Jellyfish Skin

Jellyfish Skin

Bleed electrified water. You get immunity to electricity, but lowered resistance to poison and earth damage.

 Set Jellyfish Skin for 2 turn(s).

Requires Polymorph 2cldwn5
Requires Aerotheurge 2
Costs 2 Memory

polymorph-skills-dos2 Polymorph

Jellyfish Skin is a Polymorph Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Jellyfish Skin Spell Book Location



Jellyfish Skin Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Using flesh sacrifice while under this effect will still create normal blood.



Polymorph Skills
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    • Anonymous

      04 Dec 2017 21:35  

      These skin skills are so useless, even with their bleedings. You are better off drinking an all-resistance potion or a specific one so you dont have any downsides too. If at least you could affect nearby enemies on a small area like some water voidwoken do(you get chilled nearby them) then it would be interesting.

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