The Arx is a Location in Divinity: Original Sin 2. The Arx serves as the 4th act of the game. Players will find themselves in a large town as the Lady Vengeance crashes into the mountains outside the town of Arx. The main quest for this location is Hammerfall. However, there are multiple side quests that are also related such as:


The Arx Map


The Arx Sub-Areas Quick List


Arx SewersArx Outskirts ♦ Vault of Linder Kemm ♦ Magister's Prison ♦ The Crypt


The Arx Sub-Areas



Recommended Level: 17 ~ 19

Notable NPCs: Multiple NPCs

There are multiple NPCs that can be found in the sewers such as Isbeil, Latif, and Targh. The quests that are related to this sub-area are The Missing Prisoners, Past Mistakes, The Secrets of the Dwarves.



Recommended Level: 18 ~ 20

Notable NPCs: Dallis

There are multiple NPCs in the area, but the most notable NPC would be Dallis. The main quest Hammerfall is related to this sub-area as well as Battle at the Gates



Recommended Level: 19+

Notable NPCs: Arhu, Lord of Linder Kemm

Players will encounter a puzzle that will unlock secret rooms within this sub-area. The related quests are Finding Lord Arhu and The Vault of Linder Kemm



Recommended Level: 18

Notable NPCs: Windego

For this sub-area, players can find related quests such as Mercy is Power and The Missing Prisoners.



Recommended Level: 20

Notable NPCs: Dallis

The main quest Hammerfall is related to this sub-area.


    • 12 Mar 2019 20:26  

      If you are looking for a good trader, after rescuing Lord Arhu, even thou he is not marked as a merchant, he is selling around 10 yellow items and all level 5 skill books from all professions (on level 20).

      • Anonymous

        09 Oct 2018 01:13  

        There's an elf vendor to the right of the consolate up the stairs from aravae who sells a bunch of unique weapons with special effects like a staff with thick of the fight as a passive and a fire axe which does pure fire damage and sets flamestriker

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