action_point-icon.jpg ACTION POINT COST

  • Use
  • 1 Use (Story Mode)

source point icon SOURCE POINT COST

  • 0 Use
  • 0 Use (Story Mode)


  • 4 turn(s) Cooldown
  • 13m Target Radius
  • Memory Slots: 0
  • Type: Target
  • For Game Master: false

Resurrect is an Hydrosophist Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.




Extra Information


Resurrect Spell Book Location

  • There's no spell book for this spell, you have to craft/buy/loot scrolls of Resurrect to revive your dead party members.


Resurrect Requirements

  • ??


Notes and Tips

  • Scroll crafted by combine Sheet of Paper (2), Water Essence (1), and Life Essence (1)
  • Resurrect does come in skill form but only in story mode difficulty.
  • Unlike the scroll, the story mode resurrect skill revives fallen party members to full health.
  • Seems to have no cool-down (As far as I can tell. I have not used it yet and I will update this ASAP when I have.)


    • Anonymous

      21 Sep 2018 05:32  

      Somehow I managed to acquire the resurrection spell. Not scroll. Spell. Not necromancy. It's actually an innate skill. I think I got it right after I left the tutorial deck/hold. If I'm not mistaken, I got it when I first spoke to magister Susan and she told me to try casting something. It may be random. Idk. The only other thing I can think of was what I did in char creation... maybe.

      • Anonymous

        01 Nov 2017 15:32  

        I haven't found this skill but there is a res skill in Necro tree that doesn't kill you if you buff yourself before.

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