Closed Circuit

Closed Circuit

Deals 220% Air Damage to enemies around you; then creates cursed static clouds on the edges of the spell.

 Sets Air Immunity for 1 turn(s).
Sets Shocked for 2 turn(s)

Damage is based on your level and receives a bonus from Intelligence

Requires Aerotheurge 3cldwn4
Costs 2 Memory
 Range 4m

aerotehurge-skills-dos2 Aerotheurge

Closed Circuit is an Aerotheurge Skill in Divinity Original Sin 2.


Closed Circuit Location



Closed Circuit Effects


Closed Circuit Trivia & strategies

  • Guaranteed to stun if the targets have no magical armour. The skill itself gives 2 turn shocked, but the cursed electrified cloud inflicts stunned on contact



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    • Anonymous

      It only hits enemies, it sets air immunity to you for a round, and creates cursed clouds. So it's great for up close battlemage builds

      • Anonymous

        I find this spell exceedingly difficult to use. It's not targetable and the range around me is so small that it's hard to have more than one or two enemies in it - or if there are, it means it's a closed quarter battle and my companions are close to me, so I would f*ck them up if I casted it. Chain lighting is MUCH more practical, and cheaper in source as well, which imo largely makes up for the reduced damage compared to CC.

        • Anonymous

          This is no longer in Braccus Rex's tower. The book there now in the vase behind the source barrier is "chain lightning."

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