Mortal Blow

scoundrel 18 3AP2SP3

Deal 140% damage. Damage is doubled if you are sneaking or invisible. Target is killed instantly if below 20% Vitality.

special divinity original sin 2 Instantly kill target below 20% Vitality.
Damage is based on your basic attack and receives a bonus from Finesse.

properties divinity original sin2 icon Requires Scoundrel 5cldwn
properties divinity original sin2 icon Costs 3 Memory
properties divinity original sin2 icon Requires a Dagger
properties divinity original sin2 icon Range 2.5m

scoundrel skills s Scoundrel

Mortal Blow is a Scoundrel Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Mortal Blow Spell Book Location

  • Can be looted from Gwyndian Rince, or give to you as a reward by him if you save him.
  • Sold by vendors upon reaching lvl 16.



Mortal Blow Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • The Mortal Blow health threshold is calculated before the actual attack damage (Possibly false, my own testing showed that leaving the enemy within the threshold after the damage does instantly kill them afterwards)
  • Deals 280% damage if you're invisible or sneaking
  • It is often worth spending 1 AP to go invisible immediately before using this skill to get the double damage
  • Can backstab
  • Can only be used once per combat
  • With proper setup, this skill has the highest per-AP damage of any single-target skill in the game




Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Assassin


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Duelist





Scoundrel Skills
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    • Anonymous

      Targets killed by this have their corpses explode, which means you can't use source vampirism on the body (or most other skills that target corpses).

      • Anonymous

        amazing to combo it with other skills for elf rogue/dual wield assassin characters like Sebille
        Before combat: use living on the edge + have your teammates or other party members attack you until you have 1 point of vitality, regenerate physical and magical armor
        When in combat: flesh sacrifice for +10% damage, death wish for +99% damage, chameleon cloak for double damage, position behind the back of enemy for crit = insane damage then 1 ap huge health potion to get back vitality probably need adrenaline too

        • Anonymous

          "The Mortal Blow Health Treashold is calculated before the actual attack damage" Yea this makes it alot worse than I thought.

          • Anonymous

            you know, if your fighting a boss who has, like, 50,000 health, and you get him down to like, 9,000 or something below that, BOOM! He is dead! DEAD! Now that is good for fighting bosses.

            • Anonymous

              Good Combo with apotheosis before doing so: Turn 1: mortal blow - fan of knives - cloak and dagger Turn 2: daggers drawn - a level 5 spell from any of the 4 magic classes (pyrokinetic, aerotheurge, hydrosophist, and geomancer) Turn 3 (optional): fossil strike - fireball

              • Anonymous

                Come to think of it, this skill is not as powerful as it seems.
                Yes, you get 280% damage for 3ap(chameleon cloak+mortal blow), the special effect [hit enemy(vitality >20%) with this skill and its vitality drops below 20%, the target instantly dies] ignores armor,but it cost 3sp and can only be used once per combat.
                For those who don't use scrolls, to max out one turn damage, skin craft(combine with adrenaline&flesh sacrifice) is essential, so if you want to use mortal blow,you will also need apotheosis, which means you get 280% damage for 5ap(apotheosis+chameleon cloak+mortal, a little more than 280% actually as apotheosis give 5 finess),only 30% more damage than two and a half basic attack.
                For a 4ap rogue one turn maximum damage(skip the next turn as a result),backlash(85%)+overpower(150%)+adrenaline+flesh sacrifice+crippling blow(115%)+skin craft+adrenaline+flesh sacrifice+overpower+crippling blow deals 615% in total.
                Meanwhile Apotheosis+adrenaline+flesh sacrifice+backlash+overpower+skin craft+adrenaline+flesh sacrifice+backlash+chameleon cloak+mortal blow only deals 600% in total.
                Yes,like other scoundrel skills, mortal blow can backstab.
                BUT in the late game, the base damage of a dagger is about 55% that of Two-Handed(82.5% when duel-wielding. One-handed weapon is about 64%, 96% when duel wielding. Staff, crossbow are only a little less than two-handed, almost the same), meanwhile other class can reach 90% critical chance. For a 22 level character,20% from weapon,15 from 15 attributes in wits(LV22, 45 attributes in total,30 to finess), 10% from hot head,12% from peace of mind, 14% from eternal artifact enchanted necklace with giant flame rune,5% from wits in rings each(10%),5% from wits in trousers, 4% from belts, that's 90% in tota (Although in order to get all these equipment, you need to check out merchants many times).
                Look back at scoundrel skills, only 3 vitality-damaging skills' damage/ap ratio is more than 50%/ap(basic attack), while two of them cost 2 or more source. 4 equal to that ratio. 3 less than that. None has hard control effect like knocked down(terrified may count but it's resisted by magic armor and Terrifing Cruelty has the WORSTt damage/ap ratio while costing 3ap).Don't forget dagger has the shortes range and all scoundrel AOE skill damage is a joke compared to magic. They really should think about buffing scoundrel skills.
                Return to Mortal Blow. It needs a CD, Less SP COST(Considering dagger's damage, maybe 1sp lIke overpower). (NO ADDING AP COST BULLSHIT thank you.)

                • Anonymous

                  Guerrila, Hot Head, BackStab, Chameleon Cloak, Thick of the Fight, got low HP + Death Wish, got that combo and dealt 10k HP. As long as you can calculate the damage. This would be insane.

                  • This skill is decent, but when you compare it to pretty much anything that costs 3 SP you will realise that whoever balanced scoundrel was afraid that it will become too strong. This skill basically deals 280*(~2)=560% DMG, single target. Meanwhile you have huntsman skill with his arrow storm which deals 1600% dmg in an AREA for just 1 more AP. And that's BEFORE applying high ground damage. AND you can use it multiple times with Apotheosis (and also can reset cooldown with Skin Graft), unlike mortal blow which is limited to one use per combat.

                    Or, you know, you can look at any 3 SP elemental skill except may be hydro, but at least it applies CC.

                    Or, also, a 3 memory warfare skill which costs only 2/1 AP/SP and will deal a*****ton of damage as long as your armor is bigger than your enemies armor.

                    • Anonymous

                      Absurdly good as an elf with a few polymorph points and The Pawn talent. Either use a 1 AP movement ability or move behind the target for free, hit once, adrenaline, hit again, flesh sacrifice, chameleon cloak, mortal blade for double damage with guaranteed crit.

                      • Anonymous

                        You can use this to guarantee a single kill at the start of the battle 90% of the time.
                        Mortal Blow, Guerrilla, Backstab is just flat out insane. (By this point you should also have max weapon skill and close if not max finesse)

                        I think it also kills them as long as you get them below 20% with the attack, but I heard that on a youtube video. I haven't tested it myself.

                        • Anonymous

                          but you can also use it before the game start by sneaking/going invisible.

                          furthemore if you're invisible the dommage are double.

                          and 20% erly isnt much, but its a late game skill with late game npc, i dont know yet but what if they have like 5000hp ? then 20% is 1000hp, this skil is a really good pre/engage and finisher (especialy in late game)

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