Magister Reimond


Magister Reimond is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin II.



Magister Reimond information



Magister Reimond location

  • Magister Reimond first appears in Driftwood close to the fishery. As soon as you talk to him and manage to persuade him that you are not a sourcerer, he boards the ship and sails away.
  • He then appears in Blackpits Docks, along with Magister Vorrh, getting ready to execute three Black Ring members.
  • He appears in Arx, alive if he escaped in Act II.
  • If he was killed, however, his ghost will appear down the Magister's Barracks, despite the fact that, according to a Black Ring girl whom you can save from him at the Blackpits Docks, "you bled those magisters so well, not even the spirits remained". 



Notes and Tips

  • Killing him is recommended as he gives good loot and 40,125XP. 
  • ??


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Adam  ♦  Trader Aravae  ♦  Trader Bree  ♦  Trader Fionola  ♦  Trader Frei  ♦  Trader Friel  ♦  Trader Glas  ♦  Trader Haran  ♦  Trader Jameson  ♦  Trader Keyren  ♦  Trader Non  ♦  Trader Ovis  ♦  Trader Rennald  ♦  Trader Thun  ♦  Trader Vaila  ♦  Trayde the Merchant  ♦  Trice  ♦  Trompdoy  ♦  Unnis  ♦  Valine  ♦  Vasyna  ♦  Verdas  ♦  Victor Voss  ♦  Vissar  ♦  Waltz  ♦  Warden Yona  ♦  Warron  ♦  Wealthy Pilgrim  ♦  White Magister Jonathan  ♦  Wilty Exbourne  ♦  Windego  ♦  Wyyvlia  ♦  Xiuh  ♦  Yammit  ♦  Ymmit  ♦  Zaleskar  ♦  Zanisima the scientist  ♦  Zerachial the Accursed  ♦  Zillik


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    • Anonymous

      idk how but during the fight on the blackpits docks with raymond, my save somehow got corrupted. i got the notification and have isolated it to this fight by testing all my saves. i snuck around back and used packages to baricade the doors and place all the oil barrels in front of the boat just in case. he ran for the front door thru all my guys and got minced. my hydro/geo spammed cryogenic stasis on the prisoners cuz i wanted to save em. one prisoner died before i could get third cryo off and cuz i was out of heals. then vorrh cast shackles on my hydro mage. but for some reason whenever i hit vorrh after that he would heal all my damage and only my mage would take the dmg. in combat logs it merely sighted vampiric means. does vorrh secretly have 100 lifesteal, is this a bug that caused the corrupted save notification to pop? maybe it was how i killed raymond… idk. i had just learned vampiric hunger on sebille, who was the one hitting vorrh at the time. either way it was funny to see my 5necro plus vampiric hunger two hander basically life drain all my mages hp thru vordt like he was a 20m silly straw. guess its time to checks vorhhs wikipage or just refight raymond. (still kinda hope someone figures out what happened just for curiosities’ sake) only lost like 2 hours. save frequently friends. unless its honor mode kekw then just make a check list of **** that can screw you over like forced encounters… (alice comes to mind) lol

      • Anonymous

        I found a way to cheese this fight. My 4 man party is at level 14 right now, and they could kill them just fine. All you have to do is "stealthly" kill all the silent guys and get to the back of the building, then you go back to the front and teleport Reimond and the remaining silent guy veery far away (near the tents on the beach) and kill him with a ranger from far away, he will just stand still and die. IF YOU ATTACK ANY OF THE DOGS OR VORRH, THE FIGHT WILL TRIGGER, so be prepared. Have 2 guys on the ladders in the front of the building and 1 at the back (hidden), the character at the back needs to have shackles of pain or cryogenic state. 1. With one of your guys teleport Vorrh on top of your 2 guys on the ladder and CC him with magic speels, but be careful not to kill the prisioners! (I used medusa's head to do so). 2. With the character you used to teleport him, kill the dogs (this can also be done with the guy you left hidden out of the fight, doesnt matter). 3. With the guy you left hidden out of the fight, keep casting cryogenic or shackles of pain on the prisioners (just wait a couple seconds for the CDs out of fight) to break the original shackles (if you cast your own shackle, it overwrites his). 4. After the prisioners are safe, just kill Vorrh.

        • Anonymous

          You can kill Magister Reimond in Driftwood, and doing so will necessarily mean that he does not show up in the Blackpits. To do this, you must attack him before talking with him. If you initiate dialogue then he will sail off to the Blackpits when the dialogue ends (scripted event). After killing him on the docks, along with his two silent monks and Magister Julian, the scripted boat departure still takes place (and the boat shows up at the Blackpits docks), which is kind of hilarious.

          Be careful not to let the fight spill out from the docks or else you risk drawing in the other magisters and silent monks that patrol Driftwood. When that happened to me on my first attempt, complete anarchy broke out: everyone turned hostile, and the residents attacked both my party and the magister/silent monks, randomly. When it was all over, the only people left standing were the children. Rather fun, but probably not the best way to start off in Driftwood.

          • Anonymous

            You can actually teleport both of them without triggering them. I moved them to beach when they cannot link themselves to prisoners.

            • Anonymous

              While my one character was in conversation with him, I had my Pyromancer go collect every oil barrel found around the docks, placed them all next to Reimond, cast Peace of Mind, so my Pyro would go first, and boom. Not even giving him the chance to run off

              • Anonymous

                I used the one guys idea of blocking back door with barrels. Then the other guys idea of teleporting every enemy away then killing. Then teleported 3 prisoners away. Used cyro status every 4th turn to break shackles off of prisoners. Pounded Vorth& Remind before he got on ship. Had to teleport em a couple times back towards me. Vorth & his damn shackles,I would just wait 2turns till it wore off before smacking him.

                • Anonymous

                  When confronting Reimond, surround him with the barrels of oil out on the docks and the ones on the side of the building he is in. I did that with long range telekinesis and then threw a fire ball in the middle. It knocked about 800 health off him and the magister with him. He is level 16 and I managed to kill him at 13. I still lost a couple party members but it was worth it.

                  • Anonymous

                    I broke the blackpits battle by accident XD. Snuck up and teleported away from the building his underlings one by one and killed them. For some reason they wouldnt fight back. Even Reimond wouldnt!! XD XD Jonathan and the remaining source hound sure did though. When I teleported Jonathan he fought after the first hit and the hound remaining in the building attacked the black ringers. Super easy fight haha

                    • Anonymous

                      That's it? His spirit still appears (if you kill him at Blackpits before he escapes), or he is there himself at Barracks hidden basement in Arx. I had killed him on a resave after I saw him run away at BPits, and took his spirit I thought, so how his spirit was in Arx I don't know, but he was, and he disappeared. So I'm going to reload a save again and consume his Source for good.

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