Ice Shard


Shoot a chilling shard of ice that deals [1] damage.

action_point-icon.jpg ACTION POINT COST

  • 2 Use

source point icon SOURCE POINT COST

  • 0 Use

  • 2 turn(s) Cooldown
  • 13m Target Radius
  • 2m Explode Radius
  • Memory Slots: 1
  • Type: Projectile
  • For Game Master: false

Ice Shard is an Hydrosophist Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Shoot a chilling shard of ice that deals [1] damage.


Extra Information

Range: [2]
Chilled makes target less resistant to water spells, but a bit more resistant to fire spells. Chilled has a negative impact on movement. Chilled targets that get chilled again, turn frozen.
Can target terrain to create ice surface or freeze water.


Ice Shard Spell Book Location

  • ??


Ice Shard Requirements

  • ??


Notes and Tips

  • ??


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    • Anonymous

      Ahhh gareth, you never fail to impress me with your 2 damage ice shard and searing daggers. You have a sword god damn it, use it!!!

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