Black Shroud

Black Shroud

Create a cloud of cursed smoke in an area, setting Suffocating and Blind on all characters within.

 Requires Necromancer 3
 Costs 2 Memory









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Black Shroud is a Necromancer Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Black Shroud location



Black Shroud effect


Black Shroud trivia & strategies



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    • Anonymous

      11 Jul 2020 07:15  

      torturer build with this, suffocating aura and poison+fire dual daggers and vacuum touch.
      then just cast charm and terror to people.
      pretty fun

      • Anonymous

        24 Jan 2020 18:09  

        I'm putting together a mixed DMG aero/necro build. Can't seem to figure out how much damage suffocating does to mgc armor each turn. Skills like black shroud and vacuum aura could be used effectively I think, but how does the damage scale?

        • Anonymous

          13 Aug 2019 20:15  

          Cursed smoke lasts 3 times longer than normal smoke, being quite useful. Though you need some CC combo to keep your enemies inside the smoke. But be aware, cursed smoke has a little bit inconsistent LOS block than normal / blessed smoke, sometimes allowing the enemies inside to cast skills through smoke.

          • Anonymous

            01 Feb 2019 14:18  

            Obsolete by similar and lower level skills. Throw dust can blind enemies in a small AOE and doesn't use source. Fire whip can also cause blindness and deals a high amount of damage.

            • Anonymous

              21 Feb 2018 23:47  

              Blind should be resisted by magical armour, not physical armour.
              I tested and cast it on my team, the text (Blinded blocked by magical armour) appeared on top of the character.

              • Anonymous

                02 Oct 2017 21:44  

                Note that the blind is resisted by physical armor. The suffocating status cannot be resisted (unless by immunity).

                • Anonymous

                  24 Sep 2017 05:12  

                  I have reached drift wood and traded with bree, i have level 4 necromancer but she doesn't stock the skill, am i doing something wrong?

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