Charged Amphibian

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Charged Amphibian is an Enemy in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Charged Amphibian information



  • Typically will use Amphibian Leap to close distance or retreat.
  • If it gets close, it will melee attack you, dealing Air damage. If there's multiple people, it may use Superconductor.
  • If it stays away, it will shoot you with Electric Discharge.


  • Do not attempt to block line of sight. This enemy is very agile and will use Amphibian Leap to reposition.
  • Do not group up your party. This enemy can rush in and use Superconductor for AOE damage and status effects.
  • Stay away from water surfaces. This enemy's attacks can electrify water, which can shock or stun your party.
  • This enemy has no physical armour. Use physical CC skills such as Battle Stomp, Battering Ram, or Pin Down.

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