Gives you the ability to perform attacks of opportunity.


Opportunist is a talent in Divinity Orignal Sin 2.


Attack an enemy with a melee weapon if they leave your melee range. Only usable once a round, this ability refreshes after your turn begins.


  • If you are a melee focused build this talent is almost always a must have.
  • Weapon properties do influence these melee based attacks: elemental damage, possible status effects (e.g. 20% chance to inflict acid), and passives effects (i.e. cleave and dagger's backstabs for critical damage).

    • Anonymous

      26 Jan 2018 08:59  

      I don't understand this talent?
      As of posting this, my warriors will attack when an enemy within proximity attempts to move even without the talent. Does this increase the range or something?

      • Anonymous

        04 Oct 2017 04:11  

        The opportunist can only use this skill once outside it's turn - after it's been used it recharges once the opportunist takes it's turn again.

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