Raise Bone Widow

Raise Bone Widow

Raise a walking pile of bones which can consume corpses to restore Vitality and receive a stacking damage buff.

 The stats of the summons will depend on caster level and Summoning ability.

 Requires Necromancer 2
 Costs 1 Memory
 Duration 5 turn(s) 









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Raise Bone Widow is a Necromancer Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Raise Bone Widow Spell Book Location



Raise Bone Widow Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • The stacking Damage-buff is 30%.
  • Bone Widow cannot climb or fly over terrains.
  • Bone Widow has no magical armour by default. You can use spells to apply magical armor to it, though.
  • This spell does not scale with Intelligence at all and scale with Summoning instead.
  • Cannot be summoned at the same time as an Incarnate or any other summon except totems.
  • Scroll can be crafted by combining a Sheet of Paper, High Quality Shadow Essence, and Ancient Human Skull
  • Summoning cost reduced to 2 AP as of patch v3.6.36.1643.
  • Devour Corpse cost 0 AP and has 1 turn cooldown as of patch v3.6.36.1643.
  • It has two skills: 
    Devour Corpse

    Devour a fresh corpse to restore your vitality and receive a damage buff.

     Blows up your target.
    Restore [X] Vitality.

    Set Empowered for 3 turn(s).

    AP: ---



    Surprise your enemies by emerging from underground at target position.




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    • Anonymous

      16 Nov 2019 01:39  

      A decent power, IMO. You spend 2 AP to summon it next to some enemy, and for that you can make two physical damage attacks against that enemy immediately after the character's turn ends. Not all that different from spending that AP to cast Mosquito Swarm, and the damage will add up to more. Even if the Widow dies or gets CCed before its next turn comes up, the AP the enemy spent attacking the Widow is AP it didn't spend attacking your party.

      • Anonymous

        07 Sep 2018 05:36  

        The Weaver at Ryker's place also drops this skillbook. i dont know if its a garanteed drop, but it dropped for me when i killed it.

        • Anonymous

          07 Oct 2017 01:25  

          You can basically disregard everything older than this comment, because the Oct 6, 2017 patch nerfed this summon hard. It has less than half HP it previously did, does less damage, and still spawns with no magic armor.

          • Anonymous

            30 Sep 2017 14:21  

            This and the Incarnate Champion are roughly on par with each other. The Bone Widow has more HP and Damage and can be used with less skill investment, but the Incarnate has better skills and a better chance to hit, as well as more armor when buffed. The bone widow has 0 magic armor, so unless you use something like Armor of Frost on it you can expect it to get CCed quickly.

            • Anonymous

              27 Sep 2017 11:15  

              This summon is the most overpowered cheap garbage in the game I've come across so far. It basically summons a tank bruiser character for you except better than a tank bruiser party member in every way.

              Hits like a truck doing phys damage comparable to a melee character that put all points into melee, has an enormous health pool, teleports with 'burrow' even on surfaces that don't make sense like wooden scaffolding, attack of opportunity, huge hitbox easily body blocking doorways and corridors. And of course 5 turn duration. As soon as it's up you can just make another one.

              So if you are thinking about making one of your characters a warrior don't bother because they can just be a necromancer and fill the role plus magic support as soon as you get to act 2. The only possible weakness on this I can see is that it has no magic armor so it's vulnerable to cc status effects right off the bat, however, as the guy below me mentions this summon has a gigantic health pool so whatever it's being hit with while it can't fight back is no big deal.

              I don't know what they were thinking making grasp of the starved cost 2 source points and this costs none. Very poor design.

              • Anonymous

                21 Sep 2017 03:26  

                I can highly recommend this spell on a summoner, that thing is a nearly unstoppable wrecking ball. I haven't seen all the summons yet, but the widow hits for two times the damage of the incarnate champion and has 3-4 times its health. With lvl 15/summoner 10, thats 700-900 dmg a hit with a 7000 health pool...

                • Anonymous

                  19 Sep 2017 17:25  

                  I bought it on the ship at the beginning of ACT 2, shortly before you left it, from Dalis Mage-Merch "pet". (Alright, shouldn't contain too much spoilers now)

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