Play Dead

Play Dead

Fool enemies into thinking you're dead. Cooldown of skills will be paused. Any action you take will cancel this status.

 Set Playing Dead for 3 turn(s).
Does not break Invisibility or Sneaking.

 Costs 0 Memory cldwn6


Play Dead is a Special Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Play Dead Spell Book Location

  • This skill is granted automatically to Undead.



Play Dead Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • If you have only one character engaged in battle, using this skill will stop the fight.
  • Taking potions does not cancel the dead status.
  • The undead can be healed/buffed by allies without breaking the status.



Special Skills
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    • Anonymous

      Can you use this at the end of your turn? Meaning, let's say i have 4 AP this turn, and use two skills that cost 2 AP each. Does my turn automatically end, or will it then let me cast play dead?

      • Anonymous

        Good for Shadowblade/Rogue builds. It's like having a second Chameleon cloak to drop aggro at the end of your turn. Makes you super slippery. Good for any melee who wants to push to the backline on turn 1 also.

        • Anonymous

          This is simply the best skill in the game. Play Lone Wolf with two undeads and you can beat pretty much anyone through cheese. Play dead is a free fight reset meaning you can pick one enemy off, play dead making combat end, run off and heal to full, repeat until all enemies are dead. Me and my friend have beaten many higher level enemies on tactician using this.

          • Anonymous

            Amazing skill. I've noticed there is one way you can still be targeted while using this skill, Mark of the Fang can still hit you if you are in the same line as an ally who is targeted. I died to a Decomposing Archer in Act 1 like this.

            • Anonymous

              God tier skill, corner an enemy then play dead in front of it, enemy basically gets stuck for 3 turn, because it wont attack you nor can it move, rendering melee attack useless.

              • Anonymous

                Laying around in combat makes it easy to heal an undead player while the enemy ignores them. Great for rogues that are in over their head. Good to set up a secondary ambush. Think of it a a break that all undead creature could use.

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