Butter is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2 (DOS2)



Butter information

  • She is a merchant on Fort Jot, sells Huntsman Skillbooks
  • Later, she can be found in Arx on the islands south of Kemm's Mansion, if the MC flirts with her in Fort Joy.



Butter location

  • Butter first appears in Fort Joy Getto above Griff (camp boss) near coordinates (X:201 Y:147)



Notes and Tips

  • Gain her trust before the Griff encounter to aid you in combat.
  • She will bond with any character (custom or origin) and suggests to meet up with them in Arx.



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Merchant  ♦  Trompdoy  ♦  Unnis  ♦  Valine  ♦  Vasyna  ♦  Verdas  ♦  Victor Voss  ♦  Vissar  ♦  Waltz  ♦  Warron  ♦  Wealthy Pilgrim  ♦  White Magister Jonathan  ♦  Wilty Exbourne  ♦  Windego  ♦  Wyyvlia  ♦  Xiuh  ♦  Yammit  ♦  Ymmit  ♦  Zaleskar  ♦  Zanisima the scientist  ♦  Zerachial the Accursed  ♦  Zillik

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    • Anonymous

      18 Apr 2020 08:44  

      Why did they do this? Butter was everything for me I keep thinking about her everytime I'm fighting a hard battle The hanged man mission, the fire witch, the framerates, I endured all of that thinking I would get coochie from butter at the end of all this And guess what? She didn't even have a spirit I can talk to I'm going to use source vampirism on her body and never use it, at least she can still be a part of me and I'll always carry her diary to remember her by

      • Anonymous

        02 Jan 2020 23:30  

        I hate Larian now for what they have done to Butter. All I did in this game was just to meet her again. I did not meet the dwarf in act 2 and her diary just tells about her being sick in Fort Joy.

        • Anonymous

          09 Jul 2019 17:33  

          a poisen barrel next to her place get destroyed. seems to be the stupid AI just walk there waypoints down she died in fort joy and i wasnt even near to her aftrer the griff encounter...

          • Anonymous

            19 Jan 2019 20:06  

            Have they fixed this story in Defenitive? I hope they have. Anyway after reading Butter's diary it says that she has met someone special. So even if she used to be a scoundrel back in her days it seems like she wants to live a peaceful life. So I completely ignore the dwarf in act 2 saying that she used to rob people. She obviously wanted to change and even helps you out agaisnt griff who outnumber you. THAT takes guts. The fact that the devs didnt finish this questline properly pisses me off abit :(

            • Anonymous

              08 Dec 2018 02:29  

              Poor Butters. I lit her campfire in remembrance. The party said their goodbyes. Ifan gave a good eulogy while the Red Prince cried. To bad they did not give a way to save her or a spirit to talk too. Very disappointing.

              • Anonymous

                15 Oct 2018 08:42  

                Alas Butter...I just found her how sad. But not nearly as sad as when Aerith died in Final Fantasy 7 (sniff...I'm still not over that one) :-(

                • Anonymous

                  23 Aug 2018 07:24  

                  I tore through the map the moment I landed outside Arx. I didn't even bother looting stuff. I blazed through the conversation options, really only considering what Sebille will do when I found Butter. I found Butter. That was a terrible ending to that story. Definitely feel like it was just tossed in. They gave Delorus something and I'm not convinced I really saw him in Fort Joy to begin with. She deserves better.

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Jul 2018 09:43  

                    This was... a little too surreal. In reality, things are like this in life. You dont always get a last goodbye or dying breath of glory. Sometimes all they find is your corpse.. I'll just tell myself the devs had a story and then dropped it because then i have someone/something to be mad at.

                    • Anonymous

                      30 Mar 2018 16:29  

                      The saddest thing about Butter's death is the fact she doesn't even get a spirit for you to talk to to find out what happened. What a gyp, went through the whole game with that little "find me" nugget on my mind, thinking it would be like the Red Prince storyline with Sadha, only to find her dead for no reason.

                      Almost like the devs realised they said she'd meet them and just dropped her corpse somewhere real quick.

                      • Anonymous

                        02 Nov 2017 18:43  

                        When I found her on Arx it was the only part of the game that genuinely made me sad, just imagining what she had to go through to get there and then wait on a desolated island just to die fighting the voidwoken. I don't care if she wanted to rob me I would have just gave her all my money at that point.

                        • 10 Oct 2017 22:41  

                          I don't know if you guys can relate, but i try to find games with romance content in them so i can self-insert myself into my blank-slate character in an attempt to fill the void that is my love life. Also rip Butters :(

                          • Anonymous

                            03 Oct 2017 01:58  

                            There's a female dwarf in Driftwood goes by the name of Dashing June beside the tavern. She will tell you she dropped her pouch with 250 gold, don't give her the gold offer to help look for the pouch then tell her you'll keep an eye out, she will then try to rob you by "stumbling" onto you, if you catch her (I believe there's a wits check here cause I tried with a 10 wits character and she didn't notice the pickpocket) she will reveal that she's Butter's lover, If you flirted with butter in Fort Joy you can tell her about the arrangement you've done to meet up in Arx, she will then reveal that it's a scam and Butter will try to rob you there and Butter's been doing this ever since. She will then give you a pair of unique gloves with +2 thievery +0.5 movespeed and some other stats that I forgot about

                            • Anonymous

                              18 Sep 2017 11:42  

                              You can actually befriend Butter by being flirtatious with the first dialogue option. She will then say she'd like to later meet in Arx should you both escape. Haven't reached that far, but thought I'd share that interesting tid bit.

                              • Anonymous

                                02 Sep 2017 23:34  

                                Doesn't actually sell anything in the Fort, maybe she will later on. Does not sell anything in Early Access at least.

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