Heart of Steel

Heart of Steel

Your heart pumps liquid metal, creating a robust layer of Physical Armor. This regenerates each turn.

Restore [X] Physical Armour for 4 turn(s).

Requires Polymorph 2cldwn5
Costs 1 Memory

polymorph-skills-dos2 Polymorph

Heart of Steel is a Polymorph Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Heart of Steel Spell Book Location



Heart of Steel Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Scroll crafted by combine Sheet of Paper, Life Essence, and Any Metal
  • Bonus increased by 35% as of Patch v3.0.168.526
  • First, this skill increases maximum armor for 75% of Fortify and then restores armor for the same amount. It will then add another 30% on the same turn, as well as another 30% per tick for the next 4 turns. Overall, it will give you 225% of the armor you could have with Fortify over 5 turns.



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    • Anonymous

      05 Aug 2018 05:23  

      The tooltip does not reflect the complete effects of the skill. its basically fortify and mend metal in one (minus the extra effects of fortify) and thus justifies the AP cost. Belongs to the polymorph tree which is a great supplemental tree for any character. Probably one of the most underrated skills in the game.

      • Anonymous

        21 Apr 2018 08:29  

        Playing as a Warfare + Necro + Poly character using two-handed weapons and wearing mostly Int. armour (using him as a dedicated mage killer), found this skill really useful for survivability against opponents dealing physical damage, especially early on. Probably worth using on any warrior/fighter character who isn't using shields.

        • Anonymous

          28 Nov 2017 11:59  

          How is it that this skill scales with Geomancer but not with Polymorph? You know given it’s a Polymorph skill? No?

          • Anonymous

            22 Nov 2017 17:20  

            Note that Heart of Steel scales with neither INT nor STR. It only scales with Geo.
            Pyro 10 Geo 10 Mage could use this skill to pump up physical armor.
            Warfare 10 Geo 10 Warrior could use this skill to combine with Bone Cage, Overpower, Reactive Armor etc.

            At level21(Geo5) mage can have 1k physical armor ~ 3k physical armor with a shield.
            Basic Physical Armor : 1,000 ~ 3,000
            Heart of Steel : 1807 + 598 × 4 turns = 4,199
            Fortify : 2408
            Tooltip doesn't tell you this, but Heart of Steel increases physical armor by 1807, making total increase 4,199. If you have Geo10 character, it'll be a bit more powerful. Both Fortify and Heart of Steel can be a good tool skill.

            Not that it is important to be level21. It's just I was at level 21 when I tested this. It'll be the same at any level.

            • Anonymous

              08 Nov 2017 16:35  

              This is the most useless skill in the game. 2 AP, 5 CD and mediocre amount of physical armor.
              On the other hand you could to Fortify which is instant armor plus unable to be teleport/nether swapped, plus removes some conditions. 1 AP, 4 CD.
              And if you wanted to, for 1 AP, you could do Mend as well and that is also an AoE for allies.
              Heart of Steel is a useless skill.

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