Blood Sucker

Blood Sucker

Target character consumes blood surfaces around them, restoring Vitality. The more blood, the more they are healed!

 Restore up to 18 Vitality, depending on relevant surface area.

 Requires Necromancer 1
 Costs 1 Memory









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Blood Sucker is a Necromancer Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Blood Sucker Spell Book Location



Blood Sucker Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Scroll crafted by combine Sheet of Paper, Shadow Essence, and Penny Bun Mushroom
  • Undead casters of this spell will actually restore vitality, counterintuitive to normal sources of healing, unless afflicted by Decay.
  • This spell does not scale with Intelligence at all.
  • Spell can be cast on any target in range.




Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Blood Mage

Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Death Knight




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    • Anonymous

      23 Sep 2018 14:55  

      Does great healing if the target is entirely surrounded by blood. If the area of effect it shows is filled with blood, you get max healing. If you use it on undead it heals them but use it on a decaying target instead for massive physical damage. Now scales with warfare if used to damage this way. An underated spell

      • Anonymous

        25 Sep 2017 02:29  

        You can target anyone in range. It scales with blood around the target not around the caster. You can heal undead with it. Target with decay will recive dmg instead.

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