Nameless Isle (Region) is a Location in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Upon arriving, players can find the isle to be where the powers of the Divinity are kept within the Council of Seven. Make sure to loot through the dead bodies to find various items such as a purging wand. Upon further exploring, you'll learn that the Magisters and Black Ring Forces has been in a constant battle to acquire the powers of the Divinity.

The main quests for this location are The Nameless Isle and The Academy. However, there are multiple side quests that are also related such as:


Nameless Isle Map


Nameless Isle Sub-Areas Quick List


The Temple of Amadia ♦ The Impish Pocket Realm ♦ The Academy of the Seven ♦
Sallow Man's Camp ♦ The Temple of Vrogir ♦ Duna's Sanctuary


Nameless Isle Sub-Areas



Recommended Level: 16

Notable NPCs: Knight of Amadia

The quest related to this sub-area is Up in the Clouds. Players will be rewarded with XP as well as acquiring the Knight of Amadia's Gloves.



Recommended Level: 16+

Notable NPCs: Knight of Xantezza

The related quest for this sub-area is Running like Clockwork.



Recommended Level: 17+

Notable NPCs: Multiple NPCs

There are multiple NPCs that are found in this sub-area like The Eternal Arbiter, Taryan Graye, and Dallis . These NPCs are related to various quests that can be found here such as The Academy, Unscholarly Pursuits, Proving Ground, and The Arena of the One



Recommended Level: 16

Notable NPCs: Windego, The Sallow Man

For this sub-area, players can find related quests such as The Sallow Man and An Unlikely Patron.



Recommended Level: 15

Notable NPCs: Blackring Portalmaster

Players will encounter a quest called The Drowned Temple where they'll need to explore and learn more about Vrogir.



Recommended Level: 16+

Notable NPCs: The Watcher

The quest related to this sub-area is The Watcher's Mercy where players can acquire The Watcher's Amulet and Knight of Duna's Helm


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