Glowing Idol Of Rebirth is a unique item in Divinity Original Sin 2


Glowing Idol of Rebirth Information

  • The item automatically resurrects the possessor upon death, also grants full Vitality (but no Armour).


How to Acquire


Tips & Hints

  • It activates automatically, so it doesn't cost any AP to use.
  • It can be crafted again in the middle of combat for only 1 AP, less than 3 AP for Resurrect scroll. It also recovers full HP.

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    • Anonymous

      25 Aug 2021 15:41  

      I found the recipe by reading the book 'A History Of Forbidden Objects' in the dungeon of Kniles the Flenser on Fort Joy so this needs to be updated

      • Anonymous

        30 Aug 2020 01:51  

        Aug 29, 2020 - Still works, but you have to follow the steps outlines by the poster below where you do all 4 chars before actually going in for the kiss, and then meeting up with to kiss in reverse order. So 1, 2, 3, 4 - 4 goes for kiss, then 3, 2, 1 go for kiss. I also pickpocket/stole her item on right before the last person met up for the kiss. Total count is 5.

        • Anonymous

          23 Feb 2020 11:09  

          There appears to be a bug. I pick pocketed the Idol but the gamer will not allow me to use it in any way. It does not give me the option to combine nor am I allowed to sell it (says it is a Quest Item). The quest is closed. I think the latest "fix" for this quest broke it.

          • Anonymous

            13 Jan 2020 17:50  

            The recipe for this is 3 resurrection scrolls and one ashen idol... the recipe book can be found in the upper room overlooking the sewers in Fort Joy. It will be a small book laying on the ground in the corner of the room to the left of the portrait hanging on the wall.

            • Anonymous

              10 Nov 2019 11:21  

              You can still pickpocket her one and she still gave my other character 1 when I kissed her son you can at least still get 2

              • Anonymous

                21 Apr 2019 16:48  

                You can still get multiple idols for the entire party! 1. Speak with Dorotya and select the "Transparent Chrysalis" option. 2. Don't follow her to the other room to kiss and allow her time to walk back to her room. 3. Repeat step one and two with a different character - and repeat further until your final character. 4. Follow her to the room and kiss with your final character. 5. Allow her time to return to her room and in reverse order as to how you began, speak to Dorotoya and apologize to kiss her again. 6. Follow her to the room and kiss - then repeat (in reverse order as to how you begat) with your remaining characters. ** I did the above on 3/4 characters in my party. I then pick pocketed the idol from Dorotoya on the third character before following through with her giving it to me. This way, I did not have to lose constitution on all four charters, but still have four idols.

                • Anonymous

                  15 Mar 2019 01:47  

                  Comeback Kid seems to work very well with this while Morning Person seems to be made obsolete due to the idol resurrecting your character at 100% health. I'd recommend putting this (these) on your high-risk-of-death characters like Rogues and Wizards Also, you can only get 2 of these per game now; one via stealing (from Dorotya), and one via Dorotya's quest

                  • Anonymous

                    31 Jan 2019 12:07  

                    In the patch notes from 1/31/19..."The Resurrection Idol can be chosen only once, and henchmen can no longer do the related quest"

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Dec 2018 22:16  

                      Does the exp you get share between all characters, and if so can you just keep hiring mercenaries 3 at a time for 5k exp every time that’s shared?

                      • Anonymous

                        04 May 2018 07:43  

                        People are constantly going on about how the idol is better than a ressurrection scroll in every aspect, but there is actually one way in which it is worse.

                        When you are revived via a ressurrection scroll, all the cooldowns on your abilities are reset. When you are revived by the idol, they're not.
                        In most cases, it's a very minor difference. But for characters which have a few powerful spells that could turn the tide of a battle, it can have a big impact...

                        • Anonymous

                          07 Apr 2018 11:45  

                          This item has an immortality bug attached to it. if you put in a backpack, after you die an ashen idol appears in you're general inventory, but there is still a regular idol in the backpack. if you die again, another ashen idol appears in you're general inventory, but still there is a regular idol in the backpack, and so on and so on...

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