General Information

Map Legend

  1. Kalias (Warfare vendor)
  2. Sahelia, Rulah, and eventually, Amyro
  3. Mody and Frolie
  4. Mody's hiding place after turning Invisible.
  5. Mody's Place (Secret)
  6. Frog Ambush (spawn at 7, 8 and 9)
  1. Exit to Fort Joy Ghetto
  2. Secret Hatch to Forgotten Cell
  3. Secret Chest (must be teleported to access)




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Caverns is a sub-area of Fort Joy in Divinity Original Sin: 2. The Caverns is a chamber in a cave where you'll meet a few NPCs and find some quests that can be completed.



Cavern Information

  • The entrance to the caverns is in the southern part of the Fort Joy Ghetto. ( X: 215 | Y: 90 )
  • The Red Prince and Kalias dislike each other. If you have him in your party, you must use a different member to speak and trade with Kalias.
  • If you have Lohse in your party, she will beg you to speak with Saheila. The demon in Lohse temporarily takes over, and begins combat with Saheila, Rulah, Kalias, Amyro (if present), and Elodi (if present).
    • Saheila will ask the rest of your party to help Lohse control her demon. If you accept, you must reduce Lohse to below 20% health, then the demon recedes. If you decline, you must kill everyone in the cave. 
  • You can play hide and seek with Mody. He first hides in the north-west corner of the cave, then he hides at (4).
    • He will reveal a hidden hatch, located at (B).
    • If you have a Wits of 12 or higher, you can reveal the hatch without Mody showing you.
    • If you know the exact location of the hatch, you can use a shovel while standing on it without needing Mody or Wits.
  • You gain 375 XP for going beyond the barricade just south of (3).
  • Mody has a secret place located at (5), entering the area gives you 300 XP.
    • You can access this area with teleport skills.
  • There are frogs waiting to ambush you at (6). If you kill all three frogs, Rulah will reward you 600 XP.

Strategies on the ambush

  •  Crowd Control
  • Positioning
    • The frogs do not appear while you are in Stealth. Use this to your advantage by sneaking into a better position.
    • Try to spread out, both amphibians have some kind of skill (Poison Wave, Superconductor) that will hit multiple people.
  • Buffing
    • Use a Bedroll to gain the Rested status immediately before the fight. Keep in mind, using a Bedroll takes you out of stealth.
    • If you have a Human in your party, try to use Encourage as early as you can in the fight. It's a very good stat increase.





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