested it?

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