Raise Bloated Corpse

Raise Bloated Corpse

Target a corpse to raise a bloated cadaver that fights for you. It can explode, dealing Physical Damage.

 A bloated corpse will be summoned at the location of your target(s). Blows up your target.

 Requires Necromancer 1
 Costs 1 Memory









necromancer-skills Necromancer

Raise Bloated Corpse is a Necromancer Skill in Divinity Original Sin 2.


Raise Bloated Corpse location



Bloated Corpse's skill

  • Vile Burst

    Bloated Corpse explodes, dealing 200% physical damage to all characters around it and creating large puddle of blood. Death resisting effects cannot protect Bloated Corpse from destruction by this skill.

     Instantly kills your target.
    Damage is based on your level and receives bonus from Intelligence.

    AP: AP2AP2


Raise Bloated Corpse effect


Raise Bloated Corpse trivia & strategies

  • Death Wish only gives damage bonus if Vile Burst is used when health is not at max
  • Combine with Supercharger and leveled Summoning and Vile Burst will deal massive damage


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    • Anonymous

      28 Sep 2021 08:59  

      Corpse explosion for people without fire magic as this will die too quickly to be useful as a pet.
      This option costs 1 more AP to cast and does not trigger executioner.
      The upside is after your turn it generates a pool of blood and can be re-positioned before detonation.

      • Anonymous

        27 Oct 2019 22:20  

        I just experienced a strange bug. I had my blood mage raise a bloated corpse (one of the demons that attacks you on the streets of Arx), and while it was still my blood mage’s turn, the corpse just went for a ridiculously long walk on its own, leaving a long trail of blood. The combat ended before it became the corpse’s turn (because the demons run away if one of them is killed), so I don’t know what would have happened if the bloated corpse’s turn had come. Would I have been able to control it normally, or it would it have gone on another walk? While it was walking, I checked it’s statuses to see if it had somehow become Terrified as soon as it came into being, but its only status was the normal Soul Bond. Even if I had been able to control it, it had wandered far from the battle, so it wouldn’t have been any help anyway. Very odd. This is my fourth time playing through the game, but I’ve never had anything like that happen before.

        • 12 Sep 2018 20:28  

          This would be great for summoners but the fact that your Incarnate champion will disappear. This power is better suited for characters w/o summons.

          • Anonymous

            12 Sep 2018 19:29  

            you can cast this spell on the same corpse countless times, even if the corpse was already used for this summon, exploded by corpse explosion, use source vampirism, etc.

            • 09 Nov 2017 22:17  

              * Summoning increases damage from normal attack AND the vile burst skill.
              * The summoner's intelligence doesn't affect the damage but you can cast clear mind to raise the bloated corpse intelligence, therefore its damage (quite marginal but if you have an extra AP to spend...)
              * For AWESOME damage cast flaming crescendo on it, total 3 AP.

              • Anonymous

                08 Nov 2017 13:37  

                I had two chars with Bloated Corpse (level 21). One was a Shadowblade, with one summon point. The explosion dealt around ~1580 - 1750 damage. The other was a full summoner, 22 points in summoning, the explosion for his bloated deals around 4,6 - 5k. The Attributes, as well as skills, were identical for both bloated corpses (22 int/str and 4 warfare).

                Other (maybe, but probably not) relevant stats: 20 / 26 Warfare, 33 / 97 int.

                It seems that the Soulbond bonus is doubled (my tooltip says 110%, when I examine the bloated corpse it says 220%, though that is true for all of my summons. Even after reskilling lone wolf, they have doubled boni.)

                All in all: Yes, summoning does increase the explosion, and it can be extremly effective in specific situations. Especially if you like to cheese:
                Place a Corpse (teleport for example) near your enemy. If you have already aggroed them, in a way, that a bloated corpse needs at most 3 AP to reach the enemy. You need two characters able of summoning and need to have them out of combat. Now you are only in combat with your corpses. Delay your turn (if they get CCed, simply resummon them), until at the end of turn, the two are the only ones left. Now, Explode the corpse, resummon it, get it into combat again, repeat. The newly spawned summon will always be the last of the turn, making the turn practically infinite.
                You can do that with any summon, but Bloated Corpse has the single most devastating attack, as well as a low CD....

                • Anonymous

                  08 Nov 2017 13:14  

                  So Summoning improves the Vitality, Damage (of the attack, I assume??), Physical Armor, and Magic Armor of summons. If the Vile Burst ability scales from the level and intelligence of the Wind-Up Toy, it sounds like points in Summoning don't actually affect the power level of the Vile Burst at all. Nor would the intelligence level of the summoner.

                  Has anyone tested this? Really curious to know if it makes sense to take this without points in Summoning.

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