You take the first step towards godhood. The cost of all Source skills is reduced by -3 Source Point.

 Set Apotheosis for 2 turn(s).

Requires Polymorph 5cldwn-
Costs 3 Memory





polymorph-skills-dos2 Polymorph

Apotheosis is a Polymorph Skill in Divinity Original Sin 2.



Apotheosis Spell Book Location

  • Sold by vendors upon reaching lvl 16.



Apotheosis Requirements



Notes and Tips




Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Elementalist




Polymorph Skills
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    • Anonymous

      06 Mar 2020 15:44  

      Actually a pretty strong spell. Buffs up your primary attribute and wits as well. With adrenaline it's quite easy to cast two powerful source skills or even 3 over a couple of terms, which usually ends engagement. For example, you can cast blood storm and grasp of the starved. Or closed-circuit, thunderstorm

      • Anonymous

        08 Feb 2020 20:11  

        FAQ: When done using this, do you get +2 source points when you use a smaller skill like fan of knives or chain lightning!?!?!?! I want to know because that can be super useful I just need to use 2 source skills a 1 source one and a 2 source one, then I can use it again. HAAAAAAAAAAAA!

        • Anonymous

          18 Jan 2020 20:28  

          So, to craft this, I thought it was impossible, until I found a creepy necromancers dungeon, with a puppet bed, and I killed him, took the bed, and made the scroll, then combined it with a blank polymorph book, then within learning it, I was completely awesome, so that when I had 8 ap with lone wolf, I applied apotheosis just before battle, then did thunderstorm and meteor shower, my turn again, pyroclastic eruption then hail storm. I killed everything in the area. there were like, 500 voidwoken and magisters, from tactician mode, so that makes me BOSS! #Don'tTryMe

          • Anonymous

            25 May 2019 10:20  

            glasscanon Fane shapeshift into elf=15 AP in a row First turn: Apotheosis, Timewarp, Haste, Flesh Sacrifice, Adrenaline =4AP left 2nd turn: Skin greft, Timewarp, Adrenaline, Flesh Sacrifice, (hasted) = 6AP left 3rd turn:-2 from adrenaline, +1 from hasted = 5AP left Perfect as a mage to burst the whole ennemy team with source spells

            • Anonymous

              04 Apr 2019 13:52  

              Puppet Beads are sold by vendors starting from level 18 (Act 3 & 4). You don't need Poly 5 just for this skill.

              • Anonymous

                22 May 2018 23:52  

                What do you guys think about this combo (need to be/shapeshift into an elf and have elemental affinity)
                Fane gives you an extra turn
                Turn 1: Flesh Sacrefice -> Apotheosis -> Blood Storm -> Adrenalin -> Grasp of the Starved -> Skin Graft
                Turn 2: Adrenalin -> Blood Storm -> Grasp of the Starved

                I feel like nothing can live trough that..

                • Anonymous

                  05 Dec 2017 06:34  

                  This skill becomes true OP when you use this as scroll form. It cost only 1 AP and no SP with full effect!
                  Cast haste to your caster before the battle so the caster could start with 5 AP, tear the scroll, then wipe out your enemy.
                  key item 'puppet bead' is sold by many miscellaneous sellers after you become lv 16. It has same icon with ruby.

                  • Anonymous

                    21 Oct 2017 01:45  

                    this is retarded on lone wolf fane lol

                    apoth + time warp + skin graft like what the ***** it completely breaks the game

                    • Anonymous

                      14 Oct 2017 10:03  

                      is this permanent for the game or only the battle at hand? I'm thinking battle at hand, but I wanna be sure.

                      • Anonymous

                        30 Sep 2017 23:06  

                        Uh, anyone used that one? It feels like it could be used together with Skin Graft if you have a lone wolf / glasscannon, in order to bash out an immense amount of damage. But otherwise? If you have only 4 AP, you already have used 2. Add to it, that most source-intensive spells tend to cost a lot of AP as well, the fact that you need to branch for several schools to get value (additionally, investing additional points into memory to be able to equip these skills).
                        Anyone any experience using it?

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