Necromancer heals you every time you deal damage to Vitality.

Damage done heals the caster for 10% per point in Necromancy.

Necromancer is a combat ability in Divinity Original Sin 2. Necromancer heals you every time you deal damage to Vitality.


Necromancer Notes

  • Required for most of Necromancer Skills.
  • Available starting skills: Raise Bloated Corpse, Mosquito Swarm, Blood Sucker, Decaying Touch.
  • Damage dealt to Physical or Magical Armor does not trigger the heal from Necromancy.
  • Creatures summoned by Necromancer do not gain additional stats or powers from Necromancer levels or Intellect. Summoning will increase their stats accordingly, however.
  • The healing done by Necromancer bypasses the 'Zombie' trait of the Undead race. This means players who choose Undead can heal using the lifesteal from Necromancer.
  • Healing from Necromancer triggers the Living Armour Talent.


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    • Does barrelmancy proc the healing effect of necro? Doing a soloish honor mode run (one party member stays far far away to res just incase my main goes down. Just trying to cheese for that plat.

      • Anonymous

        It says in the text description that points in necromancy increases the damage you do with necromancy spells. But I can't find how much as with the other combat skills. Is it also 5%? Does anyone know?

        • Anonymous

          Does this heal from reflected damage (etc. Retribution)? I've heard different answers online. Looking for something definitive.

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