While you are at maximum Vitality, Hothead grants you an extra 10% critical chance and 10% more accuracy.


Hothead is a talent in Divinity Original Sin 2.



  • Works great in conjunction with Necromancy as the passive heals in the Necromancer tree can bring you to full health. Combine this with Living Armor, which also goes well with Necromancer tree to restore Magic Armor and prevent the loss of health from Magic Damage.
  • Using this talent and leveling Wits and Two-Handed or Ranged, combined with gear that boost critical chance and multiplier, a character can quickly become a murder machine

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    • Anonymous

      Perfect for Rangers. For my Honour mode run, I have Lohse with 70% crit at level 11 with mostly crap gear. She kills everything in around two shots, so there isn't much that is hurting her for her to lose the buff. Between this and Executioner, enemies don't stand a chance.

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